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  • 1. Elizabeth UnniSep 29, 2011

2. Why? Opportunity to exchange ideas Clinical problems Research outcomes Research ideas (Work in progress)Where? Conferences (Eg: Diabetes Summit) Professional Association Annual Meetings National APhA Local UPhA Capitol Hill Policy makingE. Unni 9/29/20112 3. TitleAbstract (Optional)It is not necessary toIntroduction/Background have all theseGoals/Objectivescomponents in a posterMethodsResultsDiscussion & LimitationsClinical ImplicationsConclusionAcknowledgementsReferencesE. Unni 9/29/2011 3 4. Use the 1010 rule Attendees spend only 10 seconds scanningposters as they stroll by from a distance of 10feet Essential that the poster capture their attentionBlend between manuscript and oralpresentation Use content judiciouslyE. Unni 9/29/20114 5. Clarity & Simplicity Concise and neat layoutKeep the words to a minimum Busy attendees do not have time to read a lotUse pictures, graphs, and diagrams But not in a distractive wayMain message should be clear and visible Resist the urge to fill voids with clutter that mightdiscourage attendees from approaching your posterE. Unni 9/29/20115 6. Use phrases, not sentencesUse bullet points, not paragraphsAvoid jargon and acronymsUse consistent wording, especiallybetween text and visualsEnsure that the content is self-explanatory E. Unni 9/29/2011 6 7. Ensure that the text is legible andappealing Use the same type-font throughout the poster Times New Roman or Arial is usually used Distinguish between headers and text Size of fontHeaders can be read from 5m and text can be read from 2m.Type of fontUniversal for headers Top to bottom & left to right reading Logical sequence of presentation Softer colors (pastel or gray) as backgroundE. Unni 9/29/20117 8. Suggested font sizes: Title: 96 pt Authors: 72 pt Affiliations:36-48 pt Section headings:36 pt Text:24 pt Acknowledgements:18 ptE. Unni 9/29/20118 9. Editing Proofread Colleagues People familiar with your topic People not so familiar with your topic Spell check Very very.. important Get feedback E. Unni 9/29/2011 9 10. Components Title Interesting to capture attention of the audience If too long, shorten it; do not reduce font size Authors If too many authors, use last and first nameOmit middle initials & titles Include academic affiliationOmit city and state if there are too many authors & gives acrowded lookE. Unni 9/29/201110 11. Components Introduction/background Research gapWhat is the research question?Why is this research question important?Should lead to the goals/objectives Methods What was the strategy used? Why was this strategy used?E. Unni 9/29/201111 12. Components Results The most important part of a poster Do not assume everyone is an expert in your fieldWhat are the results? Use graphs, tables, and diagrams Include only the most important & unique results Discussion/conclusion Summary of findings in a sentence or two How does your results compare with existing research? What is the next step of the study? E. Unni 9/29/2011 12 13. Components References Omit if possible Include it in the handout Acknowledgements Research partners, funding source If space allows, provide your email ID or QRC code, or a website where they can access the posterE. Unni 9/29/201113 14. Usually 3 to 4 columnsEither Equal distribution of columns Middle column wider than the other two columns Depending on content Equal spacing between columns All the top headers on the same levelE. Unni 9/29/2011 14 15. Know your poster and contents well Should be able to explain the complete poster in 3 to 5 minutesPractice it and time it! Have a good opening sentence Explains why your poster is important Focus on the major question you are answering with the study Explain your results & conclusions well and its importanceWhat is the implication of your results?In clinical applicationIn scientific worldE. Unni 9/29/201115 16. Presentation style Dress business casual/formals Eye contact Posture Speak slowly and clearly Avoid jargons and acronymsRemember, not everyone is an expert in your fieldE. Unni 9/29/201116 17. Frame possible questions prepare answersListen to the question Wait until they finish the questionAnswer the question Ask whether you answered their questionHave handouts with contact information E. Unni 9/29/2011 17 18. Budget it! Posters are expensive! E. Unni 9/29/2011 18 19. E. Unni 9/29/201119 20. Thermal and Mechanical Responses in TRPV1-/- Mice with Site Specific Expression of TRPV1Graduate Program in PhysicalTherapy & RehabilitationScienceIntroductionMethods Results NPG (Control) NPGTRPV1Re-expression of TRPV1 in the skin of TRPV1-/- mice restoresTRPV1+/+-like Transient receptor potential vanilloid 1 (TRPV1) is amechanical sensitivity TK (UL23) hCMV EGFP PATK (UL23) Ca2+ permeable nonselective cation channel that isTK (UL23) hCMV EGFP PATK (UL23) 8Mechanical Response 8 Re-expression TRPV1 8 Re-expression TRPV1 8 Re-expression TRPV1 into into Skin into Muscle Muscle and Skin activated by both exogenous and endogenousTRPV1+/+TRPV1-/-+TRPV1* TRPV1-/-+TRPV1 TRPV1-/-+TRPV1 TRPV1-/- stimuli, including heat, low pH, anandamide, and L3L3 6 6 TRPV1-/-+Control 6 TRPV1-/-+Control 6TRPV1-/-+Control capsaicin. TRPV1 channels are found in the central 4.5 4.5Responses (0-10)Responses (0-10) Response (1-10)Response (0-10) L3L34.5 4.5 IR-L IR-L IR-S IR-S and the peripheral nervous system and are involvedIR-LIR-LIR-SIR-S 4 4 4 4 in the transmission and modulation of pain, as well1010 10 as the integration of diverse painful stimuli. TRPV110 2 2 2 2Force (mN)Force (mN) antagonists have shown efficacy in reducingForce (mN) Force (mN)11UL36 hCMV TRPV1 WPREUL37 11 nociception from inflammatory and neuropathic Viral Constructs: NPG (Control) and NPGTRPV1 (TRPV1 re-expressing virus). These vectors do not express 00.1 00.1 0 0 0.1 animal models of pain.0.1TRPV1 consists of 6 transmembrane segments ICP34.5 (deletion) or thymidine kinase (TK, UL23, insertional inactivation). Expression of enhanced green fluorescent0.4 0.71.6 0.7 1.6and intracellular NH2- and COOH- termini. Theprotein (EGFP) is driven by the hCMV immediate-early enhancer-promoter. PA, polyadenylation signal; IR, internallog Force (mN) log Force (mN) log Force (mN) log Force (mN)channel is organized as a tetramer of homo orrepeat; L, long; S, short. NPGTRPV1 is similar to NPG and a cassette for expression of rat TRPV1 is inserted betweenheteromeric subunits.Re-expression of TRPV1 in the skin of TRPV1-/- mice results in a significant decrease in the number of withdrawals the UL36 and UL37 genes. This transcription cassette contains a woodchuck hepatitis virus element (WPRE) to enhance similar to that observed in nave TRPV1+/+ mice, *, p


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