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Spiny Soft Shell Turtles. Emily Gordon Mr. Jones 1 ST Period . The classification . Kingdom - A nimila Phylum - Chordata Class - Reptilia Order - Testudines Family - Trionychidae Genus - apalone Species - A.spinifera. Kingdom and Phylum . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Emily Gordon Mr. Jones 1ST Period Spiny Soft Shell Turtles

Kingdom -AnimilaPhylum -ChordataClass -ReptiliaOrder -TestudinesFamily -Trionychidae Genus -apalone Species - A.spinifera

The classification

Kingdom/animila -feeds on other plants and animals. They are heterophs.Phylum/chordata -have a back bone and brain controls organism through the back bone.

Kingdom and Phylum

Class/reptilia -lays eggs on land and has a double membrane.

Order/testudines -have a cartilaginous shell meaning a flexible shell made from the ribs like shield and Class and OrderFamily/trionychidea -have a leathery shell instead of a hard shell and can absorb oxygen from the water through there skin.

Genus/apalone -can swim fast for there prey and feed mainly on fish.

Species/A.spinifera -spiny, cone-like projections on the shell and lives in fresh water instead of salt.Family, Genus and Species 5