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  • Self-Portraits: Value Study and Famous Artists’ Styles Objective: Students will study facial proportions. Students will practice contour drawings of classmates, then draw a self-portrait while looking into a mirror. Then students will add artistic style to represent a famous Artist. Process: Use of Value scale and Art History Research Part One: Black and White Portrait study of a classmate. Student will draw from life and paint in achromatic color scheme from the darkest black through the grays to pure white. Students will draw on Watercolor paper and paint with Tempera Paint. Reflection: What is the purpose of a value study? How does value change your work from line to form? Is proportion necessary when drawing portraits? Part Two: Color Self-Portrait painting of an artistic style of personal preference. Student will use a mirror to draw their self-portrait. Student will decide what characteristics they want to add to their composition.

    Reflection: Write an artist statement using complete sentences. How would you describe the artists; style you have chose? In what ways did you apply his or her stle in your work? What did you learn by imitating another artist’s style? Rubric: ______/5 Expression: An appreciation of how the artist style you applied to your work affects expression _____/5 Skill in painting: An increased awareness of the artist’s use of color to show unity and overlapping color to show depth _____/5 Planning and research: A sense of how artists focus viewers through the use of composition, negative space, and background _____/5 Complete reflection Artist Statement in complete sentences using appropriate terminology. _____/5 Self Assessment and Peer Assessment _____/25 Total possible Points