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Special Occasion Speeches . Speeches to Entertain Part ONE. Speeches to Entertain . Designed to be entertaining and ceremonial Entertaining doesnt mean its humorous Make the audience feel an emotion or have an emotional connection - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Special Occasion Speeches

Special Occasion Speeches Speeches to Entertain

Part ONE

Speeches to Entertain Designed to be entertaining and ceremonialEntertaining doesnt mean its humorous Make the audience feel an emotion or have an emotional connection LIFE: club meetings, dinners, parties, graduations, awards ceremonies, holiday, ribbon cuttings, etc. Most common: Introductory Speech, Master of Ceremonies, Toasts Key element in public and personal life

Characteristics Usually much shorter than informative or persuasive speeches More personal Creative use of language (figurative language) Must play to the audience

Audience, Occasion, Purpose

Develop a Clear Theme Main purpose is to entertain OptimisticUncomplicated Anecdotes

Have one serious ideaToo much fluffAnchors the theme

Point and Proof MethodYour speech is made up of a central idea supported by a series of examples, anecdotes, or amusing stories

Makes it easy for your audience to remember

Open with an anecdoteExplain the point of the anecdoteIllustrate your point with additional anecdotes Close by restating your central point and a last story Gathering Material Supporting material adds glitter to a solid frame! Anecdotes, details, examples, jokes, current events, pop culture, etc.

BrainstormingWhat do you share with the audience or guest of honor? Common events or experiences Your own experiences (wedding, awards, etc.)

You-Attitude You Attitude means look at events from the audiences perspective What would you like to hear?What would you not want to hear? Dont make the speech about you! Focus on the theme

Emotional Appeal (Pathos!) Audiences identify with emotionCommon emotion creates unity

Make it short and sweet

Special Occasion Speeches Specific Entertaining SpeechesPart TWO

Introducing a Speaker 2-3 minutes DO:Title of the speech that the speaker will giveWhy the speaker is qualified to speak on the topicThe speakers name (multiple times)

DONT:Summarize the speakers presentation Improve be prepared!Apologize for the room, audience, speaker, etc. Embarrass the speaker

Commencement -- Graduation Speech 10-15 minutes DO:Keep the good mood!Be memorable Thank the superintendent, principal, parents, etc.

DONT:Go too long Graduation is long enough!Get too specific with issues Inside jokes Presenting an Award2-3 minutes

DO:Keep it factual and straightforward Explain the award Congratulate the honoree Shake hands to present award

DONT:Pretend you know the honoree Get distracted while holding the award

Keynote Speech entire convention is based around speech 15-20 minutes (or longer)

DO: Consider the mood of the conventionRemember that people usually paid to listen Be original

DONT: Be egotistical

Toast drink in honor of someone 1-2 minutes DO:Make general statement about the theme of gatheringInvite the guests to join in a toast

DONT:Go too long multiple toasts Inside jokes

Wedding ToastsThank the couple Praise the couple Have a theme or main idea (loyalty, friendship, etc.)Illustrate the theme Wish the couple well in their new life together

DONT:Be offensive Poke fun at the new spouse Make it about you

Your Turn! Try writing your own Special Occasion Speech to entertain!

1-3 minutesIdentify:1. Occasion (Brothers wedding)2. Audience (200 people, mix of intimate friends and family)3. Environment (large banquet hall) Point and Proof Method or try a specific SOS formatIf needed, pretend Make up an event