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STUDENTS PREFERENCES FOR BROADBAND USAGESTUDENTS NAMESTUDENTS IDAZREEN NUR AZIRA BT MOHD ASRUL2014666222NUR EFALIYANA BT ZULKEFLI2014629322ATHIRAH FAIZ BT MUHAMAD ROMZI2014667642FATAHIYAH BT ELIAS2014432818CHAPTER 1INTRODUCTIONBACKGROUND OF STUDIESBroadband breathe new life into the internet in the early 2000s. Beyond years, broadband technology has gone far as the technology improved from years to years by giving internet users faster connection speed without disrupting their telephone usage. Broadband basically means that the signal in one line can be split between telephone and internet, so users can use them simultaneously and at the greatest speed. Most of the students in UiTM Tapah, Perak use broadband to search some information to complete their assignment. By using broadband we can access to any website and gain information. Besides, the number of devices that access to the internet at any one time for example, computers, laptops, smartphones and tablet computers can connect to one broadband. Some activities involved more usage than others. For example watching videos online would involve lots of data usage rather than looking at a simple web page or a sending a short email. Broadband also helps us to communicate with others on social website from different region.

OBJECTIVESTo study the frequency of students using the broadbandTo investigate the level of satisfactions of the students about broadbandTo analyse the amount of data received per monthTo study the important criteria when purchasing broadband

PROBLEM DEFINITIONIdentify the problem which is the network connection. Amount of data received is not enough.Coverage in UiTM Tapah is quite slow and could not satisfied the students.SOURCE OF DATAUiTM Tapahs students.Collected by ourselves. Therefore the data is called as a primary data.More consistent with our objectives.Primary data is the data that collected specifically for the purpose of survey conducted. Researcher able to explain how data is collected. need manpower, higher cost to collect the data and requires more time to get the result.

POPULATION AND SAMPLEPopulation is all UiTM Tapahs Part One students from Faculty of Science Computer and Mathematics40 students from Computer Science and Mathematics Faculty in UiTM Tapah as a sample, which is being investigated.

SAMPLING METHODNon-probability sampling method.Snowball sampling by selecting UiTM Tapahs Part 1 students at random. Respondents are asked to identify others who belong to the target population of interest. Applied until 40 respondents are reached. Can estimate rare characteristics but it is time consuming.

DATA COLLECTION METHODDirect questionnaire.Contain questions that related to our objectives for this survey. The questionnaire consists of two parts. Part A and Part B.DATA COLLECTION METHODADVANTAGElow cost and save timeno interviewer influencerespondent has more time to think for a proper response

DISADVANTAGEresult might be biased because only particular people will replyrate of response quite low

CHAPTER 2DATA ANALYSISFrom the pie chart above, we can conclude that students from CS111 has answered the most questionnaire about broadband usage.Whereas, there is only 1 student from CS110 has answered the questionnaire.

CODE PROGRAMMEFrequencyPercentValid PercentCumulative PercentValidCS11012.52.52.5CS1111742.542.545.0CS112820.020.065.0CS1431435.035.0100.0Total40100.0100.0

The highest period of using a broadband is 2 months with 27.5%. Then followed by 1 months with 22.5%, 12 months with 20%, 3 months with 10%, 6 months with 7.5%, 4 months with 5%, and 24 months, 36 months and 48 months with the same percentage 2.5%.

PERIOD OF USING BROADBANDFrequencyPercentValid PercentCumulative PercentValid1922.522.522.521127.527.550.03410.010.060.0425.05.065.0637.57.572.512820.020.092.52412.52.595.03612.52.597.54812.52.5100.0Total40100.0100.0The highest percentage for type of broadband used and gender percentage is 35%.The lowest percentage for type of broadband used and gender percentage is 0%.Therefore, we can conclude that female prefer all types of broadband compared to male.

AVAILABILITY OF WIFIFrequencyPercentValid PercentCumulative PercentValidNO37.57.57.5YES3792.592.5100.0Total40100.0100.092.50% of broadband users stated that their broadband has portable wifi.Whereas,7.50% of broadband users stated that their broadband has no portable wifi.Thus,we can conclude that not all broadband has portable wifi.

Most of the students tend to buy broadband which has the fastest rate of internet services.Then, they will choose the most convenient type of payment to buy a broadband.Last but not least, they will buy the cheapest monthly payment to buy a broadband


RATE OF DATA USEDFrequencyPercentValid PercentCumulative PercentValidHIGH25.05.05.0LOW1845.045.050.0MEDIUM2050.050.0100.0Total40100.0100.0The highest percentage of rate of data used is 50% which is medium rate of data used.The lowest percentage of data used is 5%which is high rate of data used.Thus, we can conclude that only 5% of the students use their broadband frequently whereas others do not.

GENDERFrequencyPercentValid PercentCumulative PercentValidFemale 2357.557.557.5Male1742.542.5100.0Total40100.0100.0TYPE OF PAYMENTFrequencyPercentValid PercentCumulative PercentValidBank Service25.05.05.0Counter 1435.035.040.0Online717.517.557.5Reload1742.542.5100.0Total40100.0100.0 From the percentage component bar chart, we can say that majority of the male students prefer to pay their bills by bank service.

Whereas, none of female students pay their bills by bank service.

CHAPTER 3CONCLUSIONMost of the students are using Celcom Broadband. This is because, Celcom has the fastest internet connection compared to others in UiTM Tapah. Majority of the male students preferred to make their broadband payment by using bank service whereas, none of the female students pay their bills by bank service.minority of the students use high rate of data which is from 10GB and above per months. There is 92.5% availability of Wi-Fi.The most important criteria of choosing broadband is the fastest internet connection.The survey will have more accurate data if the sample size change from 40 students to all students in UiTM Tapah.Most of the students rated the broadband network connection as fast. We hope government will improve the technology of internet connection for a better performance to help students in all aspects.



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