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  • 7/28/2019 Test of English 8th



    I/ Circle the best answer to complete each sentences:

    1) The farmer said to the tiger that he had something called the.(straw/ wisdom/ rope/


    2) You have to learn how to(pronounce- exact/ pronounce- exactly/ pronunciation-

    exactly/ pronouncing- exact) the words.

    3) Lien is a good daughter and her mother is always proud(of/ because/ with/ about) her.

    4) The soccer match(is beginning/ beginning/ begin/ begins) at 2.30 this afternoon.

    5) You(have/ ought/ should/ better) stay in bed until you feel better said the doctor.

    6) Please fill(out/ with/ on/ up) the form and give it to me.

    7) We(go/ are/ going/ are going) hiking next weekends. Would you like to go with us?

    8) His mother felt so unhappy to hear about his bad(behave/ behaving/ behavior/

    behavioral) at school.

    II/ Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verbs in parenthenses:

    1) you often (1-practice)..(2- speak)English with your partner?

    2) Tam suggested (3- go).to the bookstore but finally, we (4- decide) (5- go) the

    National Library to read some refrence books.

    3) (6- Collect)stamps is my brothers hobby. He (7- have).a very fine stamp collection.

    4) Remember (8- turn) off the lights when you leave here.

    III/ Rewrite each sentence, beginning as shown, so that the meaning stays the same:

    1) You shouldnt stay up late, said Ans mother.

    ---- Ans mother said...

    2) Could you please show me the way to the nearest post office? Tam asked me.

    ---- Tam asked me...

    3) The teacher told us to be quiet.

  • 7/28/2019 Test of English 8th


    --- The teacher said to us.

    4) Dont throw waste paper.

    ---- My sister asked me...

    5) Dont be lazy or Ill punish you. His mother said to him.

    ----.His mother threatened..

    6) If I were you, I wouldnt make friends with him.

    ---- Sussan advised..

    7) Please turn down the radio, Hung said to me.

    ---- Hung pleased

    8) You were laughing at me, John Mary said.

    ---- Mary accused

    IV/ Read the passage carefully and then answer the questions below:

    A good memory is a great help in learning a language. Everybody learns his own

    language by remembering what he hears when he is a small child, and some children,

    like boys and girls who live abroad with their parents, seem to lear two languages almost

    as easily as one. In school, it isnt so easy to learn a second language because the pupils

    have little time for it and they are very bury with other subjects as well.

    The best way for most of us to remember things is to join them in our mind with

    something which we know already or which we easily remember because we have a

    picture of it in our mind. That is why it is better to learn words in sentences, not by

    themselves, or to see, or do, or feel what a word means when we first use it.


    1. What is a great help in learning a language?

    2. How do the children who live abroad learn two languages?


  • 7/28/2019 Test of English 8th


    3. What is the best way for most of us to remember things?

    4. Should we learn words in sentences?

    V/ Put the words in the correct order to make meaningful sentences:

    1. because/ spend/ it/ English/ badly/ An/ much/ learns/ time/ doesnt/ he/ learning


    2. work/ games/ knowledge/ chatting/ or/ harder/ to/ instead/ on/ the/ of/ improve/ your/you/ should/ playing/ internet


    3. to/ am/ grades/ more/ in/ my/ trying/ best/ order/ get/ good/ I


    4. would/ to/ following/ me/ if/ I/ school/ the/ Huong/ library/ with/ the/ her/ asked/ day/



    5. learners/ words/ for/ should/ way/ language/ best/ different/ out/ try/ as/ ways/ to/

    learning/ of/ find/ so/ themselves/ the


    6. or/ program/ our/ practice/ foreigners/ with/ usually/ listening/ us/ speaking/

    encourages/ teacher/ to/ English/ to/ English