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  • 1. Shiny customer Service is service with a capital S
  • 2. Theres no real secret to getting your customers to come back. All you need to do is provide customer service that exceeds your customers' expectations and outshines your competitors' customer service.
    Shiny customer Service is service with a capital S, Service that makes your customer feel special, Service that makes him or her want to come back and do more business with your company, and recommend your business to his or her friends.
    Which leaves one question that each individual must answer How can I provide customer Service that shines?
  • 3. I can provide shiny customer service by making each customer feel VIP. I can also tailor my customer service to fit each person and not be so generalized with customer service. I can give the customer more than expected service to make their experience memorable. Remember their name, use their name at least twice. Give them my undivided attention while servicing them. Always make eye contact and smile. Always listen to them and their concerns. Try to resolve any issues they may have with empathy of their problem as if it were mine. Make conversation with them and talk about things they are interested in.
  • 4. I can provided Shiny customer service by going above and beyond. I can greet the customer immediately as they walk in the door.I can make them feel that they are the only customer we have. I can offer as many products to fit that customers needs.I talk to them on a personal level in order to relate to them.
    Customers are always shocked that you remember their name and personal tidbits about their lives. Such as.asking about their children or grandchildren. I can develop relationships with the customer.

  • 5. I can provide shiny customer service by promptly greeting customers with a warm smile and a genuine approach as soon as they enter the door. I can also deliver shiny customer service by going the extra mile of finding someone to help a customer if their needs extend what I can offer. I like to use the departing greeting see you next time because it lets the customer know that I am looking forwarded to seeing them and doing business with them again and they are valued and appreciated. I think one thing that gets a customer is when you remember one small little detail of a conversation you had with them previously and you ask them about it; it shows you really did listen to them and you cared enough to ask.
  • 6. I can provide shiny customer service by being NICE, smiling at every person that walks through the door, being attentive, and by making conversationletting them know that they are more than just an account number to us!
  • 7. Below is a list of customer service ideas that we all use to provide customer service that outshines the customer service of our competitors. Now it's time to look at implementing shiny customer service.
    Begin service promptly
    Make eye contact
    Be genuine
    Make the customer feel important- Call the customer by name
    Be a good listener
    To be clear repeat back to the customer what they are asking
    Listen to the customer and respond appropriately
    Stay proactive and keep gathering customer service ideas.
  • 8. Good customer service does not begin or end with a customer being in your presence. Now, more than ever, customers are using the telephone to conduct business and gather information. Therefore, it is extremely important that we are very professional when using the telephone.
    Utilizing Basic Phone Skills
    Answering the phone
    Always answer the phone in three rings or less
    Identifyyourself, the banks name and location, and offer assistance
    Make callers feel special
    Use common courtesy and talk to the customer as you would like to be talked to. Ask for the customers name and use it at least twice.
    Placing customers on hold
    Always ask for permission first; then give them reason for the hold
    After 30 seconds check back with the customer
    Transferring calls
    If the person you are transferring to is unavailable, offer to take a message or ask if there is anyone else that can help them.
  • 9. Telephone Communication Skills
    Always answer the phone on _______ rings or less.
    When placing a customer on hold, always ask them ____________ first, and give them a ___________ for being put on hold.
    Check back with the customer after they have been on hold for ______ seconds.
    Use the customers name at least ________ during the conversation.


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