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Introduction in how to find articles in Academic Databases. Databases searched: Sociology Abstracts, Sage Journals Online and Google Scholar.


  • 1. How to find Peer Review Articles in Sociology? Library Database Research Contact: Lissa Lord
  • 2.
  • 3. Link
  • 4. Sociological Abstracts
  • 5. 16
  • 6. Sage Journals Online
  • 7. Google Scholar
  • 8. Want the Book?
  • 9. Need a book? Look here You can easily get a book from the Lawrence campus sent over to you at Edwards campus if you have your KU photo ID card. Ask for a card at the Information Desk in Regents Center.
  • 10. Does the library have e-Journals?
  • 11. How to find the current copy of Journal of Comparative Family Studies?
  • 12. Take a peek at the Dissertation Research Blog
  • 13. Link
  • 14. Ask Me: Lissa Lord


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