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Govt of Belize,Authorised training center for CDC/COC 7208003061/62 *BELIZE CDC & BELIZE COC OR DOMINICA COC CDC *We are authorised in BELIZE CDC, BELIZE COC, BELIZE DC Endorsement & BELIZE WATCHKEEPING *For BELIZE, PANAMA. *BELIZE CDC BELIZE COC issued on same day. Contact Detail:- 408, 4TH FLOOR Gauri Complex, Sector-11, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai Email : hr@yakindia.com CELL: - +91-22-27580576 / 27577230 / 7208003062 / 7208003057 / 7208003064 /7208003061 website: www.yakbelize.org/ www.yakindia.com BELIZE CDC/ BELIZE COC GOVT authorized center Yak Marine posted by RAJ PATIL


  • 1. YAK BELIZE APPLY FOR INDIAN CDC(GET INDIAN CDC IN TWO WEEKS)LOWEST FEESSTRUCTURE IN INDIAAPPLY FOR Belize Ships COOK COC As per MLC 2006Issuance of Seaman Book ( CDC) Ratings & officers coc, upgradation coursesFEES: COC 1000* USDCDC 200* USDAdvance Courses as per STCW- 2010Good Opportunity for NCV & Indian navy Officers and Sailors to Convert to Foreign goining COCUpgrade your Indian COC SKIPPER / INLAND MASTER Grade I & Grade II to BELIZE MASTER ( 500 GT or 1500 GT)BELIZE CDC / BELIZE COC / BELIZE WATCHKEEPING ISSUED SAME DAY WITH ONLINE VERIFICATION www.yakbelize.orgCadets & Rating Complete Sea times on BELIZE COC as 2nd officer on FGFor COC Requirement / Sea TimeHolding Ratings WATCHKEEPING + over 12 monthsDiploma holders with over 12 months sea timeNautical Science with over 12 months sea timeDegree in Engineering with over 6 months sea timeB.S.C. Nautical Science with over 6 months sea timeURGENTLY REQUIRED ALL RANKS For RPSL CompanyBELIZE COC / CDC HOLDER SALARY NEGOTIABLE2 NOS. CH/ENGR/ MASTER-2 NOS. CH/OFF-2nd ENG -RD 3 NOS. 2ND OFF / 3 ENG 1 NOS. BOSUN - 2000 2 NOS. WELDER / FITTER 18004 NOS. DECK / ENGINE CADET - 350 USDOral Exams Classes forfunctions 2nd Mates,Ch Mate & Masters.By Master Mariner ( FG)Ex Nautical Surveyor100% result Oriented408, 4th floor, Gauri Complex, Sector-11, CBD Belapur, Tel - +91-22-27580576, 9096666081, 7208003061,7208003062 ,7208003057, 7208003064, 8655369789 Email: hr@yakindia.com, courses@yakindia.com