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Should / ought to / had better. Should / ought to. Should / ought to yapılarını, öğüt vermek, bir şeyi tavsiye etmek, nasihat etmek için kullanırız. You should take your umbrella. “It’s a good idea.” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Should / ought toShould /ought to yaplarn, t vermek, bir eyi tavsiye etmek, nasihat etmek iin kullanrz.

    You should take your umbrella. Its a good idea.You ought to take your umbrella. Its a good idea.

  • Had betterHad better yapsn da, t vermek, bir eyi tavsiye etmek, nasihat etmek iin kullanrz. ANCAK

    Daha acil, zel, durumlardaKonumacnn sz syleyen kiinin daha gl olduu bizden byk veya yetkili olduu durumlarda.

    You had better take your umbrella, otherwise you will get wet. (Its raining outside at the moment.)

  • We SHOULD save money. (in general)You HAD BETTER save money or you cant buy that bicycle. (particular)

    We SHOULD practice to learn a language better.You HAD BETTER practice English with those tourists. It is an opportunity.

  • We SHOULD pay our taxes.You HAD BETTER pay your tax. Tomorrow is the last day.

    One SHOULD drive carefully.You HAD BETTER drive carefully there is a lot of traffic.

  • We SHOULD rest for sometime while travelling.You HAD BETTER rest for sometime. You are going to sleep.

    We SHOULD eat healthy food.You HAD BETTER eat healthy food you are over seventy.

  • You SHOULD take your umbrella with you in RZE.You HAD BETTER take your umbrella withy you. It is raining.

    We SHOULDNT tell lies.You HAD BETTER not tell lies. He knows the truth.

  • We SHOULDNT make noise.You HAD BETTER not make noise the teacher is coming.

    We SHOULD help old people. (the old)You HAD BETTER help that old man. He cant cross the street.

  • We SHOULD clean our environment.We HAD BETTER clean the room. There are pieces of glasses there.

    We SHOULD wash our hands.You HAD BETTER wash your hands dear. You have touched lots of things.

  • We SHOULD read a lot of books to improve our knowledge.We HAD BETTER read a lot of books to solve these kind of questions.

    We SHOULD be kind to other people.We HAD BETTER be kind to them or they will get angry.

  • Students SHOULD study regularly.Those students HAD BETTER study. They have an exam tomorrow.

    A patient SHOULD stay in bed until he feels well.You HAD BETTER stay in bed.Your temperature is high.

  • When we are ill. We SHOULD see the doctor.

    Ive got a headache NOW. I HAD BETTER see the doctor.

    The students SHOULD revise their lessons. (general)

    The students HAD BETTER revise their lessons. They have an exam tomorrow.

    It is generally rainy in England. You SHOULD carry your umbrella there.

    It is rainy today. You HAD BETTER take your umbrella.

  • I have to meet Semih in ten minutes. I HAD BETTER go now or I will be late.

    Shall I take my umbrella? Yes, you HAD BETTER take it. It might rain today.

    We have almost run out of petrol. We HAD BETTER stop to buy some.

    You dont look very well. You HAD BETTER not go to work today.