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  • Sight Words A Literacy Unit Grades K-2

    Alyssa Marino

  • Ra;onale for Technology Integra;on

    Sight words are something that all students will use, especially those in the younger grades K-2. Sight words are words we see in our everyday reading and wri;ng. They include words such as: the, a, is, of to, and, I, you, that. These words are used very frequently and can be hard for students to sound out or for them to illustrate in their heads. Because these types of words cannot be illustrated, technology is important for students to be able to hear the word and to do ac;vi;es with them on an Ipad or computer. Technology games can be very useful in helping students understand the word and being able to hear it out. By integra;ng technology, students will be able to see the word, hear it, and prac;ce wri;ng it as well as using it in sentences.

  • Ra;onale Video

    Click on this video to hear the ra;onale of why technology should be incorporated into lessons when teaching sight words!

  • Evalua;on of Internet Content This presenta;on will include reliable and helpful resources

    that can help any teacher when teaching sight words to students in grade k-2. These websites have come from credible resources and teachers that have used this informa;on in their own teaching. Many websites coming from teachers will also give useful ;ps and strategies on how we can teach sight words to students and how technology can help us with it.

    These websites provide many examples and illustra;ons on how we can bePer teach our students about sight words and what materials will be most helpful. By clicking on the links and pictures in this presenta;on, you will be able to access the par;cular websites where you can learn more about sight words!

  • Blog Page on Sight Words

    The Miss Kindergarten blog page is run by a kindergarten teacher from Southern California for sight word prac;ce. This blog includes many different worksheets for sight word prac;ce that includes things like a word of the week, prac;ce with wri;ng and tracing them, and prac;ce with drawing pictures to match the sentence.

    Click Here To Visit Miss Kindergarten Blog Page

  • Podcast This podcast goes over all about sight words and ;ps on how

    teachers can teach sight words and what games we can engage them in for them to understand it bePer.

    This podcast also helps parents understand how they can bePer help their child with sight words.

    Copy and paste this link into your browser to listen to the sight word podcast!


  • YouTube Video #1

    This video goes over how we can teach sight words to students and how they are best understood. It also gives us an overview of what sight words are.


  • YouTube Video #2


    This video goes over the sight words and says them a few ;mes for students to be able to hear it out loud and respond to it.

  • Internet Resources

    Mrs. Perkins Dolch Words This resource includes many different sight word materials to use with your students, as well as materials for all different grades!

  • Internet Resource #2

    SWAP (sight word associa;on procedure) SWAP is known to be correc;ve feedback and prac;ce for the student.

  • Internet Resource #3 Texas Educa;on Agency (Sight

    words pg 54) This agency works on improving

    students reading strategies through all areas of literacy.

    This agency provides a lesson for sight words by decoding them and having them review all words and focus on the ones they are having difficulty with by sounding it out.

  • Internet Resource #4

    Sightwords.org a website used to help teachers teach sight words to their students and gives ;ps on how to bePer help them. This website also gives lessons, games, and procedures we can use when teaching sight old and new words.

  • Kidspira;on Vocabulary Word

    1. Add a new word to yourvocabulary. Write the word in the

    New Word symbol.2. Following the directions in thesymbols, complete the activity.

    Add a wordor picture

    clue to helpyou


    Use thisword in asentence.

    Tell whatthis word



  • Teacher Resource: Scholas;c Scholas;c.com is a very helpful resource for teachers to use in

    the classroom. Scholas;c is something that is very commonly used in the classroom by many teachers. This website includes resources, tools, strategies, ac;vi;es, lesson plans, books, and how we can relate the lessons to common core.

    By clicking on the image below you can navigate to the scholas;c website!

  • Teacher Resources

    Egg Flip Game and Gumball Game!

    Click on this image to direct you to the website to learn more about free sight word games!

  • Teacher Resources: Worksheet

    This worksheet is very commonly used by teachers when teaching their students sight words. The worksheet gives the word at the top and then underneath it provides space where they can trace the lePers. Ajer that students can use the word in a sentence and fill in the blanks. This worksheet can be used with many different words for students to prac;ce with. Clicking on this image will lead you to other sight word worksheets!

  • Teacher Resources: Word Search

    Students in the younger grades will love to do ac;vi;es such as puzzles and word searches in order to find the sight words. These ac;vi;es will keep them engaged and learning new words at the same ;me. Puzzlemaker.com is a great website to gain ac;vi;es like this. This website allows teachers to create their own puzzles and word searches using words they want their students to learn more about.

  • Apps For Assis;ng With Sight Words! Sight words: Kids Learn

    - This app is designed to help students with wri;ng, recording, and listening to the words. Much like the wri;ng worksheet in my teachers resources sec;on, students will see a sight word, prac;ce wri;ng it underneath, and can then record themselves saying it and listening to it ajerwards

    - Learn more about this app by clicking on the image below!

  • Technology App

    Sight Words Flash Cards - This app allows students to hear the word,

    see it, and say it. Once they have mastered it they can flip over to the next flash card. This app is much like both of the games that were given as examples for the teacher to use. In the games they are flipping over the words as if they are flash cards and here they can use the flash cards on any technology device to hear it again.

    Click on this image to learn more about this app!

  • Rachel K Tutoring Blog The Rachel K blog page is another

    blog post about all different apps teachers and students can use for sight words! This blog page includes many different apps that are very helpful for anyone to use in the classroom. Click on this link to check out all the different apps and descrip;ons of what they each are!

    Learn more about different sight word apps!

  • Subject Specific Internet Based Resource

    Readwritethink.com is a very informa;ve and useful website for teachers to use when teaching language arts/reading/wri;ng.

    In support of teaching sight words to the primary grades, there were a few lessons and ac;vi;es on here that really stood out to be helpful and fun for students to do.

    Learn more about Read Write Think!

  • Wild and Crazy Words on Read Write Think.com!

    This is an ac;vity all children in grades K-2 would love! Have students write different sight words using different materials. This is a very good hands on ac;vi;es that all students and teachers will find fun and engaging!

    Students can also prac;ce this at home!

  • Uses of the Internet: Online reference Materials

    Dic;onary.com be a very helpful use of the internet for teaching students sight words. Here, students can type in the sight word and get the correct spelling and defini;on of it.

  • Uses of the Internet: Interac;ve Websites

    Primarygames.com is a website full of games for every subject that students can engage in. there are all different types of games for all different levels in each subject. There are also games that would be of certain students interests and ones they can play on an Ipad or tablet.

  • Uses of the Internet: Sight Word Movies

    A great way to teach younger students is through technology especially videos or YouTube clips.

    The have fun teaching website includes many sight word videos for teachers to use in their teaching about all different words. Each video focuses on one word and says it mul;ple ;mes over in order for students to really hear how it should be said.

  • Web 2.0 Sweet Search is a website designed

    for students to allow them to search the web with websites that have been approved by the school. This will allow for only appropriate sites for students to be using.

    Students will be able to look up sight words and find different sight word games and ac;vi;es that they might find helpful.

    Clicking on this image will bring you straight to the site!

  • Web 2.0

    Raylit.com is a website designed to help students achieve their goal or objec;ve. It is designed for the younger students and helps them in the specific areas they need help in.

    Here students will be able to learn in a way that fits them best. They can play with different sight word games at a pace that works for


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