some times decisions we make have long term effects we could never imagine. aoi: health and social...

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A personal story

A personal storySome times decisions we make have long term effects we could never imagine.AoI: Health and social education The backgroundThis story began in 2008, since then it has touched many lives changing many for ever.

A young man and his mates go away for a fun weekend.

The situationWatch the following clip

Read the following article

Such brutal punishment for one

What are your thoughts ? Ripple EffectThe accident

Two families grieve

Greif overcomes

The horrific results

A town of 500 people will never be the same

Brenton goes to jail and battles depression

The science What science relates to this accident

Lets focus on two areasSpeed and stopping distanceThe effect of alcohol on the bodySpeed and stopping distanceAt 65 km/h, the risk of crashing is double the risk at 60 km/h.

The risk doubles for each 10km/h a vehicle travels above the average traffic speed.

Alcohol and reaction timesat a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08 gm/100ml

reaction time of the average driver doubles from 1.5 s to 3.0 s

a driver is more likely to respond incorrectly to stimuliThe combination of speed and alcohol will always be tragic

Wendy Chaplin (Franklin)

Solution that is workingTAC (transport accident authority)

Road Deaths halved over 20 years.Dont fool yourself speed killsTaskInvestigate one situation that has a long term effect on people that was never imagined.

Look at the science related to this event.

It may be something personal or a true story you have read.AssessmentCriteria A One world

Criteria B Communication in science

Clarification of assessment will occur later

Create a power point presentation with accompanying documents. What would be a good unit question?Unit QuestionHow could a decision I make effect others I care about?