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SQUIRES TALE. BY. JENNIFER G.12 The Canterbury Tale Assignment. Appearance & Descriptions. The knights son, about 20 years old Ladies man Handsome Curly hair, strong and agile Singing, playing the flute Light-hearted, pleasant, talented - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



SQUIRES TALEBY. JENNIFER G.12The Canterbury Tale Assignment

Appearance & DescriptionsThe knights son, about 20 years oldLadies man Handsome Curly hair, strong and agileSinging, playing the fluteLight-hearted, pleasant, talentedA fine horseman, know how to dance, joust, draw and write songs and poems.

General PrologueThe Squires portrait contains thematic meaning along with satire and irony. Many of these satire and ironic descriptions involves the comparison to the Knight.Chaucer also mentions that the Squire had seen a little time in battle with the cavalry.He was always serving the knight and had no time for sleep just like Florence Nightingale.

3Squires tale - Prologue This tale is one of several of the Canterbury Tales that is unfinished.There is no prologue to the Tale, merely a short introduction (8 lines) that is clearly incomplete but which serves to indicate that the tale will be "somewhat of love.

Squires tale - SummaryThis tale is set in the court of the Tartar King, Cambuskan. He has two sons and a daughter named Canace. On the twentieth anniversary of Cambuskans reign, he hosts huge feast. During the feast, a strange knight came into the hall on a horse made of brass. He holds a mirror in his hand, has a gold ring on his thumb, and a bare sword hanging by his side.

5Squires tale - Summary This strange knight gave Cambuskan a bronze horse that could transport a person anywhere in the world in only 24 hours. He also gave a mirror that showed the entire truth. This tells whether an intending lover in true or false. The ring enables the wearer to understand the speech of birds and also to know which plants will cure wounds.

Squires tale - Summary The next morning, Canace had a dream about the mirror. She takes a walk with the gold ring on her finger. Canace found a lovesick lady falcon and brings it to home. She cured the lady falcon with the ring.Story interrupted by Franklin, the next storyteller. Squires tale - Ending The squire is a flowery young man and he uses very flowery language to tell his tale. As indicated in the closing lines of the tale, there is a huge amount still to be told involving the other characters and magic items. There is no way of knowing how the story would have developed, because there are no extant sources for it. SOURCEShttp://www.exampleessays.com/viewpaper/59793.htmlhttp://www.cliffsnotes.com/study_guide/literature/The-Canterbury-Tales-Summary-and-Analysis-The-Squire-s-Prologue-and-Tale.id-52,pageNum-72.htmlhttp://www.vschousboe.com/classes/englishIV/pdfs/The%20Canterbury%20Tales%20characters.pdf http://www.helium.com/items/1287681-the-squires-tale-from-chaucers-canterbury-tales