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  • Customer Service Opportunity Model

    Customer Service Variance

    Customer Service Adjusted Workload

  • Function Four Variance Programs



    CSAWManagement ToolsSupervisory Tool

  • Data Elements:End of Run - Auto/Mech VolumeseFlash - Distribution, Box Volumes and WorkhoursWOS Earned Hours and WorkloadWebVARS VendingAddress Mgmt System Routes/ DeliveriesWebCOINS On Rolls Complement and MPOO Designation

  • CSSOM Identifies a 52 Week by Week Trend Using Established AWPS (Automated Workforce Projection System) Productivity Assumptions

    Also Includes the FollowingFY07 Base DataAWPS Other TimeActual DPS Percentage (Box Section)

  • CDPOM Equivalent to Function FourOverall Trend Analysis Which Allow Planning Ahead and Looking Behind

    Engine that Drives CSSOMData Behind CSSOMDrill Down Capability to the Unit Level

  • Interactive Supervisor Daily Tool to Determine Value of Workload

    Manage Workhours to Workload

    Allows Supervisor to Right Size Daily Scheduling of Employees in the Various Function Four Activities

  • Report will reflect performance based on the scope of time selected

  • AWPS Data Elements Automated import into CSV

    End of Run, eFlash, WOS, AMS, WebVars, WebCoins

    Updated back to start of FY every week

  • CSV Executive Summary

    Percent Achieved in Auto/Mech, Manual, Retail, and Admin.

    Auto/Mech, Manual, and Retail Volume Variance to Base

    FTES Actual, Earned, and Variance

  • Floating Icon

  • AWPS breakdown of all LDC 48 workload by type

  • Select Customer Service Adjusted Workload (CSAW)

  • CSAW houses trend average daily volumefor each data element over the past 12 week

    Based on the allocation by the user, CSAW projects the average volume for each day of the coming week

  • CSAW houses AWPS productivity factorsfor each data element

    Based on trend volume, average earned daily workhours are projected for eachdata element

  • CSAW then calculates the earned value of the workloadby LDC and by day for the coming weekThe projected workload value for the week creates the projectednumber of hours to schedule to each day

  • Click on day of weekEnter Dist and Box VolumePost Daily Volume46.4970.7992.9419.9500.0011.53231

  • WOS transactions and SSA volume daily feed

  • Earned workhour value by LDCadjusts according to volume

  • TACS workhours by LDC for previous dayImport every morning by 6AM local time

  • Running total for the week,Actual plus projected values

  • Select Customer Service Adjusted Workload Performance Review for previous week

  • Daily distribution and Box volume From manual entry

  • Daily Retail transactions and SSA volume Automatic feed from WOSTarget 6AM local time

  • Vending LDC 46 and Admin LDC 48Daily value as allocated by end user

  • Earned Hours by LDC by dayTotal for the week

  • TACS actual Hours by LDC by dayTotal for the weekTarget import by 6AM local time

  • Daily variance by LDC by dayTotal for the week

  • Daily hours per posted scheduleTotal for the week

  • Weekly variance by LDC Total for the week

  • Sick Leave, Over time, Penalty OT Total for the week

  • Total CSV F4 Variance for the week,Broken down to the day

  • CSSOM / CSV / CSAWDynamic F-4 Performance Models

    Standardized MethodologyStandardized Data SourceNational to Unit Level Line of SiteForecasting - Plan Ahead, Track BehindRelevant, Actionable Data

    We will be discussing the three Customer service entities.Any other time info will have to be documented and forwarded for approvalRemember it is a tool to make a workhour determination. For small offices there will be SOVSmall Office Variance program still in the building stageBenchmark is similar to SPLYBenchmark is similar to SPLY---Use this in determining your mail flowBe aware of actual to benchmark---This will allow you to monitor productivityAllocate LDC 46 in Sunday---This will more accurately reflect workhours.


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