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The spring 2013 edition of our school newspaper.




    Film maker creates movie magic at St Philip Howard

    St Phillip Howard was honoured when Mr Sim Evan-Jones came to help us with our work. Mr Evan-Jones is the editor for well known fi lms, like Narnia: the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Prince Caspian and Shrek. He showed us a fi lm reel. A fi lm reel is what they

    had in the olden days. On the fi lm reel we could see a scene form Narnia: the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. And he has a special tape he uses to stick the scenes together. We also have a guillotine that cuts the reel when the scene needs to stop.

    30p where sold

    Issue 5- Spring 2013

    Above: Mr Sim Evan-Jones visited our school. He has worked on lms such as Shrek and Narnia

    Story boards are for mak-ing fi lms heres how to make one of your own.

    You will need: paper and a pen/pencil and a video camera to fi lm your story.

    Method to make a story board: First you get paper and a pencil. Next you draw a story board like this (see left). Then you make the story for your fi lm.

    Creating storyboardsWhen you make your fi lm make sure you include these:SettingsCostumes Characters and scripts for Characters.

    Joseph NashJournalist Club

    Next edition will be a celebration of the last 35 years at St Philip Howard

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    School goes barking mad for World Book Day

    Our Lenten promisesMy Lenten promise is to be a good boy and not be silly.

    I also promise to not go on about storm generators unlimted ninja 2 demo.

    My Lenten promise is to not eat chocolate. I will give up chocolate.

    My Lenten promise is to help my brother to un-derstand words like, KEEP OUT!

    My Lenten promise is to help to play with my small brother {Luke}.

    I will also give-up tea.

    I will help my mum do the washing up.

    My Lenten promise is to not go on the nintendo wii

    Happy Hanukkah!

    Hanukkah is a Jewish festival of light (which is celebrated in November/December each year) and it lasts eight days.

    Why does it last eight days? Because there was an oil lamp in the temple, but the oil could only last one day, but one time the oil in the lamp lasted eight days. Year 2 made candles and candle holders to re-mind us of Hanukkah.

    Asia Smitherman &Jamie McBean

    Above: Fabulous costumes for World Book Day.Right: Sta members dressed as dalmatians for the day.

    At St Phillip Howard we all make a promise to carry out though Lent. Ash Wednesday is the fi rst day of Lent. We attend Mass and receive ashes made from burnt palm leaves from last Palm Sun-day. The priest makes the sign of the cross on your forehead. Everyone makes a Lenten promise. You dont have to give up sweets or choco-late, you could give up your time for someone you know. What is your promise?

    Laura Tizzard

    Rudy Weller

    Alex McBean

    Alexander Nash

    Joseph Nash

    Asia Smitherman

    Jamie Hurst

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    Seeing Sleeping Beauty

    Where it was: the Marlowe theatre. Who I went with: cubs.What I went in to get there: my car.What I saw: Sleeping beauty.My favourite character was: Nurse Nelly.When it was: Thursday 4th December 2012

    Joseph NashAlexander Nash

    The pantomime was at the Marlowe theatre. We went to see Sleeping Beauty with the cubs on the 4th of December 2013. We travelled by car and walked the last bit.It was very funny when Nurse Nelly told us jokes. My favourite character was Jangles. It is a fun, exciting pantomime.

    When I saw Sleeping Beauty it was amazing and funny. Sleeping Beauty is about a princess called Beauty and she pricks her hand on a spinning wheel. She dies then the good fairy made Beauty sleep for 100 years.

    Above: This years panto in Canterbury was Sleeping Beauty with Gareth Gates and Toyah Wilcox.

    Going with the Cubs Going with the school

    The Pantomime (made for 2012) was Sleeping Beauty. I went to the pantomime with nearly the whole school and everyone en-joyed it. It took place in the Marlow Theatre, which is in Canterbury. We saw Sleeping Beauty on Friday 11th January 2013.

    My favourite character was Jangles. My favourite part was the dragon and the bathroom. Sleeping Beauty is full of entertainment and funni-ness.

    Alex McBean

    On returning to school af-ter the Christmas holidays, we returned to school to find it covered in white snow. When we got into school we went straight into the hall for registra-tion. After this our head teacher Mr McCabe told us that we could all go out

    Snow Day!

    and have fun in the snow. Once outside, everyone had a snow ball fight in the play ground. We were allowed onto the whole playground which was ter-rific fun. Mr McCabe was hit by a number of snow-balls it was a really epic start to a school day.Jamie Hurst & Rudy Weller

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    Day out at the Beaney

    All previous editions can be found at

    On the 5th of February, Yr 5&6 was fortunate to par-ticipate in a exciting day out the Beaney museum and Heritage centre. We went by bus that left at 9:45 and the whole class could fi t on one bus. We went in groups, the groups names were Father Charles, Mrs Witty, Mrs Glean, Mrs Barlow and Mr Hiller. At the Beaney we got to witness Mr Anthony Brownes work and many of his books (In to the woods, The tunnel and the piggy book) When we got to the Heritage centre, we had lunch. Then we got ready to go to the WW2 dis-

    play. Once there we got to dress up as WW2 nurses and soldiers. WE also went into a Morrison shelter, this was a shelter you used inside your house to pro-tect the families from the bombings. We say post-ers and music sheets from

    Book Review: RapunzelMy favourite character was Rapunzel because she is pretty and she has long beautiful hair. Rapunzel is a lost princess and the witch took the princess away when she was a baby. When she got older, the witch took her into a room with no windows or chairs. She was kept there for 15 years, it was a few days to her 16th birthday when a handsome prince rescued her. I really enjoyed this story.


    Anthony Brownes books were also the focus of a whole school art project and gallery show

    Laura Tizzard

    them days. Also there was a poster showing a Brit-ish soldier spanking Hit-lers bottom, with a metal shoe. Which I thought was very funny. All in all it was a very informative and fun day out.

    Studying Rocks and Soils in Year 3/4In year 3/4 we have been learning about Rocks and Soils for Science. We have been looking at the Soil profi le. The top layer is

    Topsoil the second layer is Subsoil the third layer is Bedrock and the fi nal layer is Earths Crust. We also looked at how rocks

    make soil. The rain and wind rush against the rock in the mountain fi lling the little holes. Then at winter the water freezes making ice forcing the holes to go bigger and bigger and biggeruntil the rock breaks apart and falls into the river. The water forc-es the rock to smash into small particles that can be combined with vegetation to make Soil. Thats all we know so far.

    Alex McBean


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