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<ul><li><p>"SONIC VIRTUOSITY" </p><p>Jtwc=mmrrr .June 6-11, 2005 David Felder, Artistic Director </p></li><li><p>June 6-11, 2005 David Felder, Artistic Director </p><p>"SONIC VIRTUOSITY" </p><p>Resident Composers </p><p>Simon Bainbridge David Felder </p><p>Brian Ferneyhough Alvin Lucier </p><p>Ph ilippe Manoury Christopher Rouse </p><p>Resident Ensembles </p><p>Ensemble SurPlus New York New Music Ensemble </p><p>Quatuor Diot ima Slee Sinfonietta </p><p>Presented by the Department of Music, June in Buffalo, a festival and conference dedicated to composers, wi ll take place from June 6-11, 2005 at the University at Buffalo. An extraord inary opportunity to work with professional musicians and a distinguished faculty, June in Buffalo offers an intens ive schedule of seminars, lectures , masterclasses, panel discussions and open rehearsals as wel l as afternoon workshop/perfor-mances and evening concerts open to the general publ ic and critics. Each of the invited composers can have one piece read or performed in an afternoon workshop presentation and receives a recording for future study and demonstration purposes. Performances feature resi -dent ensembles and soloists renowned internationally as interpreters of contemporary music. </p><p>~ __________________________________________________ 5 </p></li><li><p>TABLE OF CONTENTS </p><p>Lecture Schedule ........ 7 </p><p>Monday, June 6 ...... . 8 </p><p>Tuesday, June 7 ....... 9 </p><p>Wednesday, June 8 ........ 10 </p><p>Thursday, June 9 ........ 12 </p><p>Friday, June 10 ....... 13 </p><p>Saturday, June 11.. .... .. 14 </p><p>Resident Senior ....... 15 Artist Biographies </p><p>Resident Ensemble ....... 25 Biographies </p><p>Conductor Biography ........ 27 </p><p>Acknowledgements ........ 28 </p><p>6 ______________________________________ ___ </p><p>LECTURE SCHEDULE </p><p>Lectures will take place in Baird Reci tal Hall (Baird Hall, room 250) unless otherwise noted </p><p>Monday, June 6 10am-12pm: Simon Bainbridge </p><p>Tuesday, June 7 Room 211, Baird Hall 10am-12pm: Alvin Lucier </p><p>Wednesday, June 8 10am-12pm: Brian Ferneyhough </p><p>Thursday, June 9 10am-12pm: David Felder </p><p>Friday, June 10 10am-12pm: Christopher Rouse </p><p>Saturday, June 11 10am-12pm: Philippe Manoury </p><p>1-3pm: Tom Broido (workshop on music publishing) </p><p>~----------------------------------------------- 7 </p></li><li><p>TUESDAY, JUNE 7 (CONT'D) </p><p>INTERMISSION </p><p>Still Lives Alvin Lucier Ian Pace, piano </p><p>Epigrams Brian Ferneyhough Ian Pace, piano </p><p>Four Primo Levi Settings Simon Bainbridge Tony Arnold, soprano; Gareth Davis, clarinet; Sharon Wei, viola; </p><p>Jacob Greenberg, piano </p><p>Dionysiacs David Felder flutes: Cheryl Gobbetti Hoffman, Derek Charke, Sabatino Scirri, </p><p>Chung Lin Lee, Susan Royal, and Jayn Rosenfeld </p><p>untitled </p><p>"gli altri~: Jean Kopperud, clarinet; Gareth Davis. bass clarinet; N. Andrew Walsh, contrabassoon, </p><p>David Kosmyna, trumpet; Trevor Bjorklund, trombone; John Marcellus , bass trombone; Linda Quan, violin; </p><p>Sharon Wei and Adrienne Elisha, viola; Mary Artmann and Jonathan Gofove, cello: </p><p>Galen McCormick, bass; Step/len Gosling, piano, David Hanner, organ </p><p>WEDNESDAY, JUNE B </p><p>Chamber Music Featu ring works of JIB participants </p><p>Baird Recital Hall , 4:30pm </p><p>PROGRAM </p><p>Trond Saeverud, violin Ryan Vigil </p><p>Dropping Ives Chung Shih Hoh Mary Artmann and Jonathan Golove, cello </p><p>10 ________________________________________ ___ </p><p>WEDNESDAY, JUNE B (CONT'D) </p><p>.. nar korpen vi tnar" Trond Saeverud, violin </p><p>Wilderness and Self-Sufficiency Act I Scenes 1, 2, and 3 Part 1 </p><p>Ian Pace, piano </p><p>Ensemble SurPlus Featuring music of JIB Facu lty </p><p>Lippes Concert Hall, 8pm </p><p>Malin Bang </p><p>Will Redman </p><p>Martina Roth, flute ; Peter Veale, oboe; Erich Wagner, clarinet ; Artan Huersever, bassoon; Bernhard Ostertag , trumpet; </p><p>Stefan Haeussler, viol in , Marie Desgoutte, violin; Bodo Freidrich , viola; Beverley Ell is, cello; Sven Kestel, contrabass; Olaf Tzschoppe and </p><p>Pascal Pons, percussion; Sven Thomas Kiebler, piano; James Avery, conductor/piano </p><p>PROGRAM </p><p>Incipits Bri an Ferneyhough </p><p>Fidel iotrio Alvin Lucier </p><p>Le Livre des Claviers Philippe Manoury </p><p>INTERMISSION </p><p>Mobile Simon Bainbridge </p><p>Rotae Passionis Christopher Rouse </p><p>11 </p></li><li><p>THURSDAY, JUNE 9 </p><p>Ensemble SurPlus Featuring works of JIB Participants </p><p>Lippes Concert Hall , 4:30pm Martina Roth, flute; Peter Veale, oboe; Erich Wagner, clarinet; </p><p>Artan Huersever, bassoon; Bernhard Ostertag, trumpet ; Stefan Haeussler, viol in, Marie Desgoutte, vio lin; Bodo Freidrich, </p><p>viola; Beverley El lis, cello ; Sven Kestel, contrabass; Olaf Tzschoppe and Pascal Pons, percussion; </p><p>Sven Thomas Kiebler, piano; James Avery, conductor/piano </p><p>PROGRAM Program order to be announced from stage </p><p>Annicha </p><p>Pascal </p><p>Crazy Salad </p><p>il Y va d'un certain pas </p><p>Listening Room </p><p>Reaktionmaschine </p><p>Quatuor Diotima Featuring works of JIB faculty Lippes Concert Hall , 8:00pm </p><p>Peter Edwards </p><p>Ryan Burruss </p><p>Aaron Einbond </p><p>Alexander Sigman </p><p>David Hanner </p><p>Evan Johnson </p><p>Nicolas Miribel and Marie Charvet , viol ins; Franck Chevalier, viola; Pierre Morlet, cello </p><p>PROGRAM </p><p>Third Face David Felder </p><p>Quartet Philippe Manoury </p><p>INTERMISSION </p><p>12 ______________________________________________ _ </p><p>THURSDAY, JUNE 9 (CONT'D) </p><p>String Quartet Aaron Cassidy </p><p>String Quartet NO.4 Pascal Dusapin </p><p>String Quartet No. 2 Brian Ferneyhough </p><p>FRIDAY, JUNE 10 </p><p>Quartuor Diotima Featuring works of JIB Participants </p><p>Baird Recital Ha" , 3:30pm Nicolas Miribel and Marie Charvet, violins; Franck Cheval ier, viola; </p><p>Pierre Morlet, cello </p><p>PROGRAM Program order wi ll be announced from stage </p><p>Sibyl Tones Matthew Barnson </p><p>Orbiting the Singularity Trevor Christian Bjorklund </p><p>String Quartet NO. 3 Yao Chen </p><p>A Primary Line </p><p>Nook </p><p>meditation </p><p>Miguel Galperin </p><p>Duncan Macleod </p><p>Chamber Music Featuring works of JIB Senior Composers </p><p>CFA Drama Theatre, 8:00pm </p><p>PROGRAM </p><p>Computer music on recorded media J.T. Rinker </p><p>En Echo Phil ippe Manoury Tony Arnold, soprano; Miller Puckette, electronics </p><p>~----------------------------------------------- 13 </p></li><li><p>SATURDAY, JUNE 11 </p><p>Chamber Music Featuring works of J IB Part icipants </p><p>Lippes Concert Hall, 4 :00pm </p><p>PROGRAM </p><p>Ouardo Pari ante Tzu-Ling Saran a Chou Stephen Manes, piano </p><p>De relieve doble Jose Luis Hurtado Trond Saeverud, violin; Jonathan Go/ave, cel/o; </p><p>Jacob Greenberg, piano </p><p>Piano Trio David Grant Trond Saeverud, violin; Jonathan Go/ave, eel/a; </p><p>Jacob Greenberg, piano </p><p>Fantasia on a Chinese Folk Melody Steven Holochwost Trond Saeverud, via/in; Adrienne E/isha, via/a; </p><p>Mary Artmann, cello </p><p>Communi ty Re sou r(e s ... </p><p>WNEDO ff.k.J WNED-AM970 think I B,lIoloTo,"o'o Q45/ WrieD N:E~K </p></li><li><p>---I -</p><p>Slatkin . Bainbridge's most recent work, Paths and Labyrinths,\ was com-missioned by the British Double Reed Society and was premiered at the Guildhall School of Music on 13 November 2001. </p><p>David Felder has long been recognized as a leader in his generation of American composers. His works have been featured at many of the lead-ing internat ional fest ivals for new music includ ing Holland, Huddersfield, Darmstadt, Ars Electronica, Brussels, ISCM, North American New Music, Geneva, Ravinia, Aspen, Music Factory, Bourges, Vienna Modern and many others, and earns continuing recognition through performance and commissioning programs by such organizations as the New York New Music Ensemble, BBC Orchestra, Arditti Quartet, American Composers Orchestra, Buffalo Philharmonic, American Brass Quintet, Ensemble InterContemporain and many others. Felder's work has been broad ly characterized by its high ly energetic profile, through its frequent emp loyment of technological extension and elaboration of musical materials (including his Crossfire video series) , and its lyrical qualities. </p><p>Felder has received numerous grants and commissions including many awards from the National Endowment for the Arts, two New York State Council Commissions, a New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship, Guggenheim, Koussevitzky, and two Fromm Foundation Fellowsh ips, two awards from the Rockefeller Foundation, Meet the Composer "New Residencies" (1993-1996) with the Buffalo Philharmonic, two com-missions from the Mary Flagler Cary Trust, and many more. Recently completed commissions include 1997's a pressure triggering dreams, a premiere by the American Composers Orchestra in Carnegie Hall, In Between for solo electronic percussion and chamber orchestra for a 2000 premiere by percussionist Daniel Druckman; Inner Sky (1999) for flutist (doubling p'CC., alto and bass) and chamber string orchestra with percuss ion and piano plus computer cues; and Shredder and Incendio, two works for virtuoso brass ensemble in 2001 . Current commissions include a sextet, partial [distjres[sjtoration for the New York New Music Ensemble (commissioned by the Fromm Foundation, and premiered first in June 2002 , with revisions to the electronics in 2003), a work for flute plus ensemble, Dionyslacs, commissioned by the Brannen-Cooper Fund and "whoosh" for Cheryl Gobbetti-Hoffman (premiere in Fall 2003), and a Cary Trust commission for the New York Virtuoso Singers, </p><p>Memento mori (W inter 2004 premiere). New prolects for 2004 and 2005 wil l include a second quartet for the Arditti Quartet, and a work for chamber orchestra with soprano and bass voices on texts of Neruda and Daumal. </p><p>Currently, Felder is Professor of Composition at the University at Buffalo, where he has held the Birge-Cary Chair in Composition since 1992, and has been Artistic Director of the June in Buffalo Festival from 1985 to the present. In 2002, he received one of the first awards from the SUNY-system wide Chancel lor's Office for Excellence in Research and Creat ive Activity. From 1992 to 1996 he was Meet the Composer "New Residencies", Composer-in-Residence to the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra and WBFO-FM. In 1996, he formed the professional chamber orchestra, the Slee Sinfonietta, and has been Artistic Director since that time. He has taught previously at the Cleveland Institute of Music , the University of California, San Diego, and California State University, Long Beach, and earned a Ph.D. from the University of California, San Diego in 1983. His works are pub-lished by Theodore Presser, and a first full CD of his works was re leased to international acclaim (including "disc of the year" in chamber music from </p><p>ticians bmlW~Ulda, NY 14150 </p><p>~TJ'~~) </p><p>LOVE? LUST? OBSESSION? YESI </p><p>16 ________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ 17 </p></li><li><p>the American Record Guide) on the Bridge label (Bridge #0049) during 1996. A second disc containing orchestral work was released by Mode Records (Mode #89; "Editor's Best of the Year" selection, Fanfare mag-azine, 2002) in Spring 2000, and EMF ff033 was released in July 2001, containing premiere recordings of orchestral works by Morton Feldman and David Felder (two works for each composer) to very enthusiastic critical review. A fourth full length disc of his music featuring works with electronics was released in 2003, and will be followed by a fifth record-ing project, a DVD-mult i-channel disc in 2004. </p><p>Brian Ferneyhough was born in Coventry, England on 16 January 1943. He received formal musical training at the Birmingham School of Music and the Royal Acaderny of Music, London. In 1968 he was awarded the Mendelssohn Scholarship, which enabled Ilim to continue his studies in Amsterdam with Ton de Leeuw, and the fol lowing year obtained a schol-arship to study with Klaus Huber at the Basel Conservatoire. </p><p>Following Ferneyhough's move to mainland Europe, his music began to receive much wider recognition. At the 1968 Gaudeamus Composers' Competition in Holland he was awarded a prize for Sonatas for String Quartet and this success was repeated in 1969 and 1970 with Epicycle and Missa Brevis. The Italian section of the ISCM at its 1972 competition gave Ferneyhough an honourable mention (second place) for Firecycle Beta and two years later a special prize for Time and Motion Study 11/ which was considered the best work submitted in all categories. </p><p>Ferneyhough has also been the recipient of a Heinrich Strobel Foundation bursary from South West German Radio (1973), a German Academic Exchange award for 1976~77 , the Koussevitsky award for Transit which was judged to be the best contemporary work recorded in 1978, and a Royal Philharmonic Society Award for On Stellar Magnitudes in 1995. He was made Chevalier de l'Ordre des Arts et des Lettres in 1984 and a Fellow of the Royal Academy of Music in 1998. Since 1997 he has been a member of the Berlin Akademie der Kunste. </p><p>From 1973 to 1986 Ferneyhough taught compOSition at the Musikhochschule in Freiburg , Germany. Between 1984 and 1987 he regularly gave master classes at the Civica Scuola di Musica, Milan. In 1986~87 he held the position of principal composition teacher at the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague. Prior to being appointed William H. </p><p>Bonsall Professor at Stanford University in 1999, Femeyhough was Professor of Music at UC San Diego. </p><p>At the biennial Ferienkurse fur Neue Musik in Darmstadt Ferneyhough was Composition-Course Co-ordinator from 1 984 to 1996. Other prestigious aca-demic engagements include Guest Professorships at the Royal Conservatoire, Stockholm, California Institute of the Arts and the University of Chicago; and invitations to lecture at the Conservatoire National Superieur de Paris, the Universit ies of Oxford and Cambridge and several North American universities and colleges. He has also directed an annual master class in composition at the Fondation Royaumont, near Paris, since 1990 . </p><p>Ferneyhough's music has been performed throughout the world and has been featured at all the major festivals of contemporary music: Akiyoshidai, Brussels, Darmstadt, Donaueschingen, Glasgow, Holland, Huddersfield, ISCM, La Rochelle, London (Almeida), Milan, Middelburg , Paris (Festival d'Automne), Royan, Salzburg, Strasbourg, Venice, Warsaw and Zurich . </p><p>Ferneyhough IS currently engaged on an opera project , Shadowtime, com-missioned by the Munich Biennale, based on the life and work of the German cultural philosopher Walter Benjamin. Current commissions include a work for choir and electronics for IRCAM and and an orchestral piece for the Donaueschingen Festival 2003. </p><p>Alvin Lucier was born in 1931 in Nashua, New Hampshire. He was edu-cated in Nashua public and parochial schools, the Portsmouth Abbey School, Yale, and Brandeis and spent two years in Rome on a Fulbright Scholarship. From 1962 to 1970 he taught at Brandeis, where he conducted </p><p>1'01/ Apprccialf' ,/,p Fitll'r '!1/iugs ill life ... </p><p>Mercedes-Benz of Bu ffa lo </p><p>... 50 do Ire. </p><p>8185 Main Street Wi ll iams ville. NY </p><p>(7 16) 633-0088 </p><p>Smiling yet? </p><p>Ro bert J. Yetto, DOS ma Ii ngbeautifu Ism il es _com </p><p>1301 North forest Road. Suite #3 Will iamsville. New York 14221 </p><p>(7161 631-0954 </p><p>18,---------------------------------------------- _________________________________________________ 19 </p></li><li><p>TRVST O ur reputation. Your decision. </p><p>For 25 yea rs, Elde rWood Senior Carl' Ius built all l'xccllcnr </p><p>reputation through ou r belief ill (a rc without com prolllise. </p><p>And cach yea r, morc than 3.500 ind ividuals and rheir falllilie~ tr...</p></li></ul>