"Setting up a business in Barcelona" - Practical guide


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"Setting up a business in Barcelona" - Practical guide


  • 2. Barcelona is a dynamic and innovative city with a business 1. CITY INFORMATION / 4activity that is one of the main references in Europe. Thecity has more than 5,000 foreign businesses and a rate ofentrepreneurship of 5.5%. Barcelona is Europes number 2.HOW TO START UP A BUSINESS IN BARCELONA / 5one city in terms of quality of life for its workers, and if 2.1 Legal status / 5thats still not enough, it also has 4.5km of beaches waiting 2.2 Incentives for starting up businesses / 9for you. 2.3 Sources of funding / 10 2.4 Taxation system / 20In this guide, developed by the Barcelona City Council, you 2.5 Industrial Property / 21will find all the necessary information to get on your feet and 2.6 Support services for business start up and growth / 22start a business in Barcelona. It will help you to be aware ofall the resources and tools the city offers to entrepreneurs. 3.BUSINESS SPACES IN BARCELONA / 24If you want to start a business, 4.BUILD YOUR CONTACTS NETWORKDO IT IN BARCELONA! IN BARCELONA / 25www.bcn.cat/doitinbarcelona 5.LIVING IN BARCELONA / 27 6.USEFUL ADDRESSES / 28
  • 3. More than 10 millionsquare metres offloor space foreconomic activitiesin the Barcelonametropolitan area/And 4.5 Km ofmagnificent beacheswaiting for you/
  • 4. 1. 2. Barcelona in figures (2011) 2.1 Legal status Are you an entrepreneur whoCITY 1st city in quality of living for employees (ECM) HOW TO wants to start up a new business in Barcelona?INFORMATIOn START UP In Barcelona, you can start up a new busi- Catalonia, 10th European ness by means of creating a company or by destination for international becoming an individual business owner:/ A BUSINESS investments (EIM) Company: in the Spanish legislation, there is a number of different legal statuses for Barcelona, 5th European most in companies, among which some of the most attractive city for business common are the Limited Liability Company (ECM) (Societat Annima SA), the Limited Com- Barcelona pany (Societat de Responsabilitat Limitada 2nd world city in the SL), and the New Limited Company (Soci- organisation of international etat Limitada Nova Empresa SLNE). / meetings (ICCA) Individual Business Owner: this is a self-employed person who works on their own account and regularly, personally and Barcelona city: 1,619,337 inhabitants directly carries out an economic activity for Metropolitan area: 5,012,961 inhabitants profit, without being subject to a profession- Foreign population: 17,6% of total population al contract. Within the Social Security there Catalonias GDP per capita (ppp) in % of is a special system for individual business EU-27 average: 116.8 (2010) owners, known as RETA (Rgim Especial de Catalonias Foreign Direct Investment: Treballadors Autnoms), which has its own 3,999.8 million (gross) special regulations. Workforce employed in the service sector: 86,8% For more information regarding the different Salaried workers in high-tech manufac- legal statuses, visit: turing & knowledge-intensive services: > www.barcelonanetactiva.com/legalstatuses 48,39% University students in Catalonia: 226,787 To know more about legal procedures, visit: 2 Business schools amongst the top 20 in > www.barcelonanetactiva.com/proceduresguide the world > www.acc10.cat/en/invest-catalonia/how Tourist overnights: 14 million todobusiness Airport passengers: 29,209,595 > www.investinspain.org in the Invest in Spain 1st Mediterranean port in cruiser passen- section gers: 2,350,283 Delegates attending fairs and congresses: 616,833 /4 /5
  • 5. Different legal statuses for businesses For further information: > www.barcelonanetactiva.com/proceduresguideLegal entity Minimum num. Minimum equity Liability Direct taxes Accounting books of partners capitalIndividual 1 - Unlimited IRPF Income and expenses ledger, VAT Book - accured and paid, Bookbusiness owner (Personal Income Tax) of Investment goods and Book of supplies - this last one only for professional activities.Private Partnership At least 2 There is no minimum Unlimited IRPF Income and expenses ledger, VAT Book - accured and paid, Book of(SCP) equity capital (Personal Income Tax) capital assets and Book of supplies - this last one only for professional activities.Limited company 1 or more 3,005.06 Limited Corporate Tax Daily Ledger, Inventory and accounts book, Book of minutes, Registry of(SL) nominative shares - only Unipersonal LC, Book of certain intracommunity operations.Cooperative company 3 3,000 Based on what Corporate Tax Daily Ledger, Inventory and Accounts Ledger, Book of Minutes, Partner is determined in paying 20% Registry Book. the StatutesNew Limited Company 1 Minimum 3,012 Limited Corporate Tax Simplified accounting and a one-stop registry system, Record book of(SLNE) and maximum Nominative Shares is suppressed and the obligatory nature of Daily 120,202 Ledger remains.Worker owned Limited 3 3,005.06 Limited Corporate Tax Daily Ledger, Inventory and accounts ledger, Book of Minutes, Registry ofCompany (SLL) nominative stocks, Record of invoices issued, Record of invoices received, Record Book of Assets.Worker owned limited 3 60,101.21 Limited Corporate Tax Daily Ledger, Inventory and accounts book, Minute book, Nominativeliability company (SAL) Share Register, Book of invoices issued, Book of invoices received, Record Book of Assets.Limited liability company 1 or more 60,101.21 Limited Corporate Tax Daily Ledger, Inventory and accounts ledger, Book of minutes, Registry(SA) of nominative shares - only Unipersonal LLC, Record of invoices issued, Record Book of Invoices Received, Record Book of Assets.Community property At least 2 There is no minimum Unlimited IRPF Daily Ledger, Inventory and Accounts Ledger. equity capital (Personal Income Tax) /6 /7
  • 6. Do you have an overseas business Affiliate: this is the most common op- 2.2 Incentives for Technological innovationwhich you would like to relocateor expand into Barcelona? tion for facilitating foreign investment and developing economic activities that have starting up businesses 12% of the incurred expenses in the tax period for the following concepts: their own legal status. It involves setting up Technological diagnostic activities to iden-In the case of an overseas business that The Spanish taxation system offers a range a new company in Catalonia, with 100% (or tify, define and orientate advanced techno-moves its activity from its country of origin of advantages for businesses and employees. close to 100%) of the capital coming from a logical solutionsto Barcelona, the most common legal sta- It also offers advantages for specific types of foreign company. Industrial design and manufacturing engi-tuses that it can assume are: activity: neering processes Acquisition of advanced technology in theSubsidiary: this requires a public deed to For more information about the legal form of patents, licences, know-how andbe granted, which must be filed with the forms that foreign companies can adopt Benefits of the Spanish tax system designs (maximum 1 million euro)Mercantile Register. It must have assigned in Catalonia, visit: for companies Obtaining certificates for the compli-capital, even though there is no minimum > www.barcelonanetactiva.com/foreign Tax deduction for exporting companies ance of ISO 9000, GMP or similar qualityestablished amount. The subsidiary must companieslegalstatuses (3% in 2010) standardshave a legal representative with administra- Additional deductions including profes- To consult the legal procedures involved intive powers. sional training (1% -2%), activities related to transferring a foreign company to R&D (25% -42%), and technological innova- For more information about company start- Barcelona, visit:Branch office: this does not have a distinct tion (12%), among others up incentives, visit: > www.barcelonanetactiva.com/proceduresguideor independent legal status from that of its After the payment of taxes, a business ef- > www.acc10.cat/catalonia/en/index.jsp, > www.acc10.cat/en/invest-catalonia/howparent company, and it therefore need not be fective tax rate can be 0 in Doing business in Catalonia section todobusinessregistered in the Mercantile Register. For the Spain has a large number of tax treaties, > www.investinspain.org in the Invest in Spainpurposes of taxation, trade and social security, especially with Latin American countries, sectiona public deed may have to be granted which which makes it an ideal base for investmentscertifies the opening of the branch office, the within Latin Americaassignment of funds if necessary, and the iden-tity of the legal representative, individual orlegal entity resident in Spain and their powers. Tax deductions for R+D+I Research and development R&D investments: 25% Additional 17% in case of exceed the ex- penses averaged in the past two exercises Expenditure in personnel for qualified researchers devoted exclusively to R&D activities: an additional 17% Investment in tangible and intangible fixed assets (except for real-estate and land) intended exclusively for use in R&D activi- ties: 8% /8 /9
  • 7. 2.3 Sources of funding Private funding Theres a large variety of business angel and Public funding private investor networks in Spain. The main private investor networks in Barcelona are: Public funding products target entrepre- BANC Business Angels Network of Cata- neurs and companies at their very early lonia: > www.bancat.com stage. Barcelona Business Angels: > www.bcnba.com Eix Technova: > www.eixtechnova.org Public financing can adopt one of the fo- ESADE Business Angels Network: llowing forms: > www.esadeban.com Co-financing outright grants, Keiretsu Forum Barcelona: Loans on preferential terms, > www.keiretsuforum.es/barcelona A combination of both formulas. SeedRocket: > www.seedrocket.com Main sources of public funding Spanish level: Public funding is aimed at programmes and Invest in Spain, Investor Network with activities designed by public administrations, both national and international investors at the following levels: interested in Spanish and foreign companies European level (European Commis- with an investment plan for their implemen- sion), tation, growth or expansion needs. Projects National level (Ministries and public bod- must be developed in Spain and require ies from the Spanish State), investment in excess of 500,000. Regional level (Government of Catalo- > www.investinspain.org/investornetwork nia and associated public bodies, such as ESBAN, the Spanish network of business ACC1), angels: > www.esban.com Other local and supra-local public ad- ministrations. European level: EBAN, European Business Angels Network: It is highly recommendable to get access > www.eban.org to the available information directly at the sources of origin. Most of the public funding Instruments are announced in the Official Venture Capital Gazettes as funding work programmes and public calls for proposals. This guide inclu- Most of the Venture Capital societies in Spain des a set of the main available public funding are under the ASCRI (Spanish Association of products. Venture Capitalists): > www.ascri.org At a European level, the Venture Capital societies belong to the European Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (EVCA): > www.evca.com/ 10 / 11
  • 8. The following relation is not exhaustive and, in any case, it is recommended to check at theoriginal source of information the funding characteristics and validity.Funding types See also next pages > Source of Objective Beneficiaries Funding Contact funding GUARANTEED LOANS AT LOW INTEREST RATES INICIA loan The INICIA loan is aimed at the creation of new Entrepreneurs who are Soft funding for starting up businesses: > www.inicia.gencat.cat businesses, and it may be granted to anybody developing a business idea - Catalan Saving Banks: up to 70% of the who has a business idea which they develop with with the counselling of any fixed assets. the consultation of any advisory body within the accredited organization in - Other institutions: with no limits for viable Inicia network, and for which they obtain a certi- the Inicia network, and who business projects. fication of the viability of their business plan. obtain certification that Financial institutions can request the guaran- their business plan is viable. tees and endorsements they consider necessary for their approval, in accordance with their operative procedures and criteria. This loan is known to financial bodies by its former name of Prstec Autoempresa. ICF Credit Funding aimed at bootstrapping the competi- Micro-business, Small and Up to 100% of the investment, plus a complemen- Institut Catal de Finances tivity of the Catalan companies through the medium-sized companies tary 20% for current assets needs. A maximum of Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 635 technological innovation, the energy-efficiency, and individual business 1,000,000 can be applied for. 08010 Barcelona. Tel. 902 22 40 80 the opening of new markets and the improve- owners based in Catalonia. E-mail: info@icfinances.com ment of the productivity. > www20.gencat.cat/portal/site/finempresa ICF Investment Funding for investments in fixed assets, tangi- Companies based in Cata- Up to 80% of the project, with a minimum of > www20.gencat.cat/portal/site/finempresa ble, intangible and financial, for bootstrapping lonia, with a Business Plan 500,000 and a maximum of 10,000,000. the competitivity of the Catalan companies. aimed at contributing to the catalan economy. i+i Loan Loan of the guarantees or endorsements neces- SMEs in any activity sector, Garantee equivalent to 50% of the awarded funding > www.acc10.cat/en sary for applying for funding for innovation, except traditional fishering from a finantial institution, for projects between internacionalization and industrialization and intensive fish farming, 50,000 and 3,000,000 (4,000,000 in case of projects. primary agriculture prod- R&D projects). ucts, and coal. ENISA Loan for Stimulates the creation of business by young Small and medium-sized Participating loan, for a maximum of 50,000, for > www.aijec.es Young Entrepre- people helping to secure preferential fund- companies, from any activ- investments in fixed assets. neurs ing with the sole guarantee fo their business ity sector except real estate project. and financial. / 12 / 13
  • 9. Source of Objective Beneficiaries Funding ContactfundingENISA SMEs Funding of business projects that include Small and medium-sized com- Participating loan, between 100,000 and > www.enisa.es the modernization of their production panies, from any activity sector 1,500,000, for investments in fixed assets. structure and management, including non- except real estate and financial. technological innovation.ICO Direct Funding of investment (machinery, com- Micro-business, Small and medi- Loan or leasing for up to 100% of the investment, > www.icodirecto.es puter applications, furnitures, vehicles, um-sized companies, individual with a maximum of 200,000. land and buildings, companies adquisi- business owners and nonprofit tion, etc). organizations based in Spain, aged more than 1 year.MICROCREDITSMicrobank Microbank aims to aid potential businesses Entrepreneurs with a viable busi- Preferential rate loan (the amount granted is deter- Applications to be submitted via Barcelona to secure microcredits. ness plan who do not have access mined by the capacity to return the microcredit). Activa, Entrepreneurs Resource Centre: to the guarantees or endorse- C/ Llacuna 162-164 - 08017 Barcelona ments necessary for applying > www.barcelonanetactiva.cat for a loan from the conventional financial institutions.FIDEM This microcredit is aimed at helping Female entrepreneurs with a busi- Up to 95% of the projet, with a maximum of > www.fidem.netMicrocredit women starting up new businesses. ness aged less than 3 years, who do 25,000.for female not have access to the guaranteesentrepreneurs or endorsements necessary for applying for a loan, or due to their private or individual situation.FUNDING OF CURRENT ASSETSINICIA funding of The aim is to fund the working capital of Businesses started up no more Soft funding for working capital (credit accounts). Applications to be submitted via bankingcurrent assets businesses which have recently started up. than five years ago which have institutions (with a previous feasibility sought consultation from a body certificate from Barcelona Activa). which forms part of the Depart- ment of Labours Inicia network.ICF Credit Funding of working capital for Micro-busi- Micro-business, Small and Loan between 10,000 and 100,000 for invest- > www20.gencat.cat/portal/site/finempresa ness, Small and medium-sized companies, medium-sized companies, indi- ments in working capital. individual business owners promoting the vidual business owners based in competitivity of the Catalan companies Catalonia. through the technological innovation, the energy-efficiency, the opening of new markets and the improvement of the productivity. / 14 / 15
  • 10. Source of Objective Beneficiaries Funding ContactfundingENISA Loan Stimulates the creation of business by young Small and medium-sized Participating loan, for a maximum of 50,000, for > www.aijec.esfor Young people helping to secure preferential funding companies, from any activ- investments in fixed assets.Entrepreneurs with the sole guarantee fo their business project. ity sector except real estate and financial.ENISA SMEs Funding of business projects that include the Small and medium-sized Participating loan, between 100,000 and 1,500,000, > www.enisa.es modernization of their production structure companies, from any activ- for investments in fixed assets. and management, including non-technological ity sector except real estate innovation. and financial.ICO Direct Funding the working capital. Micro-business, Small and Loan or leasing for up to 100% of the investment, with > www.icodirecto.es medium-sized companies, a maximum of 200,000. individual business owners and nonprofit organiza- tions based in Spain, aged more than 1 year.INNOVATIONInnoempresa Funding for individual or cooperation projects Small and medium-sized Up to 50% of external assessements and up to 15% > www.acc10.cat/en for the development of new and differentiated companies based in Cata- (small company) and 7,5% (medium-sized company) of products providing competitive advantages to lonia. the investments in tangible and intangible fixed assets the company, or projects devoted to initiate the required for the development phase activities, before the innovation systematization. industialization, with a maximum of 18,000.NEOTEC I Funding aimed at the initial phases of a techno- Small company, aged Funding between 240,000 and 350,000 (400,000 > www.cdti.es logical companys life cycle. less than 2 years at the in case of technological break), with no interest nor ad- moment of the funding ditional guarantees, and up to 70% fo the project. award.NEOTEC II Funding aimed at the consolidation phase of a Small company, aged more Up to 70% of the project and a maximum of > www.cdti.es technological companys life cycle. than 2 years and less than 6 1,000,000. No interest, no additional guarantees. years at the moment of the funding award.CDTI Proyectos Funding of individual or in cooperation busi- Any kind of company, or Funded budget around 240,000 (individual project) > www.cdti.esI+D+i ness project for the generation or improvement Associations of Economical or 500,000 (cooepration project). Funding up to 75% of a production process, product or service. Interest. of the project, with a reimbursable part and a non-reim- Project may be for industrial research or for bursable part which can be up to 33% of the total. experiental development. / 16 / 17
  • 11. Source of Objective Beneficiaries Funding ContactfundingENISA EBT Funding aimed at suporting projects moving Small and medium-sized Participating loan, between 150,000 and 1,500,000. > www.enisa.es foward technologically in the generation of new companies of technologi- products, processes or services, or in the sub- cal base, from any activity stantial improvement of the existing ones. sector except real estate and financial.AVANZA2 Funding for supporting projects and activities in Any kind of company. Up to 70% of the granted project, depending on the com- > www.mityc.esCompetitivity R&D the field of Information and Comunciation Tech- pany type and the project, with a minimum of 300,000. nologies and the Information Society.EUROPEAN FRAMEWORK PROGRAMMESFramework The broad objectives of FP7 have been grouped Any kind of company. Funding of R&D projects, Networks of Excellence, Coor- > http://ec.europa.eu/researchProgramme 7 into four categories: Cooperation, Ideas, People dination and Support Actions, with reimbursement rates and Capacities. For each type of objective, there depending on the activity and the company type. is a specific programme corresponding to the main areas of EU research policy.Competitiveness With small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) Any kind of company, with Funding of Pilots projects with a reimbursement rate of > http://ec.europa.eu/cipand Innovation as its main target, the Competitiveness and Innova- emphasis on small and up to 50%, and Networks of Best Practices with a reim-Framework Pro- tion Framework Programme (CIP) supports innova- medium-sized enterprises bursmenet rate of up to 80% of the project.gramme (CIP) tion activities (including eco-innovation), provides (SMEs) as a main target. better access to finance and delivers business sup- port services in the regions. It encourages a better take-up and use of information and communication technologies (ICT) and helps to develop the infor- mation society. It also promotes the increased use of renewable energies and energy efficiency.FUNDING FOR EMPLOYMENT AND TRAININGINNCORPORA To promote the employment of Ph. D, Gradu- Any kind of company. Funding may be awarded as grant and/or loan. Grant > www.micinn.es ates or Specialized Technicians for the realiza- funding is dedicated to professional training costs ans tion of feasibility studies, industrial research related costs (room and board), and up to 10% of the re- projects and experimental developments. maining elegible costs. Loan funding may be up to 100% of the elegible project, 0% interest, 9 years amortization and 3 years of grace period.AVANZA2 Funding for professional training projects and ac- Any kind of company. Up to 70% of the funded project, with a minimim of > www.mityc.esTraining tivities in the scope of the Information and Commu- 100,000. nication Technologies and the Information Society. / 18 / 19
  • 12. 2.4 Taxation system The Property Transfer Tax and Stamp 2.5 Industrial Property except in the case of well-known trade- marks. Spain has ratified the main inter- Duty (Impost sobre TransmissionsCatalonias current taxation system includes In Spain, Industrial Property protects national treaties in this field and its laws Patrimonials i Actes Jurdics Documentatsa range of different state and municipal all kinds of creations related to industry: are harmonized with those of the other EU ITP-AJD) applies to transfers between non-taxes: patents and utility models, distinctive signs Member States. entrepreneurs and also to certain real and designs. The registration of industrial property transactions. For certain real-estateState taxes property rights is not mandatory but rather acquisitions the interest rate is 8%. Further information: advisable. Spanish Patent and Trademark OfficeThe Personal Income Tax (Impost sobre Industrial property rights are granted > www.oepm.esla Renda de les Persones Fsiques IRPF) Local taxes through a procedure carried out by the Span-places a progressive scale of tax rates of be- Invest in Spain > www.investinspain.org, ish Patent and Trademark Office.tween 24.75% and 52% on an individuals online Guide to Business in Spain The Property Tax (Impost sobre Bns Im-available income. For increases and decreas- mobles IBI) taxes property ownership, The trademark or patent registration in European Patent Officees in property assets the payment is 21%, and its value depends on the value of the Spain covers the whole country but it does > www.epo.org25% or 27% depending on the net savings property and the rate of interest set by the not grant protection in other countries.tax base. World Intellectual Property Organization council. Priority is applied to the first party to > www.wipo.int register the rights (First to file system),The Non-Residents Income Tax (Impost The Buildings, Works and Facilities Taxde la Renda de No Residents IRNR) (Impost sobre Construccions, Obres iapplies to foreign people that work in the Types of Industrial Property rights and their applicable law Installacions ICIO), is applied accordingSpanish State but are not residents, or those to the value of certain works.businesses that want to start up a subsidiary Types of IP rights Description Law (basic texts)in the Spanish State. Industrial Designs Protecting the external appearance Law 20/2003 of 7th July , on The Tax on the Increase in Value of of products the legal protection of industrial Urban Land (Impost sobre lIncrement deThe Corporate Income Tax (Impost sobre design Valor dels Terrenys de Naturalesa UrbanaSocietats- IS) applies to the income of legal IIVTNU), taxes the transmission of real Trade Names (Dis- Protecting graphic and/or denomi- Law 17/2001 of 7th December,entities or companies. The general tax rate estate. tinctive Signs) native combinations that help to on trademarksis 25% (20% for SMEs). This rate decreases distinguish certain products ornotably when legally established tax benefits services from other ones provided byare applied, among which are benefits for The Tax on Mechanical Vehicles (Impost other economic agents in the market.research, development and innovation. sobre Vehicles de Tracci Mecnica), taxes vehicle ownership. Patents and Utility Protecting inventions consisting of Law 11/86 of 20th March, on Models products and procedures suscepti- invention patents and utilityThe Value Added Tax (Impost sobre ble to reproduction and reiteration modelsel Valor Afegit IVA) affects business Check any change in the applied interest for industrial ends.activities and is ultimately passed on to the rates at:consumer. Three different types of interest > www.agenciatributaria.es Semiconductor Protecting the (diagram of) pathways Law 11/1988, 3rd May, on therates apply: 4%, 8% or 18%. Topographies of the different layers and elements legal protection of the topogra- making up an integrated circuit, their phies of semiconductor products three-dimensional arrangement and their interconnections, that is to say, what constitutes its topography. / 20 / 21
  • 13. 2.6 Support services Executive Training Business Growth Resources Top Seminars for Business Managementfor business start-up Sessions aimed orientating entrepreneurs High added-value seminars covering dif-and growth in specific aspects of starting up a business, for example legal processes and procedures, Access to Finance Support Service Support service for orientation and coach to ferent aspects of business growth, such as access to funding, marketing, business funding plans and elevator pitch. find the most suitable financing source for strategy, etc.Barcelona Activa, the Local Development > www.barcelonanetactiva.com/seminars your company, from microloans to Venture > www.barcelonanetactiva.com/growthAgency of the Barcelona City Council, has Available in English and Spanish Capital.created a specific itinerary of resources and > www.bcn.cat/empresaservices in English, available to foreign Experts Directoryentrepreneurs who wish to create a new Expert Coaching Professionals guide with proved experiencecompany or make their company grow in A free, personalised service for all those Growth Academy who offer high added value in the differentBarcelona. Most services and resources are entrepreneurs that are in the process of High-level workshop of four intensive work key processes of start-ups growth.free of charge. starting up a business. sessions aimed at companys management > www.barcelonanetactiva.com/expertos Available in English and Spanish teams to plan their business growth strategy.Resources for new > www.barcelonanetactiva.com/growthacademyentrepreneurs Available in English and Spanish More information: Online Business Setting Up Coaching point and processing of the online Barcelona Empresa:Welcome Sessions incorporation of new companies. Strategic Growth Plan > www.bcn.cat/empresaWelcome sessions are the entry point to > www.barcelonanetactiva.com/pait On-line self-diagnosis and strategy-plan-Barcelona Activa. Two-hour long sessions to ning tool, developed jointly by Barcelonaintroduce programs, activities and services Activa and IESE Business School for devel- Online Applicationsdesigned to support the creation of new oping the most suitable growth strategy. Test Idea, for testing out a new business Save the date:businesses. Attending these sessions pro- > www.barcelonanetactiva.com/pec idea (Available in English, Spanish, Chinese and Bizbarcelona 2012 - June 13th & 14thvide a user-name and a password to access Available in English and Spanish Arabic)applications such as the online business Bizbarcelona, the most important meet- On-line business plan (Available in English andplan or the executive training sessions. ing point for entrepreneurs, companies Spanish) Axelera for Global Excellence> www.barcelonanetactiva.com/welcomesession and investors that takes place every The keys to entrepreneurship, as well as the Programme aimed at selecting the most in-Available in English and Spanish year and counts with more than 14,000 skills and attitudes that contribute to a business novative companies in the area of Barcelona participants. projects success (Available in English and Spanish) with a high capacity to grow and become aEntrepreneurship Center > www.bcn.cat/empresa global benchmark. > www.bizbarcelona.comSelf-use space open to all entrepreneurs, > www.barcelonanetactiva.com/axelerawhere a business idea can be transformed Available in English and Spanishinto a viable business project through a pro-gramme of daily activities, access to online Technology Bridgesmaterial and expert coaching. Business trips to support innovative compa-> www.barcelonanetactiva.com/entrepreneurs nies on their way to access global markets. hipcenter > www.barcelonanetactiva.com/technologybridge / 22 / 23
  • 14. 3. 4. Biznetbarcelona is a new network for entrepreneurship and innovation, and a meeting point for doing business, sharingBUSINESS BUILD knowledge and experiences and helping your business project to grow. Here you will find entrepreneurs, investor, institutions, aSPACES IN your calendar of events in Barcelona, information, work groups, and, above all, a lot of entre- preneurial spirit.Barcelona CONTACTS Sign up at > www.biznetbarcelona.com/ NETWORK Other entrepreneurs networks in the city: In Glories Business Incubator XarxActiva dEmpreses An innovative space for newly created busi- > www.barcelonanetactiva.com/xarxactiva nesses. Requirements:Find the most suitable office space to yourneeds: To have a validated business plan To have an innovative business project > www.barcelonanetactiva.com/incubator Barcelona ENB (Entrepreneurs Network Barcelona) > www.networkbarcelona.com / EO (Entrepreneurs Organization) > www.eonetwork.orgTemporary office spaces Barcelona Nord Technology Park GildTemporary office spaces for foreign entre- > www.gildinternational.compreneurs in their process of creating their An innovative space for technology-basedcompany in Barcelona, to start doing con- companies. Requirements: Barcelona Entrepreneurship City tacts with clients or providers, searching for To have more than 18 months of activity > www.barcelonaentrepreneurshipcity.comfunding and exploring the local market. Up to 200m2 to develop the business activity First Tuesday > www.barcelonanetactiva.com/park > www.firsttuesday.esSpaces for rent: BCN Business spaces Mobile Monday Daily: 4 work units in a shared and > www.mobilemondaybarcelona.com equipped space. The new search engine to find premises, of- PRICES: 5/hour, 20/ day, 30/day fices, business centres, industrial warehouses iWeekend or available industrial land in Barcelona, > www.iweekend.org Weekly: Shared, equipped space of 90 m2 both for rent and for sale. and 10 work units. Internet connection Aijec > www.barcelonactiva.cat/espaisdenegoci/en PRICES: 100/work unit/week > www.aijec.es Monthly: Shared, equipped space of 90m2 and Barcelona Venture Hub Cava&Twitts 10 work units. Internet connection > www.cavaandtwitts.com Workspace and business contacts for inves- Prices: 150/work unit/month tors interested in companies in Barcelona. JCI (Jove Cambra Internacional Barcelona) > www.barcelonanetactiva.com/landingspaces > www.barcelonanetactiva.com/venturehub > www.jci.cat / 24 / 25
  • 15. ESPACIO 5. Welcome to Barcelona The guide Welcome to Barcelona, LIVING In practical relocation guide for foreign professionals and business people willURBANO DE help you to prepare your arrival in Barce- Barcelona lona, with practical information regarding the most basic and essential aspects to help you to get on your feet in Barcelona, such / as the residents permit, finding housingALTA CALIDAD, or schools for the children, importing a vehicle, registering yourself with the local authorities, and even day-to-day aspects such as the metropolitan transport system, timetables and holidays, the citys culturalCLIMA and leisure highlights, etc. > www.bcn.cat/barcelonagrowth > www.bcn.cat/doitinbarcelona Welcome ProgramMEDITERRNEO This kit offers you useful information about the procedures you have to do after enroll- ing in the municipal registry. When you sign up in the municipal registry, you will be enabled to activate the KIT and apply forY EXCELENTE any of the related administrative procedures such as applying for the libraries card, ap- plying for the Green Area car parking card or applying for a prior appointment for opt- ing for a school place, for example.GASTRONOMA > www.bcn.cat/benvinguda/en Immigration procedures guide Informative guide about the procedures to obtain residence and work permits in/ Spain, either as an entrepreneur, a salaried employee, a researcher, or a postgraduate student. > www.doitinbcn.com/proceduresguide / 26 / 27
  • 16. 6. Trade and Official ACC1 CIDEM / COPCA munication Technologies (ICT) in the fields The Catalan government agency supporting of health, security, mobility, energy, food and Catalan companies promoting innovation and Professional environment.USEFUL internationalization and fostering foreign invest- ment through their 34 offices around the world. > www.acc10.cat Associations > www.bcndigital.orgADDRESSES Airports / Ports / Barcelona Aeronautics and Space Associa- tion (-BAIE) Invest in Catalonia - ACC1 The investment promotion department of Association to promote space and aero- Logistics/ nautics activities in the Barcelona area and ACC1 providing advisory services and as- Catalonia. Barcelona Airport sistance to companies interested in investing > www.bcnaerospace.org It is the second largest airport in Spain in in Catalonia. terms of number of passengers and the air > www.acc10.cat/catalonia Barcelona Design Centre (BCD) hub that best connects the MediterraneanPublic Administration Invest in Spain A foundation that promotes design in the business context as a key factor for innova- area. > www.aena.es/barcelona It is the Government Agency for the Promotion tion and competitiveness.Barcelona City Council and Attraction of Foreign Investment to Spain. > www.bcd.es Barcelona Logistics Centre (BCL)> www.bcn.cat > www.investinspain.org A platform that promotes Barcelona as the Barcelona Media Innovation Centre main logistics infrastructure in the Mediter-Barcelona City Council - Area of Economy,Enterprise and Employment Institutions and Services Technological centre of applied investigation in the field of communication and knowl- ranean and South of Europe. > www.bcncl.esEconomic Promotion is the department ofBarcelona City Council for the promotion for Business and edge and technology transfer.of Barcelona as an attractive place to do Innovation Support > www.barcelonamedia.org Barcelona Port Barcelona Port counts with more than 100business and provide support to companies, Biocat regular lines run by 60 ship owners that con-professionals and institutions interested in Mercantile Register Organisation promoted by the Government nect the Catalan capital with 850 ports fromsetting up and doing business in the city. The official body for the registration and con- of Catalonia and the City of Barcelona to the five Continents. Barcelona is the first> www.bcn.cat/barcelonagrowth sultation of social names and certifications. coordinate, activate and promote biotechnol- Spains port for International traffic. > www.rmc.es ogy, biomedicine and medical technologies > ww.portdebarcelona.es/enBarcelona Activa in Catalonia.Barcelona Activa is the local development Official Chamber of Commerce, Industry > www.biocat.cat Barcelona Tourism Boardagency of the Barcelona City Council. and Navigation of Barcelona Consortium for the promotion of Barcelonas> www.barcelonactiva.cat An independent body that works to defend b-TEC Foundation tourism overseas. It includes a unit special- the interests of companies and offers busi- The b_TEC Foundation gathers projects and ised in promoting conferences and conven-22@bcn Society ness support services. initiatives of companies, universities and tions: Barcelona Convention Bureau.Municipal company created by the City of > www.cambrabcn.org investigation centres to encourage innova- > www.barcelonaturisme.comBarcelona to boost the urban transformation tion and technology transfer in the fields ofof the 22@ district as well as to convert the Tax Agency energy, water and mobility in the Bess area. Barcelona Trade Fairtwo hundred hectares of industrial space The public body in charge of managing the > www.btec.org It is one of the sectors top four institutionsinto an innovation environment that concen- State and customs tax system as well as the in Europe in terms of number of events, withtrates public institutions, universities and resources of other Spanish or European Union Fundacin Barcelona Digital 70 shows that gather 35.000 companies andknowledge companies. public institutions and administrations. Advanced technology centre specialised in receive 3 million visitors.> www.22barcelona.com > www.aeat.es the application of Information and Com- > www.firabcn.es / 28 / 29
  • 17. Free Trade Zone Consortium Spanish Indian Chamber of Commerce Consulate General of France in Barcelona Consulate General of PortugalPublic organisation that promotes and (+34) 93 318 84 41 (+34) 93 270 30 00 (+34) 93 318 81 50boosts leading projects within real state,logistics and technology sectors. Spanish Israelian Chamber of Commerce Consulate General of Germany in Barcelona Consulate General of the Russian Federation> www.elconsorci.net (+34) 93 321 94 49 (+34) 93 292 10 15 (+34) 93 280 02 20Mercabarna Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry Consulate General of Italy in Barcelona Consulate General of SwedenManaging company of the Food Unit that (+34) 93 318 49 99 (+34) 93 467 73 05 (+34) 93 488 25 04concentrates the Wholesale Markets in Bar- Consulate General of Mexicocelona and supplies a market of more than Spanish Norwegian Chamber of Commerce (+34) 93 201 18 22 Consulate of the USA in Barcelona10 million people. (+34) 93 414 40 41 (+34) 93 280 22 27> www.mercabarna.es/en Consulate General of The Netherlands Spanish Russian Chamber of Commerce (+34) 93 363 54 20ZAL (+34) 93 218 72 95Logistics platform of Barcelonas Port for Consulate General of Norwaycompanies to develop their activities of stor- Spanish Swedish Chamber of Commerce (+34) 93 218 49 83age and merchandise distribution. (+34) 93 488 05 03> www.zal.es Foreign Consulates inChambers of commerce Barcelonain Barcelona Honorary Consulate General of AustriaAmerican Chamber of Commerce (+34) 93 368 60 03(+34) 93 415 99 63 Consulate General of BelgiumBelgium and Luxembourg Chamber of (+34) 93 467 70 80Commerce(+34) 93 237 94 64 Consulate General of Brazil in Barcelona (+34) 93 488 22 88British Chamber of Commerce(+34) 93 317 32 20 British Consulate General in Barcelona (+34) 93 366 6200 / (+34) 933 666 206Chilean Chamber of Commerce(+34) 93 310 15 85 Consulate General of China in Barcelona (+34) 93 254 1199 / (+34) 93 254 1137French Chamber of Commerce and Industry(+34) 93 270 24 50 Royal Consulate General of Denmark (+34) 93 488 02 22German Chamber of Commerce(+34) 93 415 54 44 Honorary Consulate General of Finland (+34) 93 443 15 98 / 30 / 31
  • 18. www.bcn.cat/doitinbarcelonawww.bcn.cat/barcelonagrowth
  • 19. Cofunded by European Union European Union bcn.cat/ European Regional European Regional Development Fund Development Fund Investing in yourfuture Investing in yourfuture doitinbarcelona