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  1. 1. Start a Profitable Travel Business Online With Small Investment?
  2. 2. Travel industry is progressing and gradually coming out of the recession blues that have been haunting it for past few years. As per latest studies next one decade promises momentous growth in global travel industry owing to Chinas significant share of outbound travel. China is likely to emerge as the biggest domestic travel market as well as the worlds largest outbound travel market surpassing US. This growth is unlikely to remain in the boundaries of China only as travel business experts predict more countries like Russia, Brazil and India to be contributing to this global growth. This is going to change consumer habits drastically and leave great impact on air travel business, hotels industry thereby growing global demand in various travel related sectors. These growing opportunities point towards greater business scope for those who have small budget but want to start a new venture in 2015. Start a Profitable Travel Business Online With Small Investment?
  3. 3. Why Online Travel is Lucrative Option for Small Business Investors? You can start your own travel business by creating a website that attracts users who search online for finding travel details (tours packages, hotel stay, air fares etc.). Your website can cater to their various needs helping them find best hotel, cruise, cabs etc. and make you earn per click/sale. The website owner does not act as actual seller and gets commission for sending traffic/customers/visitors to travel products/services sellers depending on the affiliate program. To get started, you can choose any of two options: Readymade Solutions Custom Solutions
  4. 4. Choose Two Options : Travelerrr Readymade Solution Choosing turnkey solution is helpful if you want to start this business instantly. The travel website providers will give you a ready-to-launch setup with all affiliates integrated and this may take 2-3 days. Custom Solutions Customized travel web design is more valuable if you want to offer best user experience. A custom website has uniqueness that can cater to specific requirements of users and has greater selling ability.
  5. 5. Benefits of Custom Travel Web Design It has greater capacity to attract traffic since the design is created as per search engine guidelines. With custom features it offers advanced search functionality and meets user requirements perfectly. You can brand a business better with a customized travel portal as it has uniqueness.
  6. 6. Best Travel Website Provider : Travelerrr Go to if you look for best travel website provider. It offers both turnkey and custom solutions to raise travel business online. Having created several websites for global travel agents, Travelerrr is a trusted name in online travel industry and is appreciated for excellent tech support. Contact for detailed discussion with team to start your travel website with small investment.


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