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This is a presentation from SFU's Social Media & Business Course, Fall 2011. Presentation by Jon Tingling, Stephanie Ram, Axel Hoffart, Arianna Dametto, Kim Woodward.


  • 1.Axel Hoffart Stephanie Ram Arianna Dametto Kimberley Woodward Jon Tingling

2. Agenda Crowd Psychology Organizing Crowds 101 Who, Why, How Crowd Sourcing Current Trends Community Building Plan Tips Fork Activity 3. Classic Crowd PsychologyWhat is a crowd?a set of individuals who share acommon social identification ofthemselves in terms of that crowd HenriTajfel 4. Organizing Crowds 101 5. Organizing Crowds Who?Who organizes and leads crowds? 6. Organizing Crowds Who? Social media is a tool, NOT the cause Starts with a few Those who take up the cause Self Organizing Crowds 7. Organizing Crowds Who? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lrGZnKf8 8. Organizing Crowds Why?What motivates people to participate in acrowd?Collective ideologies arouse peoples commitment to action. The homogeneity of individuals in a crowd can be attributed to the fact that they are all acting on the basis of a common beliefs and social identity. 9. Organizing Crowds Why? Common Goals - Connection Economic instability and Politics People feel a need to take action Social Media used as a channel for organizingcrowds creates synergy effects over to traditionalmediums 10. Organizing Crowds Why?Why do you get involved? 11. Organizing Crowds How? Few creating meaningful content - people will feel compelled to share it Getting the right message into the right hands Reaching the masses - Snowball effect/Virality - Echo effect Traditional media can join in Real-time updates 12. Organizing Crowds How? Norway 13. Organizing Crowds How? 14. Organizing Crowds How?If one man can show so much hate, imaginehow much love we all can show together Tweet by Helle Gannestad 15. CrowdSourcing What is it?What is it? 16. Todays Application 17. Advantages 18. Risks 19. Concluding Thoughts - CrowdsourcingWhy is this relevant to our discussion onOrganizing Crowds?How can businesses benefit today? 20. Trends Activities Locations Algorithms Web 3.0 Infrographics (Ex. Hunch) Microvolunteering Sparked 21. #Bringafork 22. Tips Community Building Plan Make it meaningful and valuable Medium Evangelists Easy to Share Consistency Allow crowd to have voice Flexible - proactive and reactive Listen and respond 23. Questions? 24. Weekly Discussion We will be posting our first discussiontoday before 3 pm Every day we will post an article todiscuss until the next class Follow us on Twitter #bringafork Connect with us on the groupfacebook page 25. Thank You!