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The spring 2012 edition of our school newspaper.




    Joan is a journalist who visited our school on the 16th of January 2012. She came in to teach us all about her life in journalism. She started o working for the Herne Bay Times. She started as a reporter, then a editor! But now she has moved on to the Womans Magazine. She has also taught us short hand which she had

    to use when she was a reporter because normal writing would take too long to write! Everyone loved the short hand and found it very interesting. We all tried out our own names with the short hand. We all give thanks to Joan for coming to our school, we enjoyed it very much!!!

    Joan the Journalist visits Saint Philip Howard

    Young journalists enjoy launch party for our school newspaper

    Most of my friends were at the party along with some parents and other members of sta . Dr Nash took photos of us and it was fun. We had a drink called Shloer to celebrate. There was a red and white one. I had the red one, it was yummy.

    You can see a copy of our fi rst edition online at:

    Above: Joan writes for Womans Magazine in LondonFar left: James at work; Near left: Short hand hand!

    Ellen Walton

    Free cup of tea.Show this paper at the next Come to Tea

    for one free tea. Enjoy!

    30p where sold

    Issue 2 - Spring 2012

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    In school this term

    More on the members of Journalism ClubAlexander McBeanAge 8 years old, I am in the Y3 class. I like playing on my Wii and Lego. My friends Are Jacob, Jamie H, And Jamie M. I also like Lego Star Wars, Lego Harry Pot-ter, Cars 2, Disney Universe. My favourite characters are, Luke, Han, Harry, Ron, Fred, George, Professor Lupin. My birthday is 3rd March and I live in Herne Bay.

    Find out more about our other journalists in the fi rst edition of the new school paper:

    Laura Tizzard I have a cat called Ron and 4 fi sh. I also have a little brother called Andrew. My BEST FRIEND IS ANTONIA. I like TV and hanging out with my friend.

    Jacon CanavanI am 8 years old. I have a younger brother and a sis-ter, I like playing with Lego and my favourite game is Lego Ningergo. I like play-ing with my friends, going to beavers once a week, I really enjoy it.

    Antonia KingMy name is Antonia, I am the younger of two children. My hobbies are dancing and singing and I am in year 4. My friends are Laura, Lizzie and Amelia . I am 8 years old; I have fi ve pets three dogs, and two guinea pigs. I enjoy being in this club and I hope to write many articles.

    IN PE year 5/6 (or Eagle Class) have been playing ball games. It is to improve our team and ball skills. Games such as dodge ball, bench ball, football etc.

    IN YEAR 3 we have been learning about The Great Fire of London. We have enjoyed learning about it and it is very fun. We have written newspaper articles about what happened on the 2nd of September 1666 in Pudding Lane. We have also drawn and painted pic-tures of the fi re. The writ-ing and painting was hard

    but I still enjoyed it. The fi re started when the baker went outside and he forgot to check on his bread, the fi re spread quickly because the buildings were made of wood and really close together. Many buildings were destroyed, including St Pauls Cathedral.

    Jamie Hurst

    IN SCIENCE year 3 were learning about our teeth.We need to clean our teeth every day to keep them healthy.

    YEAR FOUR is learning about circuits in science. I like it because it is new and exciting !!!!!

    HAPPY Chinese new year.The year of the DRAGON. On the 23 January 2012 it was the start of the Chinese New Year. Great celebra-tions have been happen-ing, carnivals and dragon dances and parties.

    Alexander & Joseph NashGONG XI FA CAI!

    Are the lines to the left straight or curved?

    Try using a ruler to check your guess.

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    Lego Review

    I like collecting and play-ing Lego. My favourite Lego characters are the skeletons, I have 4 regular skeletons, 6 training skel-etons and 9 Ninjago skel-etons, which all have hats and weapons. I have been playing with Lego for four years and it is my favourite thing to do. If you want to buy Lego I would suggest the skeleton figures.

    JokesMiss! Miss! Tommy stole my ruler. How?I smashed it over his head.

    Ellen Walton

    Why did the Cyclops stop teaching?Because he only had one pupil!

    Patrick Glynn

    What did you do for Lent?YEAR 4 made some prom-ises for Lent. Here are some of our ideas.

    1. Help mum to tidy up.

    2. Not fighting with my brother.

    3. I will try not to get in the way when my mum is busy.

    4. I am giving up crisps.

    5. I am giving up TV.

    6. I am going to be kind to my enemies.

    7. I will say my prayers ev-ery night.

    8. I will work hard and qui-etly at school.

    9. I will give up playing computer games.

    10. I will try to read a book a week.

    On 16 March 2012, year 4 had to get to school on time. This was to make sure they were in school to get the coach to London. Year 4 went to the Royal Albert Hall for a concert. It took the children about two and half hour to get to London. It was very excit-ing; there was a thousand children and teachers, who were there to listen to the concert.

    Laura Tizzard &Antonia King

    Jacob Canavan

    Year Four to the Royal Albert Hall

    LENT IS Is a time when we remember the time when Jesus stayed in the des-ert for forty days and forty nights. While Jesus was in the desert the Devil ar-rived and tried to tempt Jesus with nice things if he stopped loving God and loved the Devil. Jesus re-fused to listen to the Devil and stayed in the des-ert with nothing to eat or drink, but God protected him. In lent we try to give up

    IN SCHOOL have been preparing for Easter. The lessons we are learning in R.E are all about the impor-tance of Lent. During Lent I gave up crisps and Ribena. The reason for us giving up our favourite things is to help us remember that Jesus died on the cross to forgive us of our sins. Joseph Nash

    You can find out more about Lent on this website:

    And for more on Easter:

    something, like sweets or chocolate, to show we love God.

    Alex McBean

    Dates for next term...16/04/12 Return to school

    14/05/12 Y6 SATS-No holiday

    requests will be authorized

    19/05/12 Family disco

    31/05/12 Last day of term

    01/06/12 Staff Developt Day

    11/06/12 Return to school

    17/06/12 11am First Holy

    Communion @ Our Lady of

    the Sacred Heart

    25/06/12 Sports Day

    28/06/12 Year 4 & 5 sports

    events at St Anselms

    30/06/12 Summer Fayre

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    Film Review: Star Wars - Episode III-VI

    I LIKE this fi lm because it has spaceships and it reveals that Anakin Sky-walker is DarthVader. This is very exciting because it only happens at the end so it makes you really want to watch Episode 4. The only thing missing from Episode 3 is the Millen-nium Falcon, which is my favourite spaceship and is Episode 4. I also like Episode 6 be-cause Luke Skywalker is a Jedi and Episode 5 because Han Solo got trapped in carbonite. This is scary be-cause Han Solo is a good guy. And Han Solo was put in Jabas Palace.

    Jamie Hurst

    Game Review: Lego Harry Potter Years 5-7

    LIKE THIS game becase it has a lot of new spells.It has new features like headmines bag and rons delimanater. Ron has a new hair cut too. There is also a game called Lego Harry Potter years 1-4 too.

    Alex McBean

    An Interview With:Miss Bishopp


    How old are you?

    Are you looking forward to working here ?

    Do you play a sport?

    What is your favourite food?

    What is your favourite TVprogramme?

    Have you got a pet?

    Toy Review: Monster high dolls

    THERE ARE a lot of monster high dolls to collect such as Cleo Di Nile, Operetta, Toralei and Abby Abomi-nable. We think that Cleo is the best. They all have a special skull. We wish we could go to monster high. They are very popular so get them quick because they will be ying o the shelves.

    a c s t e e n a g e r s s y l

    e r n k m c f a m l e v s c a

    p e n i h c a m y r e t s y m

    d i p s k c a n s y h h v u l

    a t s f a l k f h m n u o m l

    p h o k h n x e i x u y d t v

    h r l h b p e u a m c r o p b

    n g v c v s c a r e d e e m z

    e v e p l w u w g o d t s b o

    d h t u e l s j w m y s y p r

    a d s h a g g y c c k y d d f

    m k g r t s p q z p u m r t b

    n c j x r n s c o o b y d o o

    b r b t s y f r e d e a t h h

    i p v g k t z s e u l c i v o

    Scooby doo word search

    Find the words in the list hidden in the puzzle grid below. Words may go horizon-tally and vertically in either direction but do not share


    scooby doo - snacks - dog - shaggy - mystery - teenagers - daphne - solve - sleuth - velma - clues - fred - mystery machine - scared - eat


    23 years old

    Yes, because I like the atmosphere.



    Family Guy

    Yes, a Dog

    Above: Miss Bishopp, our new Reception teacher

    Laura Tizzard &Antonia King

    LOOK CAREFULLY at the center circles on both the left and right. Which circle is bigger? Are you sure they arent both the same size?

    This relative size illusion is called the Ebbinghaus il-lusion. It was discovered by Hermann Ebbinghaus, a German psychologis


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