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  • 1. RCOS User Interface Reseaarch Sean Austin July 22nd 2011Friday, July 22, 11

2. Recap Research User Interface / Experience / Interaction Bring a concise, open-source resource for developers Translate lessons into codeFriday, July 22, 11 3. Progress - Research Found more information on interfaces than I could handle Validated thoughts on needing concise resource Found books are more relevant and useful than research papers (not initial assumption)Friday, July 22, 11 4. Progress - Resource Updated Web Resources / Communities (, Normans site) Books -- Designing Interactions, Designing with the Mind in Mind, Dont Make Me Think, The Inmates Run the Asylum, Living with Complexity Moggridge (First Laptop), Johnson (PhD, Java), Krug (Apple, AOL, etc.), Cooper (VB), Norman (Apple, HP, etc.)Friday, July 22, 11 5. Progress - Development Weather Application for Android 1.6+ Design decision to reduce usage on new APIs so over 99% of Android users have compatibility Prototype createdFriday, July 22, 11 6. Progress - Prototype Core Functionality Implemented Google API Working for 1.6+Friday, July 22, 11 7. Progress - Next Steps Streamline UI per Prototype Spec GPS Soft Launch on Android Marketplace for User feedback Renement of Blog/ ResourcesFriday, July 22, 11


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