Sunday Research Poster Presentations - ISPOR Research Poster Presentations ... PHP1 A1 SELF-MEDICATION WITH ANTIBIOTICS IN SANA'A CITY Albawani S, ... (NIPER), S.A.S. Nagar (Mohali),

Download Sunday Research Poster Presentations - ISPOR  Research Poster Presentations ... PHP1 A1 SELF-MEDICATION WITH ANTIBIOTICS IN SANA'A CITY Albawani S, ... (NIPER), S.A.S. Nagar (Mohali),

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<ul><li><p>Sunday Research Poster Presentations </p><p>Poster Display Hours 12:30 PM - 7:30 PM Poster Author Discussion Hour 6:30 PM - 7:30 PM </p><p>POSTER PRESENTATIONS: PHP: HEALTH CARE USE &amp; POLICY STUDIES ROWS A-N PGI: GASTROINTESTINAL DISORDERS ROWS N-O PMH: MENTAL HEALTH ROWS O-R PSS: SENSORY SYSTEMS DISORDERS ROWS R-S PUK URINARY/KIDNEY DISORDERS ROWS S-T </p></li><li><p>Research Poster Presentations Acceptance Code PDF Page # Topic Subtopic PHP1-PHP3 21 Health Care Use &amp; Policy Studies - Consumer Role in Health Care PHP4-PHP26 22 Health Care Use &amp; Policy Studies - Drug/Device/Diagnostic Use &amp; Policy PHP27-PHP29 31 Health Care Use &amp; Policy Studies - Equity and Access PHP30-PHP32 33 Health Care Use &amp; Policy Studies - Formulary Development PHP33-PHP73 34 Health Care Use &amp; Policy Studies - Health Care Costs &amp; Management PHP74-PHP105 51 Health Care Use &amp; Policy Studies - Health Care Research &amp; Education PHP106-PHP115 63 Health Care Use &amp; Policy Studies - Health Technology Assessment Programs PHP116-PHP117 68 Health Care Use &amp; Policy Studies - Population Health PHP118-PHP121 69 Health Care Use &amp; Policy Studies - Prescribing Behavior &amp; Treatment Guidelines PHP122-PHP123 70 Health Care Use &amp; Policy Studies - Quality of Care PHP124-PHP125 71 Health Care Use &amp; Policy Studies - Regulation of Health Care Sector PHP126-PHP129 72 Health Care Use &amp; Policy Studies - Risk Sharing/Performance-Based Agreements PHP130-PHP136 74 Health Care Use &amp; Policy Studies - Conceptual Papers </p><p> PGI1-PGI2 76 Gastrointestinal Disorders - Clinical Outcomes Studies PGI3-PGI6 77 Gastrointestinal Disorders - Cost Studies PGI7-PGI9 79 Gastrointestinal Disorders - Patient-Reported Outcomes &amp; Patient Preference Studies PGI10-PGI15 80 Gastrointestinal Disorders - Health Care Use &amp; Policy Studies </p><p> PMH1-PMH7 82 Mental Health - Clinical Outcomes Studies PMH8-PMH16 85 Mental Health - Cost Studies PMH17-PMH22 89 Mental Health -Reported Outcomes &amp; Patient Preference Studies PMH23-PMH26 91 Mental Health - Health Care Use &amp; Policy Studies </p><p> PSS1-PSS 93 Sensory Systems Disorders - Clinical Outcomes Studies PSS2-PSS4 93 Sensory Systems Disorders - Cost Studies PSS5-PSS9 95 Sensory Systems Disorders - Patient-Reported Outcomes &amp; Patient Preference Studies PSS10-PSS11 97 Sensory Systems Disorders - Health Care Use &amp; Policy Studies </p><p> PUK1-PUK3 98 Urinary/Kidney Disorders - Clinical Outcomes Studies PUK4-PUK8 99 Urinary/Kidney Disorders - Cost Studies PUK9-PUK13 101 Urinary/Kidney Disorders - Patient-Reported Outcomes &amp; Patient Preference Studies PUK14-PUK16 103 Urinary/Kidney Disorders - Health Care Use &amp; Policy Studies </p></li><li><p>HEALTH C RESEARCH POSTER PRESENTATIONS - SESSION I HEALTH CARE USE &amp; POLICY STUDIES </p><p>HEALTH CARE USE &amp; POLICY STUDIES - Consumer Role in Health Care </p><p>PHP1 A1 SELF-MEDICATION WITH ANTIBIOTICS IN SANA'A CITY </p><p> Albawani S, Gnanasan S, Abd. Aziz N, Hassan Y,Universiti Teknologi MARA, Puncak Alam, Malaysia </p><p>PHP2 A2 SCHOOLS' PERSPECTIVE ON PROMOTING RATIONAL USE OF ANTIBIOTICS IN NEW DELHI, INDIA A QUALITATIVE STUDY </p><p> Kotwani A, Holloway K,WHO-SEARO, New Delhi, India </p><p>PHP3 A3 COMPARISION OF PERCEPTION TOWRDS GENERIC MEDICINES BETWEEN FINAL YEAR PHARMACY AND MEDICAL STUDENTS IN SOUTHEAST YEMEN </p><p> AL-Tamimi SK1, Hassali MA</p><p>1, Shafie AA</p><p>1, Alrasheedy AA</p><p>2,1Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia, </p><p>2Qassim University, </p><p>Qassim, Saudi Arabia </p><p>HEALTH CARE USE &amp; POLICY STUDIES - Drug/Device/Diagnostic Use &amp; Policy </p><p>PHP4 A4 APPLICATION OF MULTI-CRITERIA DECISION ANALYSIS (MCDA) SCORING AS AN HTA METHODOLOGY FOR OFF-PATENT PHARMACEUTICALS (OPP) IN EMERGING MARKETS </p><p> Brixner D1, Maniadakis N</p><p>2, Kal Z</p><p>3, Hu S</p><p>4, Johnston A</p><p>5, Shen J</p><p>6, Wijaya KE</p><p>7,1Personalized Health Care, University of Utah </p><p>Health Sciences Center, Salt Lake City, UT, USA, 2National School Of Public Health, Athens, Greece, </p><p>3Etvs Lornd University, </p><p>Budapest, Hungary, 4Fudan University, Shanghai, China, </p><p>5Queen Mary University of London, London, UK, </p><p>6Abbott Laboratories, </p><p>Abbott Park, IL, USA, 7Abbott Laboratories, Allschwil, Switzerland </p><p>PHP5 A5 ARE US PRIVATE PAYERS' MEDICAL POLICIES INFLUENCED BY COCHRANE EVIDENCE? </p><p> Singh A1, Hussain S</p><p>2, Najmi AK</p><p>2,1Independent Researcher, New Delhi, India, </p><p>2Faculty of Pharmacy, Jamia Hamdard, Hamdard </p><p>University, New Delhi, India </p><p>PHP6 A6 SEVERE ILLNESS INSURANCE' IN CHINA: IMPACT OF THE NEW COVERAGE ON ACCESS TO HEALTH CARE AND INNOVATIVE DRUGS </p><p> Sherwin G, Akpinar P, Yap B, Li X,ICON plc, LONDON, UK </p><p>PHP7 A7 FREE ESSENTIAL MEDICINES THROUGH PUBLIC HEALTH FACILITIES IN NEPAL: A QUALITATIVE STUDY </p><p> Acharya M1, Dahal A</p><p>2,1University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Little Rock, AR, USA, </p><p>2The University of Toledo, Toledo, </p><p>OH, USA </p><p>PHP9 A8 SUGGESTION ON CRITICAL ILLNESS INSURANCE IN CHINA </p><p> Zhu L, Xu H, Cui X,Sanofi China, Shanghai, China </p><p>PHP10 A9 ONLINE PHARMACY REGULATION IN INDIA: A CROSS SECTIONAL SURVEY ON PERCEPTIONS OF HEALTH CARE STUDENTS/PROFESSIONALS </p><p> Peringadi Vayalil M, Rajesh V, Rajan MS, Girish T,Manipal University, Manipal, Udupi Dist., India </p><p>PHP11 A10 DEVELOPMENT OF HOSPITAL FORMULARY IN JAPAN - CURRENT TRENDS AND ISSUES </p><p> Hamashima Y1, Hamashima C</p><p>2,1University of Tokyo Hospital, Tokyo, Japan, </p><p>2National Cancer Center, Tokyo, Japan </p><p>PHP12 B1 HOW DOES PRICING AND ACCESS OF INNOVATIVE ONCOLOGY AGENTS IN CHINA COMPARE WITH OTHER ASIAN MARKETS? </p><p> Sherwin G, Akpinar P, Yap B, Lu V, Im Y,ICON plc, LONDON, UK </p><p>PHP13 B2 WHAT IMPACT IS THE EVOLVING HEALTH CARE LANDSCAPE HAVING ON ACCESS TO INNOVATIVE MEDICINES IN CHINA? </p><p> Sherwin G, Akpinar P, Yap B,ICON plc, LONDON, UK </p><p>PHP14 B3 ASSESSMENT OF BIOSIMILAR LANDSCAPE IN KOREA, MALAYSIA, SINGAPORE AND TAIWAN </p><p> Chen S1, Conti CC</p><p>2, Cheong J</p><p>1,1GfK Singapore, Singapore, Singapore, </p><p>2GfK, London, UK </p><p>PHP15 B4 THE PRICING AND REIMBURSEMENT OF SPECIALTY DRUGS IN KEY ASIAN MARKETS </p><p> Subramanian D, Dummett H,EMAX Solutions, Singapore, Singapore </p><p>PHP16 B5 BUILDING INTENTIONS WITH THE THEORY OF PLANNED BEHAVIOUR: THE MEDIATING ROLE OF KNOWLEDGE AND EXPECTATIONS IN SUCCESSFUL NEW PHARMACY PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICES IMPLEMENTATION </p><p> Hoay TL1, Hassali MA</p><p>1, Gan V</p><p>2, Saleem F</p><p>1,1Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia, </p><p>2Universiti Putra Malaysia, Serdang, </p><p>Malaysia </p><p>PHP17 B6 GENERAL PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE AND AWARENESS ABOUT MEDICINES USE IN PENANG, MALAYSIA </p><p> Dawood OT, Hassali MA, Saleem F,Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang, Malaysia </p><p>PHP18 B7 QUINOLONES UTILIZATION IN TWO TERTIARY HOSPITALS IN NIGERIA; A PHARMACOEPIDEMIOLOGICAL SURVEY </p><p> Ogbonna B1, Eze L</p><p>1, Ogbonna C</p><p>2, Ejim C</p><p>2,1NNAMDI AZIKIWE UNIVERSITY, ANAMBRA STATE, Nigeria, </p><p>2ENUGU STATE </p></li><li><p>UNIVERSITY TEACHING HOSPITAL, ENUGU, NIGERIA, ENUGU, Nigeria </p><p>PHP19 B8 ATTITUDE TOWARDS THE USE OF COMPLEMENTARY AND ALTERNATIVE MEDICINES (CAM) AMONG PHARMACY AND MEDICAL STUDENTS. A COMPARATIVE STUDY </p><p> Farooqui M1, Othman CN</p><p>1, Sadeeqa S</p><p>2, Farooqui MA</p><p>3, ul Haq N</p><p>4,1Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Kepala Batas, </p><p>Malaysia, 2Institute of Pharmacy, Lahore, Pakistan, </p><p>3Kolej Universiti Insaniah, Kuala Ketil, Kedah,, Malaysia, </p><p>4University of </p><p>Balochistan, Quetta, Pakistan </p><p>PHP20 B9 DRUG UTILIZATION IN AN OUTPATIENT PRIVATE PAEDIATRIC SETTING: AN OBSERVATIONAL STUDY </p><p> Deshwal S1, Tiwari P</p><p>1, Kumar N</p><p>2,1National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER), S.A.S. Nagar (Mohali), </p><p>Punjab, India, 2Chaitanya Hospital, Chandigarh, India </p><p>PHP21 B10 DRUG UTILIZATION STUDY OF ANTIBIOTICS IN A SECONDARY CARE REFERRAL HOSPITAL </p><p> Rathikanti V,chalapathi institute of pharmaceutical sciences, Vijayawada, India </p><p>PHP22 C1 PERLIMINARY STUDY OF MEDICATION REGIMEN COMPLEXITY AMONG TAIWANESE ELDERLY WHO HAVE USED ANXIETY OR HYPNOTICS PRESCRIPTIONS </p><p> Chen J1, Simonavice CA</p><p>2, Chen Y</p><p>2, Lin H</p><p>1,1China Medical University, Taichung, Taiwan, </p><p>2China Medical University Hospital, </p><p>Taichung, Taiwan </p><p>PHP23 C2 WHAT DO WE PAY FOR COMPOUNDED DRUGS? </p><p> Lin T1, Tran DM</p><p>2, Shoair OA</p><p>2, Huang W</p><p>1, Cao V</p><p>1, Wilson L</p><p>2,1UCSF, San Francisco, CA, USA, </p><p>2University of California, San </p><p>Francisco, San Francisco, CA, USA </p><p>PHP24 C3 A NATIONWIDE SURVEY ON INFECTION CONTROL ACTIVITIES WITHIN HOSPITALS ALLOWED TO IMPLEMENT PREFERENTIAL INFECTION PREVENTION COUNTERMEASURE FEE IN JAPAN </p><p> Hirose M1, Nishimura N</p><p>2, Naora K</p><p>2, Imanaka Y</p><p>3,1Shimane University, Izumo, Japan, </p><p>2Shimane University Hospital, Izumo, </p><p>Japan, 3Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan </p><p>PHP25 C4 ASSOCIATION OF SOCIOECONOMIC CONDITIONS AND DRUG OFFENCES AND REINCARCERATION </p><p> Huang C, Yang M,National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan </p><p>PHP26 C5 ASSESSMENT OF PRESCRIBING INDICATORS IN PUBLIC AND PRIVATE PRIMARY HEALTH CARE FACILITIES IN INDONESIA </p><p> Yuniar Y, Susyanty AL, Sari ID,National Institute of Health Research and Development, Central Jakarta, Indonesia </p><p>HEALTH CARE USE &amp; POLICY STUDIES - Equity and Access </p><p>PHP27 C6 A REVIEW OF PHARMECEUTICAL POLICIES IN RESPONSE TO ECONOMIC CRISIS AND SANCTIONS </p><p> Kheirandish M,Tehran university of medical sciences, tehran, Iran (Islamic Republic of) </p><p>PHP28 C7 EQUITY OF GOVERNMENT SUBSIDY IN HEALTH CARE: A CASE STUDY IN CHINA </p><p> Si L1, Chen M</p><p>2, Palmer AJ</p><p>3,1University of Tasmaina, Hobart, Australia, </p><p>2Nanjing Medical Univeristy, Nanjing, China, </p><p>3Menzies </p><p>Institute for Medical Research, Hobart, Australia </p><p>PHP29 C8 DEVELOPING HTA GUIDELINES FOR RARE DISEASE THERAPIES - AN INDUSTRY PERSPECTIVE </p><p> Taylor CB1, Weston AR</p><p>1, Milliner C</p><p>2, Schulz S</p><p>2, Clark F</p><p>3, Goodall A</p><p>3, Brown A</p><p>4, Chim L</p><p>5, Kwasha D</p><p>5, Quinn E</p><p>6, McDonnell T</p><p>7, </p><p>Evans K8,1Asia Pacific, Sydney, Australia, </p><p>2Shire, North Ryde, Australia, </p><p>3Sanofi Genzyme, Macquarie Park, Australia, </p><p>4Sanofi </p><p>Australia, Macquarie Park, Australia, 5Alexion Pharmaceuticals Australasia, Frenchs Forest, Australia, </p><p>6Vertex Pharmaceuticals </p><p>(Australia), St Leonards, Australia, 7A. Menarini Australia, Chatswood, Australia, </p><p>8BioMarin Pharmaceutical Australia, Crows </p><p>Nest, Australia </p><p>HEALTH CARE USE &amp; POLICY STUDIES - Formulary Development </p><p>PHP31 C9 WHAT'S NEW IN THE GUIDELINES FOR SUBMISSION OF DOSSIER FOR LISTING INTO THE MINISTRY OF HEALTH MEDICINES FORMULARY (MOHMF) ? </p><p> Low EV, Ramli A, Lajis R, Aryani Md Yusof F,Ministry of Health Malaysia, Petaling Jaya, Malaysia </p><p>PHP32 C10 TEMPERATURE, REAL TIME, ON SITE, POTENCY MONITORING STUDIES OF DIFFERENT BRANDS OF CEPHALEXIN TABLETS STORED IN HOSPITAL AND COMMUNITY PHARMACIES IN DIFFERENT PART OF KERALA </p><p> Kiron sS,academy of pharmaceutical sciences, kannur, India </p><p>HEALTH CARE USE &amp; POLICY STUDIES - Health Care Costs &amp; Management </p><p>PHP33 D1 CONSTRUCTION OF SYSTEM DYNAMICS MODEL FOR MEDICAL CARE SYSTEM OF JAPAN </p><p> Inoue S1, Xu H</p><p>2, Maswana J</p><p>2, Kobayashi M</p><p>1,1CRECON Medical Assessment Inc., Tokyo, Japan, </p><p>2University of Tsukuba, Tokyo, </p><p>Japan </p><p>PHP34 D2 THE STUDY OF DRUG PRICE COMPRISON BETWEEN CHINA AND 14 OTHER COUNTRIES </p><p> Liu B1, Su W</p><p>2, Mo Y</p><p>1,1Department of Health Economics, School of Public Health, Fudan University, Shanghai, China, </p><p>2IHS Life </p><p>Sciences, Washington, DC, USA </p><p>PHP35 D3 THE FIRST INDONESIAN HEALTH-RELATED QUALITY OF LIFE VALUATION STUDY: AN EQ-5D-5L VALUE SET </p><p> Purba FD1, Hunfeld J</p><p>1, Iskandarsyah A</p><p>2, Fitriana TS</p><p>3, Sadarjoen SS</p><p>2, Passchier J</p><p>4, van Busschbach J</p><p>1,1Erasmus MC, </p></li><li><p>Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 2Padjadjaran University, Jatinangor, Indonesia, </p><p>3YARSI University, Jakarta, Indonesia, </p><p>4VU </p><p>University, Amsterdam, The Netherlands </p><p>PHP36 D4 COST VARIATIONS OF INPATIENT, DAYCARE AND OUTPATIENT HYSTEROSCOPY IN A TERTIARY-CARE HOSPITAL IN MALAYSIA </p><p> Shabaruddin FH, Chai BS, Woo YL, Dahlui M,University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia </p><p>PHP37 D5 SPIRALLING HEALTHCARE EXPENDITURE IN MALAYSIA: IS IT SUSTAINABLE? </p><p> Perumal AK,B. Braun, KL, Malaysia </p><p>PHP38 D6 UNIVERSAL HEALTH COVERAGE IN COUNTRIES ACROSS EAST AND SOUTHEAST ASIA ASSOCIATIONS BETWEEN HEALTH EXPENDITURE AND SERVICE PROVISION </p><p> Evans JS, Wickstead RM, Hanman K, Steeves S,Costello Medical Consulting Ltd, Cambridge, UK </p><p>PHP39 D7 THE IMPACTS OF CASE PAYMENT IN RURAL HAINAN OF CHINA </p><p> He L, Yang L,Peking University, Beijing, China </p><p>PHP40 D8 COSTS AND BENEFITS OF HOME FOOD INDUSTRY ISSUANCE PROGRAM IN INDONESIA </p><p> Sucahya pK1, Sari K</p><p>2,1Center for Health Research Universitas Indonesia, Depok, Indonesia, </p><p>2Center for Health Economics and </p><p>Policy Studies Universitas Indonesia, Depok, Indonesia </p><p>PHP41 D9 EXPERIENCE SEEKING APPROPRIATE STANDARDS OF COST-EFFECTIVENESS RATIO: UPDATES AND CHALLENGES IN JAPANESE SETTING </p><p> Kamae I, Sugimoto T,The University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Public Policy, Tokyo, Japan </p><p>PHP42 D10 ICT DIFFUSION AND PHARMACEUTICALS (ISSUES FOR DECISION TOOLS) </p><p> Huttin CC,Endepusresearchinc and Univ Aix Marseille, Cambridge, MA, USA </p><p>PHP43 E1 APPLICATION LIMITATIONS OF COST MINIMIZATION ANALYSIS IN CHINA </p><p> Zhu L, Cui X, Xu H,Sanofi China, Shanghai, China </p><p>PHP44 E2 RISK OF DISCONTINUATION OF ADVANCED THERAPY MEDICINAL PRODUCTS CLINICAL TRIALS </p><p> Hanna E1, Rmuzat C</p><p>2, Toumi M</p><p>1,1Facult de Mdecine, Laboratoire de Sant Publique, Aix-Marseille Universit, Marseille, </p><p>France, 2Creativ-Ceutical, Paris, France </p><p>PHP45 E3 OUTCOMES FROM HOMEOPATHIC PRESCRIBING IN SECONDARY CARE HOMEOPATHIC HOSPITAL: A PROSPECTIVE STUDY </p><p> Dobariya N1, Tiwari P</p><p>1, Dhiman K</p><p>2, Sareen P</p><p>2, Anand T</p><p>2, Sharda S</p><p>2, Manku Tk</p><p>2, Kaur R</p><p>2,1National Institute of Pharmaceutical </p><p>Education and Research (NIPER), S.A.S. Nagar (Mohali), Punjab, India, 2Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital, </p><p>Chandigarh, India </p><p>PHP46 E4 HIGH-RISK MEDICATIONS AND UNPLANNED HOSPITALIZATIONS: A CASETIMECONTROL STUDY </p><p> Lin C1, Wen Y</p><p>2, Chen L</p><p>3, Hsiao F</p><p>1,1National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan, </p><p>2Chang Gung University, Taoyuan, </p><p>Taiwan, 3Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Taipei, Taiwan </p><p>PHP47 E5 IMPLEMENTATION OF ADVERSE EVENT TRIGGER TOOL SYSTEM FOR ASSESSING PATIENT SAFETY </p><p> Vilakkathala R1, Mallayasamy S</p><p>1, K V</p><p>1, Rodrigues GS</p><p>2, BH AR</p><p>2,1Manipal University, Manipal, India, </p><p>2Kasturba Medical College, </p><p>Manipal, India </p><p>PHP48 E6 WHAT ARE THE KEY CONCERNS OF HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS IN CHINA? QUALITATIVE INVESTIGATION OF A DOUBLE-BLIND TELEPHONE SURVEY </p><p> Sun Y1, Liu GG</p><p>1, Wang T</p><p>2, You X</p><p>1, Zhao H</p><p>1,1Peking University, Beijing, China, </p><p>2Shenyang Pharmaceutical University, </p><p>Shenyang, China </p><p>PHP49 E7 FACTORS ASSOCIATED WITH 90-DAY OR 180-DAY LONG-TERM USE OF ANXIETY-HYPNOTIC PRESCRIPTIONS AND ECONOMIC AND SAFETY OUTCOMES: A RETROSPECTIVE COHORT STUDY </p><p> Lin H1, Tsai H</p><p>2, Liu F</p><p>3, Liao C</p><p>4, Li C</p><p>5, Lin C</p><p>4, Chou C</p><p>4, Chang C</p><p>4, Simonavice CA</p><p>4, Li T</p><p>1,1China Medical University, Taichung, </p><p>Taiwan, 2Providence University, Taichung City, Taiwan, </p><p>3Hsuan Chuang University, Hsinchu City, Taiwan, </p><p>4China Medical </p><p>University Hospital, Taichung, Taiwan, 5China Medical Universit...</p></li></ul>


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