"Setting up a business in Barcelona" - Practical guide


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"Setting up a business in Barcelona" - Practical guide


  • 2. Barcelona is a dynamic and innovative city with a business 1. CITY INFORMATION / 4activity that is one of the main references in Europe. Thecity has more than 5,000 foreign businesses and a rate ofentrepreneurship of 5.5%. Barcelona is Europes number 2.HOW TO START UP A BUSINESS IN BARCELONA / 5one city in terms of quality of life for its workers, and if 2.1 Legal status / 5thats still not enough, it also has 4.5km of beaches waiting 2.2 Incentives for starting up businesses / 9for you. 2.3 Sources of funding / 10 2.4 Taxation system / 20In this guide, developed by the Barcelona City Council, you 2.5 Industrial Property / 21will find all the necessary information to get on your feet and 2.6 Support services for business start up and growth / 22start a business in Barcelona. It will help you to be aware ofall the resources and tools the city offers to entrepreneurs. 3.BUSINESS SPACES IN BARCELONA / 24If you want to start a business, 4.BUILD YOUR CONTACTS NETWORKDO IT IN BARCELONA! IN BARCELONA / 25www.bcn.cat/doitinbarcelona 5.LIVING IN BARCELONA / 27 6.USEFUL ADDRESSES / 28
  • 3. More than 10 millionsquare metres offloor space foreconomic activitiesin the Barcelonametropolitan area/And 4.5 Km ofmagnificent beacheswaiting for you/
  • 4. 1. 2. Barcelona in figures (2011) 2.1 Legal status Are you an entrepreneur whoCITY 1st city in quality of living for employees (ECM) HOW TO wants to start up a new business in Barcelona?INFORMATIOn START UP In Barcelona, you can start up a new busi- Catalonia, 10th European ness by means of creating a company or by destination for international becoming an individual business owner:/ A BUSINESS investments (EIM) Company: in the Spanish legislation, there is a number of different legal statuses for Barcelona, 5th European most in companies, among which some of the most attractive city for business common are the Limited Liability Company (ECM) (Societat Annima SA), the Limited Com- Barcelona pany (Societat de Responsabilitat Limitada 2nd world city in the SL), and the New Limited Company (Soci- organisation of international etat Limitada Nova Empresa SLNE). / meetings (ICCA) Individual Business Owner: this is a self-employed person who works on their own account and regularly, personally and Barcelona city: 1,619,337 inhabitants directly carries out an economic activity for Metropolitan area: 5,012,961 inhabitants profit, without being subject to a profession- Foreign population: 17,6% of total population al contract. Within the Social Security there Catalonias GDP per capita (ppp) in % of is a special system for individual business EU-27 average: 116.8 (2010) owners, known as RETA (Rgim Especial de Catalonias Foreign Direct Investment: Treballadors Autnoms), which has its own 3,999.8 million (gross) special regulations. Workforce employed in the service sector: 86,8% For more information regarding the different Salaried workers in high-tech manufac- legal statuses, visit: turing & knowledge-intensive services: > www.barcelonanetactiva.com/legalstatuses 48,39% University students in Catalonia: 226,787 To know more about legal procedures, visit: 2 Business schools amongst the top 20 in > www.barcelonanetactiva.com/proceduresguide the world > www.acc10.cat/en/invest-catalonia/how Tourist overnights: 14 million todobusiness Airport passengers: 29,209,595 > www.investinspain.org in the Invest in Spain 1st Mediterranean port in cruiser passen- section gers: 2,350,283 Delegates attending fairs and congresses: 616,833 /4 /5
  • 5. Different legal statuses for businesses For further information: > www.barcelonanetactiva.com/proceduresguideLegal entity Minimum num. Minimum equity Liability Direct taxes Accounting books of partners capitalIndividual 1 - Unlimited IRPF Income and expenses ledger, VAT Book - accured and paid, Bookbusiness owner (Personal Income Tax) of Investment goods and Book of supplies - this last one only for professional activities.Private Partnership At least 2 There is no minimum Unlimited IRPF Income and expenses ledger, VAT Book - accured and paid, Book of(SCP) equity capital (Personal Income Tax) capital assets and Book of supplies - this last one only for professional activities.Limited company 1 or more 3,005.06 Limited Corporate Tax Daily Ledger, Inventory and accounts book, Book of minutes, Registry of(SL) nominative shares - only Unipersonal LC, Book of certain intracommunity operations.Cooperative company 3 3,000 Based on what Corporate Tax Daily Ledger, Inventory and Accounts Ledger, Book of Minutes, Partner is determined in paying 20% Registry Book. the StatutesNew Limited Company 1 Minimum 3,012 Limited Corporate Tax Simplified accounting and a one-stop registry system, Record book of(SLNE) and maximum Nominative Shares is suppressed and the obligatory nature of Daily 120,202 Ledger remains.Worker owned Limited 3 3,005.06 Limited Corporate Tax Daily Ledger, Inventory and accounts ledger, Book of Minutes, Registry ofCompany (SLL)


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