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Schinnerers Builders Risk ProgramOnline broker portalWelcomeProgram Overview

Coverage Form


Marketing Toolbox

SummarySchinnerer Builders RiskAdmitted program for new residential dwellings under construction up to $5,000,000 TIV/Limits.

Arch Insurance Group, A+ rated national carrier with over $7 billion in premium

Available in 48 states and DC. (states pending approval AK and HI)

Rate, quote, and issue on line in 9 steps.

Coverage Form ADDITIONAL COVERAGES (INCLUDED IN POLICY)LIMIT OF INSURANCECollapseincludedScaffolding, Construction Forms And Temporary Structures$ 20,000 Debris Removal$ 150,000Discharge From Sewer, Drain or Sump$ 5,000Fire Department Service Charge$ 10,000Valuable Papers and Records$ 20,000Pollutant Clean Up and Removal$ 15,000Ordinance of Law Direct DamageCoverage For Loss To The Undamaged Portion Of The Buildingincluded(2) Demolition Cost Coverage$ 100,000(3) Increased Cost Of Construction$ 100,000(4) Combined Aggregate$ 150,000Preservation Of PropertyincludedReward Payments$ 10,000Property At A Temporary Storage Location$ 100,000Property In Transit$ 100,000Expediting Expense$ 50,000Limited Coverage For Fungi, Wet Rot and Dry Rot$ 5,000Soft Costs$ 50,000 Competitive coverage form with 15 automatic additional coveragesThe Schinnerer product will be a leader within the marketplace. Our standard policy form offers higher built in limits than competitors. Debris Removal - $150,000Property at Temporary Locations - $ 100,000Property in transit - $ 100,000Soft Costs - $ 50,000Expediting Expenses - $ 50,000Limited Coverage for fungi wet rot and dry rot - $ 5,000

The annual premium includes all these coverages at no additional cost. The broker will have the option to increase these limits. The broker will work with the builders risk team on specific requests.

4Optional CoveragesGreen Builder Endorsement

Contract Change Order Endorsement



Schinnerer Portal

Once the user has their username and password they can log into the site. A link will be provided in the registration email or they can click the link posted on the Schinnerer website. 8Schinnerer Portal

Once the user has their username and password they can log into the site. A link will be provided in the registration email or they can click the link posted on the Schinnerer website. 9

Once you click on quotes you will be on the quotes tab. The quotes tab provides a listing of all builders risk quotes for the agency. To submit a new quote the user will click on programs. 10

The programs tab will list all the available online programs. At this time builders risk is the only program in the portal. Additional programs will be added. To start the quote click on submit new application 11

Policy may be written in homeowner or builder name. Now you are on step one.

In step 1 you will need to provide the named insured then the address for the property under construction.

After entering in the address for the property under construction you will need to enter the insureds mailing address and the contact information for the insured. 12

Step 2 is the builder information and eligibility

Provide the mailing address for the builder

Answer eligibility questions about the builder

We also need to know if the builder is insuring any other properties with Schinnerer within 100 feet of this project.

Provide information about losses

From this screen on you will see the quote summary box. This box provides navigational assistance through out the quote process. Please note the email icon does not work at this time. The email icon is under development.

The quote has now been assigned a quote number. It would be helpful if the user would write down the quote number.

The account executives number is provided for additional assistance.


Step 3 is property information.

Provide the county for the property under construction.

The blue question marks provide additional information on the questions. When you hover over a blue question mark a statement will appear about that specific question.


Step 4 is the property and coverage information.

If the project has not started yet provide the date the project will start. The project must start within 60 days of the effective date.

If the project has started provide the percent complete. Any project over 30% complete will need to be reviewed by an underwriter.

Answer the additional questions about the project. 15

Step 5 lists all the additional coverages. Many of the additional coverages can be increased. Select the appropriate increase from the drop down box.


Step 6 lists the optional coverages. 17

Step 7 is the wind screen.

Only certain states need to complete step 7. The states listed are on the screen.

If the wind screen is not answered in a required state the quote will go on hold. 18

Step 8 is Additional Interests.

Make sure to provide the name and address of the additional interests. 19

Billing options are direct or agent bill. Premium is due in full 10 days after effective date. Step 9 is the last step. The agent has the option to select direct bill or broker bill. Total premium due within 10 days of date the policy is issued.


The application review screen will appear. The agent must select the effective date. The system will default to 7 days from today.

A comments box is provided for any additional comments about this quote.

The coverage and premium quote summary lists all the questions and responses given during the quote process. Review the questions and responses. If changes are needed the user can use the navigation buttons in the quote summary box. 21

Continuation of the coverage and premium quote summary22

Continuation of the quote and premium summary page.

Once the user is ready to submit the quote they must select that they agree to the terms and conditions of using the portal. Once the box is checked they will be able to select the submit application online

The email button is currently not working. Please do not use the email button. The print button is working. If you use the print button make sure to come back to this screen to submit the application.

Nothing is saved or submitted until the submit application online button is clicked.


Once the application is submitted the we are processing your application please wait message will appear.

When the quote is submitted the quote submitted screen will appear. When this screen appears the user will receive an email with the quote letter attached. 24

Here is an example of the quote letter


Issuing the PolicyAfter the user reviews the quote letter they need to log back into the portal to issue the policy.

After the agent has reviewed the quote letter they will need to log back into the portal. 27

Once in the portal they will click on quotes 28

Once you click on quotes select show

When you click on show the search box will appear. You can search for the quote by the client name or policy number. The quote number will be the policy number.


When you locate your quote it will look like this. Click on coverage options. You will then have the option to issue policy.

Select the box next to Builders Risk Single Project and then Issue Policy

Once you issue the policy an email will be sent with all the appropriate forms and declarations page.

You are done with the policy.30Questions

Marketing Resources

SummarySuperior coverage form Ease of doing businessOn-line rate, quote and issueBuilders Risk team is here to help! Next Steps: Log into portalSubmit a quote Review coverage formGive Donna a call to discuss a specific account or to receive a phone quoteBuilders Risk Support