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SHRIMP (Pacific white shrimp) FARM BIOSECURITY:




Nyan Taw

Hang Tuah University, Surabaya INDONESIAOctober 28-29, 2010



The success or failure in shrimp aquaculture is how successful one can prevent and control the viral (mainly WSSV) out breaks. Biosecurity had been applied in Indonesia since introduction of L. vannamei from 2002 (Nyan Taw et al, 2002, 2007, 2008 & 2009; Nyan Taw, 2005 & 2010). Most recently an article specifically on farm biosecurity will be published in GAA November/December, 2010 issue (Nyan Taw, 2010b)

Most locations in Asia are not viral free. One must be able to operate amid viral threats. One important factor is to understand the character of virus you are trying to protect from. Biosecurity starts with quality of farm design. This is followed by biosecure operation system. With quality farm design, operation system and biosecurity awareness training, the viral (WSSV) issue can be minimized.


What we are protecting from ?


1. Biosecurity (Correct defination)2. Know your enemy (Information)3. Preventive measures (Information)4. Implementation (Do it)5. Timely (On time)6. Strict discipline (No exceptions)7. Be serious (Better safe then sorry)

WAF, AW & NT (2005 ) WAS Bali

Basic WSSV Characters

1. Mass mortality: DOC 30 less prone;

Pond Construction

HDPE lined ponds

Semi-lined ponds

Earthen ponds

Farming Technology

Reservoir system module

with quarantine & treatment


Farm Management

Follow strict biosecurity on

the management system

SPF Post Larvae (PL)

Healthy PLs from hatchery which

use NBC broodstock

SPF Broodstock

Use SPF broodstock from

certified Nucleus Breeding

Center (NBC)

Air borne

Birds pickup infected dead or

live shrimp and drops into

culture ponds; Human ?

Water borne

Crustaceans; Free living WSSV in

water; human and equipments.

Human transmission.

People involved in farming

(Technicians, workers, guests, etc)

Environmental stress

Minimize stress on shrimp in ponds.

Application of feeds, treatment of pond

water, paddle wheels in right place and

in operation, high density without

appropriate energy input, etc.

Land borne

Carriers crustaceans crabs, human, domestic

and wild animals, etc


Do not use fresh feed -

trash fish, bivalves, etc.

Farm Biosecurity - Factors

Stocking Density

Stocking density/ Energy input/ Pond construction/system -balanced

1. Use SPF post larvae (PL)

2. Use reservoir module system- water treatment system, operate as SOP

3. Balanced - stocking density, energy input, pond construction & system.

4. Use crab fence all in place

5. Use bird scare lines - all in place

6. Control workers movement farm/farm; module/module, row/row

7. No handling (touching) unnecessary only person responsible can handle.

8. Minimize workers minimum worker team: stocking, harvest, sampling.

9. Use chemical (sun drying) to disinfect all equipment screen net, cast net, etc.

10.All equipment in operation eg. PWAs, water pumps, siphon equipment, etc.

11. Educate people on biosecurity

12. Environmental cleanliness Car dip, pond, water, housing, etc.

13. Control Human traffic guest, workers, technicians, Management personal, etc.

Farm Biosecurity - Implementation

Shrimp Farm, Indonesia(Nyan Taw Shrimp Farming GAA 2005)

Nyan Taw Shrimp Farming Indo ..GAA 2005

Shrimp Farms Modules with reservoir system

Shrimp Farm. Malaysia

Module system to control viral disease (WSSV)

Physical barriers to prevent viral carriers use 250 micron net

ChemicalChemical application to eradicate viral carriers

Eradicate free water bore virus dies in 72 hours w/o host

Treated water ready to use for culture

Biosecurity starts with Pond construction/ Prepararion

Future ?Future ? Future ?

Soil Culture ? Dike 10 degree slopeDike 90 degree Top

Big ProblemPond preparation-

Missed WSSV areas


Bio-security: Culture OperationControl WSSV

Main Inlet Screen Nets

Disciplined Manager

Paddle Wheels position

Crab Fence

Bird Scare lines

Disciplined Worker

Take out

SPF Post Larvae

Open Outlet


Clean PWAFeeding



Car /motorcycle Dip

BSS Shrimp Farm, Sulawesi - modules

Sub Supply Canal Second level

Inlets Pond

Outlet Pond

Biosecurity Breaches(Prevent disease spreading/outbreaks)

Treatment ponds without aerators

Drying at inlet canal side

Leaking Outlet gate

No screen net

Leaking Outlet gate

Leaking Outlet gate

Leaking inlet gateLeaking inlet gate

Leaking inlet gate

Wrong screen net condom

Birds (indicator)

Crab fence -woods


Crab Fence overgrown grass

Crab fence Bottom open

CrabBridge, door

Crab door

Shrimp Farm Before re-engineering ?

Main module Inlet gate - leaks

SI Canal cannot dry

Nets 1000 micron

Out let gates - Leaks

Sludge center pond not removed

Crab fence not maintained

Dead WSSV shrimps after harvest not removed

Not used


Out let leaks

Black sludge now removing

Bird scare lines


Nets 1000 micron ?

Reservoir pond

Reservoir pond Reservoir pond

Reservoir pond

Nets 1000 micronAlways wet condition

SPF and Non SPF PLs

Bio secured Module

Main Supply canal

Sub soil pipe

SPF Post Larvae

Harvest Pit

Main module inlet gate

Auto Feeder

Bird scare lines

Feed tray platform, Crab fence & outlet gate

Secured Outlet gate

Central drain system

HDPE dikes

Shrimp FarmBio-secured Module system after re-engineered design & full or dikes lined with HDPE

250 & 1,000 micron net

Dried subinlet canal

Feeding while PWA in operation

Shrimp sample red color

Kerpan Biosecure Re-engineered design

WSSV dominant months (unstable weather rain & cold), Indonesia, Thailand & Malaysia

Program stocking with weather condition

Pond Address :

I. Ready for operation (Siap operasi ), All Bio measures in place / ready before filling of water

1. Cek konstruksi tambak ( Reservoir tambak culture, perlengkapan peralatan budidaya )

2. Clean liness ( Rumput, benda benda yang tidak dibutuhkan untuk budidaya, sampah )

3. Cek kelistrikan ( kincir, pompa, panel, kabel )

4. Screen ( micron ) : Jumlah, kondisi, pemasangan

5. Bird Scare Line ( BSD ) : Jumlah, rumbai, posisi.

6. Crab Device ( CPD ) : Posisi, kondisi, pemasangan. Possible crab entry points.

II. Ready for stocking ( Siap tebar ), Already filled up with water, treated, age.

1. Paddle wheel number and position

2. Water level

3. Treated water

4. Length of time for water preparation.

III. In Operation

1. Cek konstruksi tambak ( Reservoir tambak culture, perlengkapan peralatan budidaya )

2. Clean liness ( Rumput, benda benda yang tidak dibutuhkan untuk budidaya, sampah )

3. Cek kelistrikan ( kincir, pompa, panel, kabel )

4. Screen ( micron ) : Jumlah, kondisi, pemasangan

5. Bird Scare Line ( BSD ) : Jumlah, rumbai, posisi.

6. Crab Device ( CPD ) : Posisi, kondisi, pemasangan. Possible crab entry points.

7. Paddle wheel number and position

8. Water level


BasePond Base Extensive Plus


All factors under control

Steps to be taken when WSSV (Viral) out-break is suspected.

1. When viral out-break is suspected you need to quarantine the suspected pond. At the

same time you need to implement the following:

a. Stop all traffic people, trucks, cars, motorcycles passing across the pond

b. Stop sampling - cast nets for shrimp size, environmental data (DO, Temp, etc).

c. Make the remaining ponds increase the carrying capacity increase DO by operating

longer or more numbers to maximum capacity.

d. You could start with ponds near-by or ponds stocked from same hatchery.

e. For WSSV or viral pay more attention to young ponds.

f. Check biosecurity system for biosecurity breaches- correct if necessary.

g. Do not wait for PCR result.

2. Quarantine the suspected pond. (for DOC

White feces



Bamboo Shrimp Syndrome -recent




The author would like to give sincere thank to Dr. Shahridan Faiez(CEO) and Mr. Christopher Lim (COO), Blue Archipelago for theirinterest and continued support .

The staff and members of Blue Archipelago, Malaysia for their diligenceand hard work to make this presentation possible.



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