Sun, Moon & Tamara, Chapter 2

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<ul><li> 1. Hello! Welcome back to Sun, Moon &amp; Tamara, a The Sun And The Moon challenge. (Challenge created by whisper_doll on LiveJournal.) Dont expect plot, or even much commentary: this story is pictures with captions. The object of the challenge is to have two Sims in one household. One should become a vampire and one a plantsim, and they should live together until one or the other of them dies. Our intrepid roommates are Tamara Langerak and Kyoshi Rusewicz. Currently, neither of them is in the least supernatural. </li></ul> <p> 2. After changing out of her unlucky shirt, Tamara finds a job 3. She is now a Junior Executive 4. A Junior Executive who got promoted and sent home early! 5. A promotion bonus = A sweet new TV 6. Celebrating the first promotion with Pao and Kyoshi 7. Did you know Kyoshi was an identical twin? Now you do! 8. Calling a cab to get to the apartment building right around the corner 9. Somebody had a little too much to drink 10. Pao sent a congratulatory flower 11. Knowledge Sims like fixing things 12. Popularity Sims like chatting online 13. Everybody likes a nice night out with friends (The lady with the blue hair is Tamaras friend Skye, who comes from Already in Progress) 14. You meet such interesting people when youre out and about! 15. Its a good thing people cant see what youre wearing over the phone 16. The good news: Indoor plants dont seem to attract bugs The bad news: Indoor plants dont seem to attract bugs 17. Well have to see if overwatered indoor plants attract bugs or not 18. Tamaras job search problems were indeed caused by her shirt. It doesnt seem logical that a shirt should cause the game to crash when looking for a job on the computer, but the evidence is unassailable: with the shirt, game crash. With a different shirt, no problems. The shirt is now gone from my game. Kyoshi is not really a twin -- I accidentally hit the Create Downtownies button twice when setting up the new hood and ended up with two of everybody. They have different names really, so its OK. Until next time, Happy Simming! </p>