summer issue 2015 calendar of 2015 calendar of events . 2015 calendar of events (approved. jan. 10,

Download Summer Issue 2015 Calendar of 2015 Calendar of Events . 2015 Calendar of Events (Approved. Jan. 10,

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  • 2015 Calendar of Events

    2015 Calendar of Events (Approved. Jan. 10, 2015;

    subject to change)

    * ISCA events; TBD (tentative To Be Determined)

    July 26 (Sun) EISA FUN DAY - Picnic & General Membership Meeting

    Location: Allen’s Kennel, Moorestown, NJ

    Liaison: Lynne Godshall

    Times: 9:30 am EISA Board Meeting

    Noon: Picnic & General Membership Meeting

    followed by Fun Activities with our Irish Setters

    Sept. 5 (Sat) EISA Support Entry & General Meeting

    Somerset Hills KC

    Judge: Nena Dee

    Sweeps: Sandra Seymour

    Picnic & General Membership

    Meeting after Irish setter judging

    Anne Marie Kubacz, Liaison

    Sept 12-13 EISA Field Trial & General Membership Meeting

    Petersburg, DE

    Liaison: Susan Sullivan

    Secretary: Sandy Jones

    Will feature VCX and VCA stakes

    Summer Issue

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    Events continued:

    Oct. 1 (Thur) Morris & Essex

    Somerset, NJ

    Breed: Anne Bolus

    Sweeps: Patty Fanelli

    Oct 2-4 Harvest Setter Specialty Cluster, Vernon, CT

    EISA independent specialty is Sunday October 5th in conjunction with

    ISCNE specialty and ISCCC specialties the same weekend

    Chairperson: Barbara Joyal; Liaison: Debra Hamilton

    Judges' hospitality coordinator: Karolynne McAteer

    Chief Steward: Karolynne McAteer

    Breed: James Covey

    Sweeps: Jan Ziech

    Obedience & Rally - TBD

    Nov. 6 (Fri) ISCA Agility Trial (fundraiser for 2017 National Specialty

    Location: Fri. Nov. 6, Dream Park, Logan Township, NJ

    Liaison: Lynne Godshall

    Brief EISA General Membership & BOD Meetings at the site

    Dec 26 EISA Holiday Party & General Membership Meeting

    Election of 2016 Officers

    Location: Karen Swartz

    Liaison: Fiona Geiser

    EISA 2016 - Preview

    Feb 14, 2016 EISA Winter Garden Specialty Indoor, Rye, New York

    Breed Judge: Michael Faulkner

    Sweeps Judge: Paul Reilly

    Liaison: Anne Marie Kubacz

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    2015 EISA Committees: (* - indicates Liaison to the EISA Board of


    Standing Committees Annual Awards: Lydia Miller*

    Plaques: Meghan Sheehan

    Bucks picnic: Lydia Miller

    Audit: Pat Lyons* Fran Sloughfy

    Blarney: Susan Sullivan*

    Constitution: Mariette O’Malley* Debra Hamilton & Fran Sloughfy

    Membership: Fran Sloughfy*

    New Jersey Dog Federation: Susan Sullivan*

    Susan Kwiatkowski (rep)

    Nominations: Fiona Geiser*

    Public Relations: Debra Hamilton* Website: Fiona Geiser*

    Facebook: Lynn Kwiatkowski*

    Supported Entries: Peter Kubacz*

    Anne Marie Kubacz

    Trophies: Anne Marie Kubacz* Nancy Salmon (chair), Karolynne


    Event Committees

    Agility Events: Lynne Godshall* EISA Field Trial: Susan Sullivan* Sandy Jones (secretary)

    EISA Indoor (Rye NY – Winter Garden Specialty): Anne Marie Kubacz*

    Bob McKay 2nd WGS rep from


    Karolynne McAteer (chief stew-

    ard), Susan Kwiatkowski (chair)

    EISA Outdoor (Harvest Cluster): Debra Hamilton*

    Fran Sloughfy, Barbara Joyal

    (show chair), Brad Porterfield &

    Rick Krasley(grounds)

    Karolynne McAteer (chief steward)

    ISCA Nationals (2017): Anne Marie Kubacz*

    Karolynne McAteer, show Chair

    Lynne Godshall Agility Chair Lynn

    Kwiatkowski Obedience Chair,

    Brad Porterfield grounds.

    Bench Show Committee Indoor & Outdoor Peter Kubacz, Brad Porterfield, Pat

    Lyons, Debra Hamilton,

    Lynne Godshall, Susan

    Kwiatkowski, Rick Krasley

    Field Trial: Susan Sullivan, Karolynne McAteer, Lynne

    Godshall, Kevin Culver, Jean

    Culver, Pat Lyons

    Agility Trial: Lynne God- shall, Lynn Kwiatkowski,

    Susan Kwiatkowski, Sandy

    Ambrogi, Susan Sullivan,

    Anne Marie Kubacz

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    2015 – Officers and Board Members of EISA

    President – Fiona Geiser 1054 Wilson Avenue, Glen Mills, PA 19342; Tel 610-358-2950 Cell 484-437-8777

    Vice Pres – Lynn Kwiatkowski 3 Brook Dr., Chester, NJ 07930 908-955-7165 Cell: 201-274-6293

    Treasurer – Peter Kubacz 170 S. Hope Chapel Rd Jackson, NJ 08527 732-367-9658 Cell: 908-770-4271

    Rec.Secy.- Mariette O’Malley 1 Jeffrey Lane, Cinnaminson, NJ 08077 Tel 856-829-0936

    Cor.Secy. – AnneMarie Kubacz 170 S. Hope Chapel Rd 2 Jackson, NJ 08527 732-367-9658 Cell: 908-216-2367

    Board of Directors

    Class of 2015

    Susan Sullivan 1728 Tacoma Rd., Edgewater, MD 21037; Cell 443-286-7713

    Brad Porterfield 66 N. Greenwich Rd., Armonk, NY 10504 ; Cell 914-261-3807

    Fran Sloughfy 20 Maple Shade Lane, Fleetwood, PA 19522; Tel 610-944-3633

    Class of 2016

    Debra Hamilton

    6 Pioneer Trail, Armonk, NY 10504;

    Tel 914-273-1095 Cell 914-552-5021

    Patricia Lyons

    1734 Middletown Rd., Glen Mills, PA 19342; Tel 610-558-0976

    Meghan Sheehan

    131 Pennington-Hopewell Rd., Hopewell, NJ 08526; Cell 908-246-6748

    Class of 2017

    Lynne Godshall

    724 Kossuth St., Riverside , NJ 08075;

    Tel 856-461-1389 Cell 856-986-1345 724 Kossuth St., Riverside , NJ 08075

    Rick Krasley

    103 Evergreen Ct, Saylorsburg, PA 18353 Cell 484-239-0041

    Lydia Miller 10 Butternut Rd., Hellertown, PA 18055 Tel 610-838-8532 Cell 610-730-4588

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    From the President I thought you would be interested in the below pictures from

    the August 1987 Issue of the Irish Setter Club of America “Memo to

    Members.” A whole stack of back Memo issues were given out at

    the 2015 ISCA Nationals in Georgia. If you look VERY closely at the top picture, you will see that the dogs are Irish Setters! It is a photo of the 1934 ISCA Nationals held at the Morris and Essex Dog Show. The beautiful owner/handler in the second picture (taken 53 years later) is our own Karolynne McAteer, the Chair for the May 2017 ISCA Nationals in Warwick, Rhode Island. Karolynne spoke to our club at the May 2nd EISA General Membership Meeting about her need for a theme for the ISCA Nationals. A theme is ab- solutely essential in order to get the ball rolling on the entire week of programs for a National. Personally, I love themes that provide an opportunity to dress up somehow. So, when I read Susan Sullivan‟s

    proposal for a pirate theme, I was immediately hooked when she sug- gested a “Friday Night Shipwreck

    Party” where members could dress

    up “in pirate or wench regalia.”

    Karolynne liked Susan‟s ideas also

    and asked that they be presented to the EISA membership. I am sure you will also enjoy reading Susan‟s

    exceptionally creative ideas.

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    ISCA 2017 Theme Idea

    Ahoy, me Hearties! Landlubbers, Old Salts and Sea Dogs alike- Did ye know? Avast ye!

    Rhode Island was discovered by a pirate, named by a pirate and nurtured by pirates.

    ( pirate-and-nurtured-by-pirates,79035)

    Perhaps a pirate theme might be appropriate for the

    2017 ISCA National in Rhode Island.,79035,79035

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    If you have attended other National‟s in Rhode Island you may remember the tons of pirate paraphernalia in the local stores. I still have a Blackbeard t-shirt I pur- chased there and a number of pirate bumper stickers. It is my guess that Irish setters would love a pirate‟s life. A PIRATE theme would be FUN, EASY and INEXPENSIVE.


    I have brainstormed (along with Sandy Jones, Debra Hamilton and Fiona Geiser) (Mariette‟s idea to honor dogs from past decades has been incorporated) some ways

    the theme could be utilized throughout the week.

    JOLLY ROGER: A Jolly Roger was a pirate‟s way of sending a message. The sample Jolly Roger above has an Irish setter, an agility pin, and both a show and an obedience lead, thus symbolizing what activities will be held throughout the week. It could be flown everywhere. Small flags could easily be made from paper and laminated. Perhaps a large flag could be made or purchased. I am sure Dawn Secord could make us a fantastic flag. There could be different Joll