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Steven Spagnuolo;

Steven Spagnuolo

Who exactly is he?I graduated high school in 2006.

It wasnt the most exciting time of my life but I look back with fond memories as I learned many life lessons.I began my College journey in 2012

and loved every minute of it!I love photography.

I dont consider myself a professional, but I do know my way around the camera.I am passionate about video games.

I have worked in a variety of fields.

Like when I was an outbound sales representative at Sutherland Global Services and learned how to effectively communicate with strangers over the phone.Im a people person.I enjoy public speaking (as long as Im talking about something I am passionate for).

Willing to get his hands dirty to get the job done.

I worked as a custodian for a brief period of time.

(Thats not me --)I recorded and produced music for artists across the city.

I am fluent with Pro Tools .I was once a musical artist myself.

ProducerWriterLive performance artist

I have won numerous contests which gained me credibility and financial income.I love politics.

I am invested with what is happening around the world; from foreign policy to domestic issues. Im also a big fan of House of Cards!I interned for the NDP office of Brian Masse.

I did research on critical issues and took photos at events with Mr. Masse.I one day hope to own a car like this:

I occasionally dress up, although I prefer to stay comfy whenever possible.

(That closed-mouth smile though!)I have a close circle of friends who Ive known for the majority of my life.

They keep me humble.Ive also met some incredible people over the past two years.

Who I hope to keep lasting relationships with.I will be graduating soon, receiving my first College diploma.

Studied the field of Public Relations.Any questions?

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