smallprinter 2015 conven on in montrose. although montrose is well served by train from london, we...

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  • SMALL PRINTER 0037 7236 September 2014 Vol. 50 №09

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    Secretary: Peter Salisbury ........... 01737 761861 4 Doran Drive, Redhill, Surrey RH1 6AX

    Treasurer: Robin Munday ........... 01460 220819 Printers Patch, Dyke Hill, South Chard, Somerset TA20 2PY

    Councillor: Paul Hatcher ............. 0118 9666124 Councillor: Jean Watson ............. 01202 429642 Councillor: Ron Watson .............. 01202 429642 Councillor: Ron Rookes (PG)........ 01245 611484

    Non-Execu�ve Officers of the Society Enquiries Officer: John Easson .......................... or 01828 628001 Librarian: Libby Green ....................................... or 01737 644145 PG Chairman: Peter White ................................. or 01442 866223 PG Mailer: Ron Rookes ...................................... or 01245 611484

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    Publicity Officer: ............................................... Sales Secretary: Sandra Munday ...................... or 01460 220819

    Editorial Team: Tim Honnor (Editor) .................. 01463 793225 Westhill House, Inverness IV2 5BP

    Giles Edwards (Design & Prodt)... 01904 448650 24 Derwent Park, Wheldrake, York YO19 6AT

    Kim Lowe (Assistant Editor) ...... 07988 516234 8 Atkinson Place, Kirkcudbright DG6 4EH spar�

    Membership Secretary: Margaret Rookes 57 Craiston Way, Great Baddow, Chelmsford CM2 8ED ..... 01245 611484

    Adver�sing: Jean and Ron Watson 19 Hillbrow Road, Bournemouth, Dorset BH6 5HT .... (9 �l 5) 01202 429642

    Mailer & Webmaster: Ron Rookes 57 Craiston Way, Great Baddow, Chelmsford CM2 8ED ................ 01245 611484 ........ 01245 611484

    Published by: The British Printing Society founded in 1944 by William Brace

    Issue Number 597

    DORSET Liz Nelson ...............01305 753588

    ESSEX Gwen Harper ..........01268 776663

    LINCOLNSHIRE & DISTRICT Michael Edwards ...01733 562867

    LONDON Ma� McKenzie .......07836 785505

    MAIDENHEAD Paul Hatcher ....... 0118 9666124

    SCOTLAND John Easson ........ 01828 628001

    SHROPSHIRE Peter Criddle ....... 01743 350208

    SOLENT Greg Barne� ....... 02392 362150

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    SURREY & SUSSEX Peter Scarra� ...... 01293 522422

    SOUTH WALES BRANCH Dominic Hartley ...07970 722029

    OVERSEAS Kevin Thorp ... 00 353 1 8438346

    Branch Secretaries


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    HOPE THAT ALL OUR READERS have been enjoying a quite amazing spell of good weather, that, even us up here in the “Tundra” have been having. I cannot remember such a long spell of hot weather, such that the ink in my small

    prin�ng workshop has been too runny. And there has been li�le wind for sailing!!!

    I see from the latest newsle�er of the Na�onal Prin�ng Heritage Trust that the Prin�ng Historical Society Anniversary Conference is being held in St Bride’s Founda�on on 13 and 14 November. The conference is �tled “Landmarks of Prin�ng - from origins to the digital age”. As such it must be of interest to all BPS members. On the evening of Thursday13th November, there will also be the book launch of the History of the Monotype Corpora�on. Combined with demonstra�ons of prin�ng methods and an exhibi�on of the society’s publica�ons, there is something for everyone. In the BPS we have Andrew Dolinski (9970) who is the Treasurer of the Prin�ng Historical Trust and we have Bob Richardson (9718) who gives so much of his �me to the St Brides Founda�on. So I suggest that this will be a most important and interes�ngconference to anyone interested in print. All details are on h�p://prin�nghistoricalsociety. Your editor will be a�ending and will of course be wri�ng up a resumé of the event for ‘Small Printer’!!

    Another date for your diary is Saturday 11th October when the Oxford Guild of Printers are having their annual Wayzgoose at Brookes Unversity in Oxford. I know that BPS members are most welcome to a�end this event where there will be plenty of all day interest from some of Britain’s leading Fine Press Printers. There will also be a “Bring and Buy”!!

    Talking of Bring and Buys, there WILL be one at the 2015 Conven�on in Montrose. Although Montrose is well served by train from London, we believe that many of you will come up to Scotland by car and thus be able to bring up all your prin�ng ‘goodies’ you need to dispose of. And take away some new exci�ng bargains!

    T A RECENT MEETING of the Execu�ve Council Paul Hatcher, the current secretary of Maidenhead Branch, suggested that the Society might be interested in taking a table at the

    Wayzgoose of the Oxford Guild of Printers. This is a pres�gious event and, as Paul writes on page 11 of the August magazine, the largest le�erpress Wayzgoose in the country.

    You will see from the announcement on that page that the Society has indeed booked a table at the event. If you are able to go along (it’s on Saturday 11th October) then I suggest that you won’t be disappointed; if you are able to offer an hour or two while you are there helping to promote the Society then please contact Paul. His contact telephone number is at the bo�om of the inside front cover.

    Two weeks earlier, in the same part of the country, is the Maidenhead Branch Open Day; this year it will be held in Wokingham. The Branch provided an excellent day last year and this occasion promises to be even be�er.

    The Essex Branch has been a�ending the Essex County Show for some years and this takes place near Billericay two weeks before the Maidenhead Open Day. There will almost certainly be le�erpress demonstra�ons and without any doubt you will receive a friendly welcome from members of the Branch.

    So for those members who live in the bo�om half of the country there are three events to interest you within the next couple of months.

    Looking further ahead, in the next column Tim gives details of the Conference in November at the St Bride Founda�on. And a%er that – I’m not going to let you forget this one – our own Conven�on next year which, to redress the geographical balance slightly, will be in bonnie Scotland.

    Later this month we shall learn whether Scotland and England are to remain united. Whatever the decision, you will be assured of an excellent weekend in Montrose.

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    read no further if you are easily offended—but keep going if you want to know the solution to an old printing conundrum. you have been warned..! ON THE 27TH OF FEBRUARY the annual Jus�n Howes Memorial Lecture was given at the St Bride Founda�on by Paul Shaw. He spoke on the life and work of the American typographer, book designer and occasional puppeteer, William Addison Dwiggins. An hour or so before his talk we re�red to Room 19, the main book stack at St Bride, to look through the library’s collec�on of Dwiggins material, which includes many of his books, graphic design work and printed ephemera. In a large box marked ‘WDA-4’, Paul found a neatly-printed (by le�erpress of course) sheet of headed notepaper. A pencilled annota�on on the reverse revealed that it was originally produced for the American publisher Alfred P Knopf, but the words on the front of the sheet were puzzling. Paul had seen other examples in the USA, but hadn’t deciphered the curious language. A couple of Internet searches had suggested that the words might be Turkish, or even Iranian, but the strange phrases were immediately recognisable to me. Printed in dark blue on the Knopf le�erheading is the following text:

    As soon as I saw it I remembered a small card which was given to me many years ago by a re�ring London printer. Almost 20 years ago Charles & Company of Aldga