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  • FY2015 Annual Report 1

    Southeastern Rehabilitation WoodHaven Ground Breaking March 2015

    Contributions to the community

    Number of jobs provided 2,370

    United Way of Robeson County contributions by employees $29,923

    SeHealth Foundation contributions by employees $76,947

    Support groups (sponsored or hosted by SeHealth) 12

    Community Health Services participants and contacts at screens, educational events and mobile unit events


    Visitors to Community Health Education Center (CHEC) at Biggs Park Mall


    Units of blood collected at SeHealth- American Red Cross blood drives


    SeHealth FY2015 Annual Report 2015 2014

    Acute care beds 292 292

    Patients discharged 14689 14,905

    Average length of stay (days) 4.5 4.42

    Total patient days 66,046 65,906

    Average daily census 181 181

    Long term care beds 115 115

    Patients admitted 349 344

    Total long term care days 39,715 39,980

    Average daily census 109 110

    Newborn bassinets 36 36

    Deliveries 1,419 1,463

    Inpatient surgical procedures 2,420 2,404

    Outpatient surgical procedures 5,552 6,658

    Cardiac catheterizations 1,295 1,583

    Emergency department visits 63,144 63,500

    Home health visits 18,405 19,643

    Medical imaging procedures 107,080 109,527

    Hospice patients served 547 554

    Chemotherapy patients 13,412 12,914

    Radiation oncology patients 7,952 9,727

    Physician services visits 232,610 217,495

    Employees (FTEs) 2,229 2,142

    Total operating expenses $286,090,721 $273,805,703

    Statistical Highlights for the fi scal year(s) ended September 30, 2015 and 2014

    Rumba on the Lumber March 2015

    Campbell Medical Education Open House

    July 2015

    The Surgery Center Ribbon Cutting October 2014

    Gibson Cancer Center Fire June 2015

  • FY2015 Annual Report 2

    Financial review for the fi scal year ended September 30, 2015

    Our expense dollar went to: Our revenue dollar came from:

    Expenses We paid: For employee wages and salaries, benefi ts and medical services $164,189,938 For pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and food 53,788,228 For other operating expenses including utilities, maintenance and insurance 68,112,555 Total operating expenses $286,090,721

    We also: Provided for new equipment, replaced old equipment, incurred building renovation expenses and provided for future growth

    23,288,366 Total expenses $309,379,087

    Revenues We earned: From inpatient services $428,248,898 From outpatient services 490,905,748 From non-patient services 19,422,493 Total earned revenue $938,577,139 We were not paid: For patients unable or unwilling to pay full costs 88,538,084 For Medicare, Medicaid and other government adjustments* 438,552,428 For other third party adjustments 102,107,440

    Total unpaid services 629,198,052 Total net revenue $309,379,087

    *Medicare, Medicaid and other government programs do not pay what our hospital charges for the services it renders to patients. The government agencies pay what they determine to be costs. We are prohibited by law from collecting this difference from patients.

    Employee salaries & benefi ts 54.04%

    Other 22.42%

    Supplies, drugs & food 17.70%

    New equipment & working capital


    Medicare 49.04%

    Self Pay 7.6%

    Blue Cross/ Commercial insurance


    Medicaid 20.57%



  • FY2015 Annual Report 3

    Miss Ruth Alford Anonymous

    Mrs. Carolyn F. Allen Dr. and Mrs. Herbert M. Floyd Ms. Betsy S. Kinlaw

    Dr. David R. Allen, Jr. Ms. Elaine S. Baldwin Mr. and Mrs. Coble D. Wilson, Jr.

    Dr. Harvey Allen Dr. and Mrs. Andrew Schwartz

    Mr. Jim Allen Mrs. Gretchen Allen

    Ms. Robbie G. Allen Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Allen

    Mrs. Ruby H. Allen Mr. Donald K. Allen Mr. and Mrs. James S. Allen

    Mrs. Elizabeth W. Alston Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Cleveland, Jr. Mrs. Jean R. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Bill Williamson

    Dr. Babajide Aluko Southeastern Home Care Services

    Joann and Terry Anderson Southeastern Health Leadership

    Mr. and Mrs. Danny Andrews Mr. and Mrs. Coble D. Wilson, Jr.

    Mr. Richard L. Andrews Southeastern Health Administrative Staff, Board of Trustees

    Ms. Doris Atkinson Ms. Patricia Burks

    Mr. Luther W. Autry Ms. Dessie R. Howard

    Ms. Amanda L. Badgett Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Crabtree

    Mrs. Patricia Badgett Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Crabtree

    Dr. and Mrs. Horace M. Baker, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Guilford W. Bass, Jr. Dr. and Mrs. Jack E. Dunlap

    Mr. Steven R. Baratta Ms. Elaine Pate Mr. and Mrs. Carey M. Read

    D.C. Barber Wanda Locklear

    Mr. and Mrs. John P. Barker Mr. David Barker and Ms. Stephanie Evans Ms. Kathleen Barker Evans Dr. and Mrs. Edward Jessup Mr. and Mrs. Lacy H. Koonce, Jr.

    Mr. John P. Barker Mr. and Mrs. Bob Antone Mr. and Mrs. Kenny Biggs Dr. and Mrs. Andrew E. Simays Mrs. Diane Tarantino Mr. and Mrs. Fred G. Williams, Jr.

    Ms. Olivia M. Barnes Cape Fear Construction Co., Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Bruce W. Davis Ms. Carol D. Parke

    Ms. Sharon Barnes Lumberton Lioness Club

    Mr. Don Barnett Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Bass

    Ms. Carolyn Barton Lumberton Lioness Club

    Ms. Brenda L. Bass Ms. Summer Bass-Higgins

    Mrs. Virginia Baxley Ms. Ashley Carlyle

    Dr. Charles R. Beasley Southeastern Home Care Services

    Mr. James F. Bell Ms. Dorothy L. Blue Mr. and Mrs. Lee M. Grantham Ms. Doris H. Hall Mrs. Geraldine Maynor

    Dr. Lesa Bethea Southeastern Home Care Services

    Dr. Stephen Blackmon Southeastern Home Care Services

    Ms. Loleta O. Boney TEL Sunday School Class, First Baptist Church

    Mrs. Osma N. Boone Butler High School History Department Lumberton Lioness Club

    Mrs. Peggy L. Boone Ms. Catherine Burch Ms. Therese B. Pittman

    Iris and Scott Boutselis Connie Boutselis

    Ms. Nell R. Bracey Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Bryan Mr. and Mrs. John E. Morgan

    Ms. Mary Lou Brady Mr. and Mrs. F.M. Starke

    Mrs. Mildred H. Brice Ms. Bridgit B. Bass The Bass Girls, Clothing & Such Ms. Laura A. Grantham Mr. and Mrs. Warren B. Langston

    Dr. Stephen Bridgers Southeastern Home Care Services

    Mrs. Elsie G. Britt Dr. and Mrs. Samuel E. Britt, II

    Mr. Harold Britt Ms. Megan Britt

    Ms. Peggy Britt Long Branch Joy Group, Long Branch Baptist Church The J.A. Stone Family

    Dr. Samuel E. Britt, II Mr. Kenny Biggs Ms. Cynthia Y. George Mrs. Doris C. McCormick Southeastern Home Care Services

    Dr. Brittany Brown Mrs. Doris C. McCormick

    Dr. and Mrs. Ernest Brown, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Lacy H. Koonce, Jr.

    Ms. Effi e J. Bryant Connie Boutselis

    Ms. Lula Bryant Connie Boutselis

    Mr. Samuel Bryant Connie Boutselis

    Ms. Annette G. Bullard Anonymous

    Mr. Johnny Bullard Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Elkins

    Mr. Lindbergh Bullard Ms. Claudia Treadaway

    Dr. Tracy Bullard Southeastern Home Care Services

    Mrs. Elouise Bullock Mr. and Mrs. Morris Bullock

    Dr. Annette Burke Anonymous

    Dr. William R. Burleson Ms. Cynthia Y. George Southeastern Home Care Services Mr. and Mrs. Coble D. Wilson, Jr.

    Brooke Byrd, R.N. Hailey Sumner, Morgan Haskins, Rachel Johnson and Hannah McMahan

    Mr. Joseph Cain First Baptist of St. Pauls, Beams Sunday School Class

    Ms. Elnora I. Callahan Mrytle C. Parker

    Leondeous Callahan Ms. Myrtle C. Parker

    Jared Cameron Mrs. Frances L. Cameron

    Mr. Brandon Campbell Mrs. Edith Jones

    Dr. Monica Carrion-Jones Southeastern Home Care Services

    Mr. Jimmy Carroll Mr. James M. Carroll

    Mr. Bob Carter Ms. Melissa N. Martin

    Mr. George D. Carter Iona Presbyterian Church

    Mr. Johnie Carter Mr. and Mrs. Bob Antone

    Mr. Thomas W. Carter Mr. George D. Carter

    Mrs. Bertha Caton Mr. and Mrs. Terry Anderson

    Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Caton Ms. Lisa A. Sealey Mr. and Mrs. David T. Sumner

    Henslee C. Caulder Ms. Lori Ann Corbett

    Ms. Zalee Caulder Ms. Lori Ann Corbett

    Dr. Kailash Chandwani Southeastern Home Care Services

    Mr. William B. Coleman, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Elkins

    Dr. and Mrs. Elwood B. Coley Dr. and Mrs. D.E. Ward, Jr.

    Jamie and Alison Collins Connie Boutselis

    Mr. Jeffery L. Collins Ms. Ashley C. Collins

    Loraine A. Collins, C.N.M. Michelle, David and Lauren Cox

    Ms. Frances C. Cooper Good Samaritan Sunday School Class Long Branch Baptist Church

    Mr. Alton Cox Lumberton Lioness Club Katherine Fisher Ms. Patricia B. Wilkerson

    Onita S. Cox, R.N. Michelle, David and Lauren Cox

    Mr. Tilman “Sonny” Cox Mr. and Mrs. Ted Hudler

    Mr. Wendell Cox Mr. and Mrs. Craig Brady Good Samaritan Sunday School Class Long Branch Baptist Church Lumberton Lioness Club Katherine Fisher Ms. Patricia B. Wilkerson

    Mrs. Brenda Crebs Ms. Elaine Pate

    Dr. Lya Crichlow Southeastern Home Care Services

    Mrs. Betty A. Culbreth NC Dept. of Health & Human Services, Controller’s Offi ce, Federal Grants

    Ms. Velear Cummings Ms. Deanna Bullard

    Mom Dad Mr. and Mrs. Hugh M. Porter, Jr.

    Dr. David Dalsimer Southeastern Home Care Services

    Dr. Rahul Dalvi Ms. Cynthia Y. George Southeaster