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  • powered byVoteOnline community votes for top ideas in our idea marketplace. Highest rated application ideas move to productionDevelopThrough sponsored contests and developer only meet-up events along with our own team, we develop apps that can change livesIdeasCommunities of need generate ideas through community meetings, online outreach and educational seminarsApp StoreThe Social Innovation Lab cultivates the culture of public purpose applications through our developer certified app store

    Arthur Grau | San Francisco, CA | | @simplicitous

    Mark Murphy | Portland, OR | |

  • Who is involved?DevelopersSponsorsCommunitiesThe needs of low-income communities are matched with the talents of developerspowered by

  • Overview of the Cooney Center*

  • A Third of U.S. Children Cannot Read at Grade Level*

  • No Progress in Nearly 20 years*

  • U.S. is Falling Behind as a Global Leader*Sources: Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Program for International Student Assessment (PISA), PISA 2006: Science Competencies for Tomorrows World, 2006. there is a quiet crisis in the United States that we have to wake up to. The U.S. today is in a truly global environment, and our competitor countries are not only wide awake, they are running a marathon while we are running sprints. -Thomas L. Friedman The World Is Flat

  • Screen Revolution*

  • As Much Time with Media as in School*Source: Kaiser Family Foundation, 2010

  • Heaviest Media Users Struggle Most in School*

  • Our Mission*To foster innovation in childrens learning through digital media

    What we doSupport and conduct researchBuild scalable modelsPromote multi-sector partnershipsMobilize resource commitments

  • Developer Prize

    For more information and to apply go

  • TimelineSept. 16, 2010: Challenge Announced at White House event

    Oct. 12, 2010: Competition opens for submissions

    Jan. 5, 2011: Submissions due

    March 2011: Announce winners

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  • powered byIts not enough to know how to teach the right way to solve a problem. We have to understand ALL of the possible ways someone could incorrectly solve it.

  • powered byScaffoldingInstructional support that helps a learner achieve a task that they are unable to achieve on their ownScaffolding in Games* Angry Birds* Intro level in Halo (or any other well made FPS game)* Motion Math

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  • powered byAffordancesPhysical or digital clues that provide hints as to possible interactionsAffordances in Games* Touch screens* Free-Play mode (Scribblenauts)*Big, Red buttons!!!

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    Present your work, ask for help

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