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Presentation to the newsroom on the basics of Vine and Instagram, 4/9/2014.


<ul><li> Short Form Video Vine and Instagram </li> <li> What is Vine? 6 second videos Owned by Twitter Loops, with or without sound Touch the screen to record </li> <li> Uses of Vine Stop motion - the potential of 180 frames Before and afters Time lapse A knowledge nugget. </li> <li> Tips Prepare for the loop: think about the big picture Youre telling a 6 second story define your plot and your characters. Put your content in the text, make the video a fun visual </li> <li> People to Follow on Vine Pinot: Great stop motion. Zach King: Good at Before &amp; Afters. </li> <li> Ways Journalists Can Use Vine Breaking news Behind the scenes Show our newsroom Peek into our feature reporting Quick reactions </li> <li> Our Newsroom on Vine April in the directors chair: Teasing stories: </li> <li> What is Instagram Video? 15 second videos Owned by Facebook Editable 150m active users (1.2 billion likes per day) User accounts can be private </li> <li> Uses of Instagram Video Professional videos Stop motion potential of 450 frames Time lapse A knowledge nugget. Person saying the fact, visualize data </li> <li> Ways Journalists Can Use Instagram Video Instafax short snippets of news Linear storytelling (the super short story) Time lapse and stop motion Give a knowledge nugget </li> <li> Our Newsroom on Instagram video Repackaging our stories Quick takeaways Data viz: Daily promos: </li> <li> This Weeks Challenge </li> </ul>


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