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Spend your money wisely By:Bernadette Flores OcampoHello, My name is Samantha Claire, Im 10 years old, Im at 5th grade.I had a friend named Larah Samson she really is my true friend, she taught me on spending my money wisely.4th of July,I was in the mall with my friend Larah, I saw an Ipad Mini,I entered the shop and I want to buy it.I had it in my palms and Im in the counter suddenly Larah took the Ipad Mini and bring it back to place.I ask her why did she did that.She answered me saying learn to spend your money wisely Sam.Look at its price its really expensive.What?its just $320.50!..I replied.After that day Larah is texting me saying sorry..Larah:Sam,Im sorry..I just want u to become wise on spending ur money..Samantha:Its alright,I realized that we dont need those things that arent needed..Larah:Im really proud of u Sam..Samantha:thx!

WinxClub: Dark BloomAuthor:FlowerGirl555'Good morning Stella.' Bloom said happily. Stella wasn't in a good mood today.'The darkness is coming.' She said. 'how do you know that?' Bloom asked her friend.'I feel it coming up , it's strange.' She answered.'goodmorning young ladies.' professor wizgiz said. 'today I'm teaching you how to use a protect field.' He said. We al sighed. 'not again.' Layla said. 'we already had that one week ago.' She said sighing.'well , I'm sorry about that , but someone used the wrong spell and blew the classroom.' He said looking at Tresha. 'I'm sorry sir , I didn't concentrate enough.' She said.'let's go to thegym.' We stood up and followed the teacher.'man , that was a hard spell , I can't control it.' Stella said.'where's Bloom , she was here a minute ago.' Flora said looking around for Bloom.'I don't know , maybe she went back to Alfea?' Tecna answered.'why would she do that without saying it?' Flora asked worried.'hey Stella, is everything OK?' Musa asked. 'yeah , why not?' she answered with a weird sort of smile on her face.'you're acting really strange today.' Musa said. 'ok , I think the darkness is coming again , I'm serious.' She said.'the darkness? But we already beat that.' Tecna said.'I know it's weird ' Stella said.With Bloom'I forgot something , the girls are waiting for me , I'd better hurry.' Bloom said to herself.She unlocked their apartment door. 'ah , there's mypurse.' Bloom said and grabbed the purse from the table.'everything's still in it.'She locked the room again and then the lights fell out.'what's going on here?' Bloom asked scared.'we got some problems with the power , don't worry.' Palladium said.Then a dark flood was coming up and went into Bloom.'waaah , what's happening?' she screamed loudly.'Bloom? Is everything ok?' palladium asked carefully.'my phone is ringing. ' Stella said. 'better take this one , it's miss Faragonda.''hello , this is Stella.' She answered.'something strange has happened to Bloom , you have to come and help her!'Faragonda screamed.'ok miss , we'll be there in a second !' she hung up.'what's the hurry?' Layla asked. 'Bloom is in danger!' Stella said.They all looked at each other.

WinxClub: The Lost StoneAuthor:FlowerGirl555

WinxClub and the lost stone.Somewhere in the universe.'Finally I've got the stone of magic.' a long dark man said. 'whe are going to share it right?' a dark lady said.'ofcourse , with that stone , we're the strongest wizards in the world.' he said with a bad laugh.'we can create whole bunch of monsters.' he laughed again. 'yeah but Jake, how are we going to do this? we don't have the right spell.' the girl said.'in Cloud Tower , there's a library we're you canfindevil spells Camryn.' he said to the girl.At Alfea , next morning.'did you hear that? a book of spells is stolen in Cloud Tower.' Musa said to the girls. 'yeah the most strongest and most evil spells are in there.' Flora answerd.'Faragonda doesn't look happy with that.' Tecna said.Then Bloom and Layla came in.'we heard the story , they are going to create a whole bunch of monsters , it was on the news break.' Layla said.'we can't let this happen!' Tecna said angrily. 'i think Faragonda has a plan.' Bloom said. 'ladies , as you see the most powerfull book is stolen , and the magic stone too. ' Faragonda said sadly. 'it's in wrong hands , we have to watch out.' she said.-'wow , what a nice stone , it's shiny.' Stella said with sparkling eyes. I want it !' 'no you can't it's dangerous.' Flora warned.'then i want a stone who looks like it.' Stella said back.'girls , stop , i have a plan.' Tecna said. 'listen carefully , we're getting the stone back.' 'yeah , what's new?' Stella said rolling her eyes. 'listen to Tecna !' Musa said. 'she has an awesome plan.' 'hope it works.' Bloom giggled.'well they said the stone and the book both are in this spaceship , so what if we're going to sneak in that ship and steal them back?' Tecna said.'we only need darkclothes, so they think we are one their side.' she added. 'that isn't a bad idea after all.' Bloom said.'well , i can help with that!' Stella said snapping her fingers. All of the girls transformed in dark looks.'greatworkStella , we look great !' Bloom said. 'i called Helia , the boys will bring us to space.' Flora said.At the Redfauntain Ship.'so , you got some evil plans , right?' Riven said with an evil smile. 'yes we have , and if you don't stop laughing , I'll poke you.' Musa said laughing back.'look , that's it !' Layla screamed.everyone stood up and looked out of the window.'wow , it's huge !' Bloom said. 'ready to get in girls?' Flora asked us.'oh yes we are!' we all said.'good luck girls.' Sky said.


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