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Problems! telecommunications infrastructure and pricing copyright restrictions lack of sustainable business models lack of government commitment in open tools, open content

What is digital culture?

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When coming back to Tokyo from abroad, my first impression usually is: What a dull airport! And yet its clean, neat and the floors deeply polished. To the Japanese eye, theres a particular sense of beauty in the work of the cleaning staff. Its in the craftmans spirit shokunin kishitsu which applies to all Japanese professionals, be they street construction workers, electricians or cooks.

A Japanese cleaning team finds satisfaction in diligently doing its job. The better they do it the more satisfaction they get out of it.

- Kenya Hara, Creative Director, MUJI

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Demioergospublic (demios) +

productive (ergon)

- Homer

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By the 1850s the musical virtuoso appeared to be someone whose technical skill had developed to such perfection that amateur players in an audience felt small, almost worthless in comparison. The rise of the virtuoso on stage coincided with silence and immobility in the concert hall, the audience paying fealty to the artist through its passivity.

- Richard Sennet

Jacques de Vaucanson

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The end of virtuosity?

10,000 Hour Initiative

Luis Carlos Daz


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