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Simplifying Surds. Slideshow 6, Mr Richard Sasaki, Room 307. Objectives. Understand the meaning of rational numbers Understand the meaning of surd Be able to check whether a number is a surd or not Be able to simplify surds. Rationality. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Simplifying SurdsSlideshow 6, Mr Richard Sasaki, Room 3071ObjectivesUnderstand the meaning of rational numbersUnderstand the meaning of surdBe able to check whether a number is a surd or notBe able to simplify surds

2RationalityFirst we need to understand the meaning of rational numbers.What is a rational number?A rational number is a number that can be written in the form of a fraction.3RationalityIf a number is not rational, we say that it is .irrationalExample4Answers Questions 1 - 4

5Answers Questions 5 - 6

6SurdsWhat is a surd?A surd is an irrational root of an integer. We cant remove its root symbol by simplifying it.Are the following surds?Yes!No!Yes!Yes!Even if the expression is not fully simplified, if it is a root and irrational, it is a surd.7Multiplying RootsHow do we multiply square roots?If we square both sides, we getIf we square root both sides, we get8Simplifying SurdsExampleWe try to take remove square factors out and simplify them by removing their square root symbol.9Answers - Easy

Square numbers.10Answers Hard (Questions 1 3)

11Answers Hard (Questions 4 5)