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  • Become a Customer Service

    Superstar! Phil Gerbyshak

    Chief Connections Officer Make It Great! Institute

  • Why are we here?

  • You already know this stuff

  • The question is NOT Do I already know this stuff (you do),

    the questions are

  • How good am I at this? And

  • Could I use a refresher?

  • Can I take it to the next level?

  • Agenda

    Greetings Expectation Setting Great emails

    Break for lunch

    Listening Skills Service Recovery

  • What is customer service?

  • Who are you and what do YOU believe about customer service?

    Getting to know each other

  • Customers pay your salary!

  • Lets begin with a few greetings!

  • Nod Hello

    Dont smile and dont say a word Just nod as you walk past each person in the room

  • 30 second greeting

    Smile and handshake (No words)

  • Now Get Personal!

    Learn a little more Ask the other person their favorite

    pizza topping

  • Which was most effective?

    How can you use this on the phone?

  • What are 3 parts of a powerful greeting?

    How can you use these on the phones?

  • 3 parts to Superstar Greeting

    Greeting Your name Energy

  • Superstars Know First Contact builds customer confidence How to tune the world the world out and tune the

    customer in To put a smile in their voice To find out something more about your customers

  • Now You Try It

    Write down your good greeting

  • Expectation Setting

    Setting expectations with your customers is the most important thing you can do. How do you set reasonable expectations?

  • Ask customers what they expect

    Do you know the magic


  • What can I do that would make you happy?

  • Customers Want 5 things

    Reliability Responsiveness Assurance Empathy Follow-up

  • Do what you say, say what you do

    Keep your promises It doesn't have to always be you

    It can be someone else You set the expectation

  • Skill Builder: Now You Try It

    One-on-one Expectation setting

    Get unreasonable expectation from partner Reset expectation to something more reasonable

  • Phone Etiquette Language matters

  • Putting People On Hold

    How can we do this without making people mad?

  • Holding and Waiting

    People don't like to be put on hold or to be made to wait ASK them for permission, and keep it short

    "May I place you on hold for 30-60 seconds? I'll come back to you if it's going to be longer?"

  • Never transfer someone again!

  • Think Connection, NOT Transfer

    Folks hate to be transferred to another person. Transferring indicates they were in the wrong place, that they're going to be put on hold again, or worse, dumped onto someone else who can't help them.

    Change your language Instead of transfer, use connect

  • Why connect? Connect indicates you will PLUG THEM IN to

    someone or something that can help them.

  • Gives customer the choice

    Always ASK if you may connect them, explain why, and offer an alternative

  • Words you use are very important

    Avoid hot button words What is a hot button word?

    Focus on the can can Whats a can can?

    Say Ill find out not I dont know Why is this important?

  • Tone = Touch

    A gentle tone means a higher touch experience for your customers Think FEELINGS, not FACTS

  • Tone = Touch

    A gentle tone means a higher touch experience for your customers Think FEELINGS, not FACTS

  • Lunch time!

  • Great Emails Matter

  • Basics

    TO CC BCC Subject Body

  • GREAT Emails

    Greeting Respond to need or request Explain solution or delay Ask for understanding and how to contact

    if questions Thank the customer

  • Create an email response to this situation:

    Sally (your customer) called earlier today needing help sharing calendars with John (a co-worker) but didnt have time to work on it

    The instructions are on your internal website at http://intranet/sharedcalendar

    Greeting Respond to need or request Explain solution or delay Ask for understanding and how to contact if

    questions Thank the customer

  • Review With Your Partner

  • Listening Skills Matter

  • T Tune In

    Superstars tune in to the speaker and the subject, mentally (and possibly physically) calling up everything known about the subject and shutting out all distractions.

  • Q - Question

    Superstars mentally formulate questions that will help resolve the issue. What will this speaker say about this topic? What is the speaker's background? Have they called about this issue before?

  • L - Listen

    Superstars organize the information as it is received, anticipating what the speaker will say next and reacting mentally to everything heard.

  • R - Review

    Superstars go over what has been said, summarize, evaluate constantly and reformulating what they understand.

  • R Repeat Back

    Superstars explain what was said to ensure it is correct according to the speaker and if not, to clarify what is missing.

  • TQLRR T -- Tune in

    Q -- Question

    L -- Listen

    R -- Review

    R -- Repeat back

  • Your Turn: Heres the situation

    1 person is panicked because they think they just lost a 50 page Word document they have been working on for the last 5 hours

    Use TQLRR method

  • 6 Steps to Superstar Service Recovery

  • 6 Steps to Superstar Service Recovery

    1) Listen to the customer vent 2) Apologize that a mistake happened, even if it isn't yours 3) Quickly find a temporary workaround (if possible) 4) Make a promise to get the problem resolved and set an expectation of when 5) Keep the promise 6) Follow-up to ensure continued satisfaction

  • Your Turn: Heres the situation

    1 person was promised a new smart phone by Monday (it is now Wednesday). She/he is going out of town today at 5 PM

    You have the same smart phone the person needs at your desk for another customer who needs it Monday

  • One Last Thing

  • The difference between a superstar and everyone else is

  • Going the extra mile

  • Your Turn

    One thing you will implement from today


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