Steering Automated Ship: How to Avoid Bidding Pitfalls

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This webinar revisits the Bid and Management feature with insights on new case studies and the benefits of having both an automated system and a Captain to guide the technology.


<ul><li> 1. #thinkppc How to Recover from the Holidays Faster Than Your Competition HOSTED BY: HOSTED BY: HOSTED BY: &amp; Steering an Automated Ship: How to Avoid Bidding Pitfalls </li></ul> <p> 2. #thinkppc Presenters Jeff Baum Senior Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing Blogger at PPC Hero Hero Conf Speaker @jeffbaum71 Marc Poirier EVP &amp; Co-Founder of Acquisio 17 Years Experience in Digital Marketing Master Fisherman @marcpoirier 3. #thinkppc Join the conversation Include the hashtag #thinkppc in your Twitter tweets. Or use the webinar question box to send us questions. 4. #thinkppc Live Poll Question #1 How long have you been in PPC? #thinkppc A. Less than 1 year B. 1-3 years C. 3-5 years D. 5+ years 5. #thinkppc Live Poll Question #2 How do you manage your account(s)? #thinkppc a) I manage it myself. b) Im part of a team that manages it. c) I outsource my account management. d) Im rethinking how my account is managed. 6. #thinkppc Click to edit Master title style AUTOMATION : AN OVERVIEW #thinkppc 7. #thinkppc If this then that Can be very flexible and powerful Lets marketers bottle up their methodologies Can also be very dangerous as most users are not qualified to write rules that will improve results. Statistics are key Programming is important (boolean logic) Marketing (obviously) Rules 8. #thinkppc Extremely powerful and more flexible than most tool providers, also requires a profile that is hard to find. Some scripts are shared by marketers, opportunity to get started but also fraught with risk as the outcomes are unknown Opportunity to truly customize processes to work alongside existing Scripts 9. #thinkppc Fundamental this is required to call attention to issues Especially useful in large scale campaigns with a lot of moving parts Careful not to become immune (easy to start ignoring alerts if theyre not quite relevant) Alerts 10. #thinkppc Black box takes the control away from the marketer BUT this is a good thing when managing the money. Does not eliminate the need to have humans au contraire! NASA has a ton of humans on earth watching the performance or any rocket, they stand ready to make adjustments if necessary. Same applies to us. You can let the algorithms run wild but you probably want to monitor results and make adjustments when you see unexpected results. Though we have pretty much every type of automation tool known to man, this is Acquisios speciality - BBM Algorithms 11. #thinkppc What is BBM? Our Algorithms Run Every 30 Minutes, Intelligently Sharing Budgets Across Campaigns while Adjusting Bids Automatically. Suppress CPC (also CPA, Avg. Pos. or ROAS) Maximize Click Volume (also conversions or revenue) Spend Maximum Budget Effectively Available to all Acquisio clients Uses AdWords Conversion Tracking tags No need to change account structure BBM Delivers Optimal Results for AdWords. 12. #thinkppc Click to edit Master title style WHY DOES IT MATTER? #thinkppc 13. #thinkppcGoogle Display Network ad engine Tsunami Effect Google Display Network conversion engine AdMetrica captures surges of conversions (and plummeting CPAs) accompanying sudden spikes in Googles general search traffic volume. AdMetrica GDN CPA Google Search Vol. AdMetrica GDN Conv # 1,000 0 2,000 3,000 4,000 5,000 8,000 7,000 6,000 Google Search* (sweepstakes) Conversions (sweepstakes) $3.25 $3.00 $2.50 $2.75 $2.25 $2.00 $1.75 $1.50 $1.25 CPA (sweepstakes) * Source: Google Trends Google Search Activity 14. #thinkppc BBM tries to maximize the number of conversions Works with a budget and spends it very accurately Because it generates more conversions for the same budget, it also delivers lower CPA Ideal for Advertisers who are seeking to improve ROI Many case studies, results vary Ex: Large insurance company increased quotes by 64% and decreased CPQ by 60% within days. Perfect for agencies who struggle to manage budgets accurately Spending more money = increase in revenue Improving results = happier clients increase budgets = increase in revenue Ideal for agencies who work with SMB budgets do not have to be large for BBM to be effective, success with accounts that spend $15 per day or less. Budget Control and Bid Management = Optimal Results 15. #thinkppc Rooter Cleaners 11/25/13-3/24/14 7/29/13-11/24/13 Clicks 1,127 358 Avg. CPC $13.27 $44.85 Cost $14,956.84 $16,057.53 Calls 340 230 Before BBMWith BBM 16. #thinkppc Fence Installer 11/28/13-3/24/14 8/04/13-11/27/13 Clicks 4,281 1,762 Avg. CPC $5.68 $11.71 Cost $24,332.35 $20,635.08 Calls 766 175 Before BBMWith BBM 17. #thinkppc Law Firm 11/21/13-3/24/14 7/21/13-11/20/13 Clicks 5,295 1,516 Avg. CPC $4.53 $13.12 Cost $23,988.09 $19,884.12 Calls 299 135 Before BBMWith BBM 18. #thinkppc Fence Competitors 11/01/13-03/24/14 06/10/13-10/31/13 Clicks 10,370 6,684 Avg. CPC $2.03 $3.04 Cost $21,082 $20,333.02 Calls 478 305 Before BBMWith BBM 19. #thinkppc Rare Coins 01/02/14-03/24/14 10/13/13-01/01/14 Clicks 161,079 71,688 Avg. CPC $0.28 $0.56 Cost $44,683.42 $39,993.28 Calls 2,470 1,681 Before BBMWith BBM 20. #thinkppc Plumbing Experts 11/14/13-03/24/14 07/07/13-11/13/13 Clicks 2,542 1,425 Avg. CPC $9.83 $14.54 Cost $24,986.06 $20,722.67 Calls 972 536 Before BBMWith BBM 21. #thinkppc Home Services 12/03/13-03/24/14 08/14/13-12/02/13 Clicks 2,248 1,302 Avg. CPC $11.59 $18.35 Cost $26,062.81 $23,889.83 Calls 909 519 Before BBMWith BBM 22. #thinkppc Delta Plumbing 12/05/13-03/24/14 08/18/13-12/04/13 Clicks 2,102 1,686 Avg. CPC $17.96 $27.71 Cost $37,750.94 $46,726.37 Calls 1,152 829 Before BBMWith BBM 23. #thinkppc Live Poll Question #3 What bidding solution do you use today? #thinkppc a) Google Adwords Conversion Optimizer b) Marin Software or Kenshoo or Adobe or Ignition One solution c) Acquisio Bid &amp; Budget Management d) None of the above 24. #thinkppc Click to edit Master title style CASE STUDY UPDATE #thinkppc 25. #thinkppc Case Study Update: Client Background For Profit School 45 Locations 15 States 25 Client Background Info 26. #thinkppc Case Study Update: Client Background Acquire as many leads as possible $200 Cost-Per-Lead $2,500 Cost-Per-Start 26 27. #thinkppc Case Study Update: Client Background 27 Client Monthly PPC Budget 300K-400K per Month on Average Increases During Busy Seasons Budget Targets Constantly Change 28. #thinkppc Last Time We Spoke Preliminary results Process of integrating BBM into the account How we can manage BBM more effectively 28 29. #thinkppc Today We Will Go Over Updated Results What Changed &amp; What Have We Learned? How Were Managing BBM on a More Granular Level 29 30. #thinkppc Case Study: Performance Update 30 Feb-Present Conversions &amp; Cost Per Conversion: All BBM Cost-per-Conversion Decreased 21.43% Conversions Decreased 44% Budgets Slashed in Campuses Where BBM is Live 31. #thinkppc Case Study: Performance Update 31 Feb-Present Conversion Rate: All BBM Conversion Rate Increased 29.20% Funneling Traffic to High Converting Programs Splitting Out Poor Converters into Separate Campaigns 32. #thinkppc Case Study: Performance Update 32 Feb-Present CPCs &amp; Clicks Trend: All BBM Avg Cost-per-Click Increased 1.20% Clicks have decreased 57.72% Reduced Budgets &amp; Changing Program Mix a Factor 33. #thinkppc Case Study: Performance Update 33 Cost-per-Conversion Decreased 36.59% BBM Conversions Increased 121% BBM Budget Larger in Comparison to Avg BBM Budget Feb-Present Conversions &amp; Cost Per Conversion: BBM Campaign 34. #thinkppc Case Study: Performance Update 34 Feb-Present Conversion Rate: BBM Campaign Conversion Rate Increased 67.40% High Conversion Totals Historically BBM Has Alot of Historical Conversion Data to Work With 35. #thinkppc Case Study: Performance Update 35 Avg Cost-per-Click Increased 6.58% Clicks Decreased 32.73% High Traffic Campaign. System Has A lot of Data to Work With Feb-Present CPCs &amp; Clicks Trend: BBM Campaign 36. #thinkppc Case Study: Changes &amp; Learnings Whats Changed &amp; What Have We Learned? - Had To Reduce Spend in Campuses That Happened to Contain BBM Campaigns - Forced a Strategic Review of BBM Program. Missed the Mark on How BBM Campaigns Were Budgeted - Learned That Account Structure Directly Affects BBM Performance - Paused Underperforming Ad Groups in BBM Campaign. Creating New Program Specific Campaigns 36 37. #thinkppc Case Study: Moving Forward Managing On a More Granular Level - Reduced Budgets To Make BBM Work More Efficiently - Change Account Structure To Create Program Campaigns - Regular Meetings with BBM Account Team - Paused Underperforming Ad Groups in BBM Campaign. Creating New Program Specific Campaigns 37 38. #thinkppc Live Poll Question #4 Would you like help with your PPC accounts and management? Im interested in: a.) FREE Solutions Blueprint from Hanapin Marketing: We look at your account and provide analysis and consultation (For accounts with $20K+ in adspend). b.) FREE Demo of the Acquisio Platform c.) More information on BBM d.) All of the Above e.) No Thanks 39. #thinkppc Live Q&amp;A Time! 40. #thinkppc Have more questions? Thank you for attending our webinar! #thinkppc Get a free Solutions Blueprint from Hanapin Marketing (for accounts greater than $20K/mo in adspend): Get more information about Acquisio Bid &amp; Budget Management Or Contact us Directly: Webinar Feedback: Acquisio Contact: </p>