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  • SSAA..33P R O F E S S I O N A L D J M I X E R

    STANTON MAGNETICS, 954.689.8833

    w w w . s t a n t o n d j . c o m


  • Thank you for making Stanton your first choice in professional DJ mixers.

    Our innovative family of mixers has been developed with input from the profes-sional DJ community. Stanton offers an affordable combination of user-friendlymixers with functional design, rugged construction and professional quality fea-tures which had been previously unavailable.

    Stanton and your authorized Stanton dealer are dedicated to your complete sat-isfaction by offering benchmark service and support throughout the long life ofyour Stanton product.

    We appreciate your patronage, and look forward to many years of making musictogether.



    Follow all security advice printed on your mixer

    When removing the unit's AC plug from the power source, grasp and pull the plug, NEVER the cord itself!

    Avoid placing your mixer near heat sources, such as power amplifiers.

    When in use, place your mixer on a stable surface, away from vibration. Always use care when carrying your mixer. Impact, or heavy vibration may compromise the unit's mechanical integrity. The manufacturer is not responsible for damage resulting from an impact, or misuse.

    When in use, place your mixer away from sources of hum or noise, such as transformers, or electric motors.

    To prevent overheating, always provide your mixer with adequate ventilation air space.

    Avoid stepping on your mixer's AC cord. Repeated compression of the cord may lead to electrical shorting.

    To avoid damage due to AC voltage peaks, always disconnect your mixer from the power source during electrical storms. If possible connect mixer to a surge protector.

    Your mixer contains no user-serviceable parts. The manufacturer is not responsible for any damage or personal injury resulting from unauthorized user-servicing or modifications. In addition, the warranty will be void if any unauthorized service by the user is detected. Always return your mixer to an authorized Stanton dealer for servicing.

  • The SA.3 professional scratch

    mixer has been designed specifi-

    cally for scratch DJs. The SA.3 is a

    clean, simple and easy to under-

    stand mixer with the features that

    will help you as a scratch artist.

    2 channel scratch mixer.

    Curve adjustment and reverse switch for Crossfader and Linefaders.

    User replaceable / upgradeable faders.

    Each channel features gain control, 3 band eq, and pan.

    Headphone mute switch.

    Dual headphone outputs (1/4"/6.3mm and 1/8"/3.5mm).

    Balanced 1/4 and unbalanced RCA master outputs.

    Master mute switch.

    Rotatable 2 Position phono/line switch.

    Mic channel with gain control.

    Microphone mute switch.

    Protekt Panel.

    2 line and 2 phono inputs.

    Master / Cue switch.

    Cue fader for cueing between programs.




    1. Microphone level - Contro ls the at tenuat ion leve l o f themicrophone input . Use the microphone leve l ad justment to f indthe r ight ga in for your microphone, then use the microphonemute but ton (3 ) to mute the input when not in use.

    2. Microphone Mute LED - Ind icates when microphone mutebut ton (3 ) has been engaged.

    3. Microphone Mute - Mutes the microphone input .

  • 4. Input Gains - Contro ls the input sens i t iv i ty leve l for eachchannel . Use the input ga in in conjunct ion wi th the LED meters(19 ) to proper ly set the leve ls o f your input .

    5. Input Equal izers - Ind iv idual cont ro ls for h igh f requency,mid-range, and low f requency equal izat ion wi th 9db of boost and25dB of k i l l . Note: Any changes made to EQ set t ings wi l l changethe overa l l output leve l o f that input .

    6. Input Pan - Contro ls le f t / r ight output ba lance of each chan-nel .

    7. Cue Level - Contro ls the output leve l o f the headphone amp.

    8. Master / Cue Switch - Selects s ignal to be sent to head-phone output . In CUE pos i t ion, the cue pan fader (9 ) is usedto se lect which input channel is to be moni tored. In MASTERposi t ion the master output is sent d i rect ly to the headphones.

    9. Cue pan fader - Fades the headphone output f rom input 1 toinput 2 when Master / Cue swi tch is in Cue mode.

    10. Master Level - Contro ls the overa l l output leve l o f the mas-ter output .

    11. Master Mute Indicator - LED ind icates when Master Muteswi tch (12 ) has been engaged.

    12. Master Mute - Mutes the master output o f the mixer. Usethe master mute in s i tuat ions where you need to mute andunmute the mixer wi thout hav ing to re-ad just your Master Level(10 ) cont ro l .

    13. Reverse Indicator - Bi-co lor ( red & green) LED ind icateswhen fader s d i rect ion has been reversed (green = normal , red =reversed) .

    14. Reverse Button - Reverses the d i rect ion of the fade on thecorresponding fader.

    15. Line fader Curve Control - Selects taper o f upfader curvebetween a fast cut , medium curve, and long fade.

    16. Input Select - Toggle swi tch se lects the input sourcebetween the phono and l ine inputs located on the back of yourmixer.


  • 17. Power Indicator - Blue LED indicates when power has beenswi tched on.

    18. Line Fader - The l inefader cont ro ls the leve l o f each chan-nel to the master outputs .

    19. Level Meter - LED meter ind icates leve l o f each channel .The le f t LED meter is for channel 1 . The r ight LED meter is forchannel 2 . Use the Input Gain (4 ) to ad just the s ignal to 0dB(ye l low LED). The red LED on the meter ind icates when the s ig-na l is c lose to c l ipp ing and d is tor t ing the output o f the mixer.

    20. Headphone Mute - Mutes the headphone output . Th is fea-ture is very usefu l for qu ick cueing dur ing mix ing and scratch-ing.

    21. Headphone Mute Indicator - Ind icates when HeadphoneMute (20 ) has been engaged.

    22. Crossfader Reverse Indicator - Ind icates when crossfaderreverse has been engaged.

    23. Crossfader - The crossfader fades between channel 1 andchannel 2 . The taper (curve) o f the crossfader is determined bythe crossfader curve cont ro l (23 ) . The d i rect ion of the curve isdetermined by the crossfader reverse cont ro l (24 ) .



    F R O N T PA N E L

    24. Crossfader Reverse - The crossfader reverse changes thedi rect ion of the fade on the crossfader (23 ) .


    25. Crossfader Curve - Contro ls the taper ( fade) shape of thecrossfader (23 ) . The crossfader curve cont ro l cont inual ly ad juststhe curve f rom a sharp cut to a long fade.

    26. Headphone Outputs - 1/4 and 1/8 connector jacks forheadphones.


    B A C K PA N E L

    P o w e r - P o w e r s w i t c h t o t u r n t h e m i x e r O N o r O F F .

    A C I N : T h i s i s t h e i n p u t c o n n e c t i o n f o r t h e i n c l u d e d p o w e rs u p p l y.

    M a s t e r - C o n n e c t s t o a n a m p l i f i e r , E Q , c r o s s o v e r , o r o t h e ro u t b o a r d s i g n a l p r o c e s s i n g . C o n n e c t b a l a n c e c o n n e c t i o n st o t h e T R S 1 / 4 c o n n e c t o r s . C o n n e c t u n - b a l a n c e d c o n n e c -t i o n s t o t h e R C A c o n n e c t o r s .

    L i n e - L i n e i n p u t s a r e u s e d t o c o n n e c t l i n e l e v e l s o u r c e ss u c h a s C D p l a y e r s , M i n i D i s c s , D ATs , s a m p l e r s , e t c .

    G r o u n d - C o n n e c t s t o t u r n t a b l e g r o u n d c a b l e t o e l i m i n a t ee l e c t r i c a l h u m . G r o u n d c a b l e s a r e u s u a l l y s u p p l i e d w i t ht u r n t a b l e s .

    P h o n o - C o n n e c t s t o l e f t a n d r i g h t R C A c a b l e s f r o mt u r n t a b l e .

    M i c - 1 / 4 T R S c o n n e c t o r f o r u s e w i t h m i c r o p h o n e s .




    2 2


    3 3


    1. Unplug the powersupply f rom the backof the mixer. Ver i fythat the mixer is pow-ered off .

    2 . Remove the 4screws on the face-p la te . P lace the 4screws somewheresafe where they wi l lnot be lost .

    3 . Remove the 3 faderknobs f rom the l inefaders and crossfader.

    4 . The faceplate cannow be removed f romthe top of the mixer.

    1 . Make sure the mixeris powered off . Removethe faceplate of themixer by fo l lowing thedi rect ions above.

    2 . Remove the fader f rom the mixerby unscrewing the two outer screwson the fader p la te . Do not removethe two ins ide screws on the faderp la te ; th is wi l l remove the faderf rom the fader p la te .

    3. Once fader has been removedfrom mixer, spray a smal l amount o fcontact c leaner in to the fader andmove the fader back and for th tod isperse the c leaner.



    The input se lector ( t ransform) swi tches on the Stanton SA.3mixer can be ro tated to 8 d i f ferent pos i t ions. Fo l low the s tepsbelow to ro ta te the t ransform swi tch


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