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<ul><li><p>Curriculum Vitae </p><p>Satish Kumar Ganesh Nagar New Delhi - 110092 Mob - +919599431340 Email-84thekumar@Gmail.Com </p><p>Career Objective To Achieve Excellence In (Pay Per Click / Search Enginemarketing) Internet Marketing Through </p><p>Continuous Learning And Innovative Work. </p><p>Technical Qualifications Bachelor Of Computer Application In 2009 (H.N.B.G University) </p><p>Professional Certification </p><p>Google Professional Adwords Certification </p><p>Educational Qualifications Intermediate (10+2) In 2006. High School In 2004. </p><p>Technical Skills </p><p> Operating System : Dos,Window95,98,2000,Xp,Server2000/2003 </p><p>Package : Ms-Office. Web Technologies : Html, Filezilla, Adword Editor </p><p>Work Experience: Sr. Sem Executive Maverick Digital Pvt Ltd (November 2015 Till date) </p><p> Drive strategy, execution and optimization of pay per click, display and remarketing </p><p>campaigns in Google Adwords </p><p> Manage key SEO and client accounts in conjunction </p><p> Managing PPC landing page A/B testing optimization for geo-targeted campaigns </p><p>towards lead generation &amp; web traffic </p><p> Evaluating PPC performance of completed and ongoing campaigns using search </p><p>engine dashboards and Google Analytics. </p><p> Handling integrated Marketing Campaigns with web and paid search. </p><p> Responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations and management including </p><p>workflow, resource allocation and ongoing learning and development. </p><p> Creating weekly and monthly performance analysis of marketing campaigns to </p><p>determine available growth opportunities &amp; competitor strategy </p></li><li><p> Analyzed the performance of multiple retail websites and retail product categories </p><p>simultaneously. </p><p> Interpreted and analyzed site metrics by using web analytic tools such as Omniture, </p><p>Google Analytics </p><p> Perform competitive Intelligence Analysis and monitor industry trends, conduct </p><p>secondary market research as well as quantitative analysis. </p><p> Implementing online marketing strategy for through the use of SEO/SEM </p><p>Sr. Sem Executive At Rahku Tech Pvt Ltd . ( Nov 2013 To Oct 2015) </p><p> Creating account structure, keyword research and analysis </p><p> Tool and using competitor analysis tool like spyfu (keywords) semrush and (ad blurbs) </p><p> Working on search network, display network, search &amp; display select. </p><p> Ad copy drafting and ab testing of the ads </p><p> Adding and excluding placements (automatic and manage), topic, remarketing </p><p> Performing changes in the account as per the requirement </p><p> Bid management &amp; optimization (day to day activity) </p><p> Performing search query reports &amp; recommendations </p><p> Sem Executive At Pc Solutions Inc. (8th Nov 2011 To Nov 2013) </p><p> Build and Promote Multi-Platform PPC Campaigns. </p><p> Acquire And Develop Marketing Landscape Research And Study Competitors Position </p><p>And Product Offerings. </p><p> Analyze The Reports Of Search Engines And Prepare And Implement Monthly </p><p>Optimization Strategies For All The Clients. </p><p> Use Analytics Tools Like Google Analytics, Omniture </p><p> Troubleshoot The Tracking Code Installation Issues By Working Closely With Clients' </p><p>Website Designers. </p><p> Prepare Post Click Customer Behavior Reports And Identify The Profitable Landing </p><p>Pages, Optimal Ad Positions And Day Parting. </p><p> Suggest The Plans To The Manager Based On The Analytical Tools Performance Data.. Location: USA , Canada, Australia &amp; Uk </p><p>Job Responsibilities 1) Creating the campaigns based on the product, location and language. Extensive keyword </p><p>research, choosing the relevant and profitable keywords. Monitor, track, and report on paid </p><p>search metrics. Coordinated with team members to ensure achievement of all objectives. </p><p> 2) Creating the ad copies that are not only attracts high ctr but also high conversion rate. </p></li><li><p> 3) Developed and managed ppc campaigns on multiple networks. </p><p>4) Ensured optimal utilization of analytical tools and recommended </p><p>improvements. Strategic budgeting and bidding. </p><p>5) Performed test on landing pages and delivered strategies to maintain conversion rates. </p><p>6) Assisted to select ppc campaigns and performed keyword research. 7) Performed regular tests to maintain optimization of keywords </p><p>Mostly Worked On Websites Related To Real Esatate/ TechSupport/Travel/ Diamonds &amp; Jewellery Iindustries. </p><p> Website analysis </p><p>omniture Competitor site analysis google </p><p>analytics </p><p>Search engine marketing [sem] specialist on google </p><p>search network Remarketing, contextual and placement targeting analyst Manage cpm, cpa and cpc campaigns Testing setup, analysis and reporting google website optimizer daily </p><p>reporting, tracking and metrics manage quality score, bid placement Keyword selection, ad creation Online marketing facebook ads , ad words and , ad Center &amp; (ppc/sem campaigns) Ppc tools :- ad words editor, speedppc &amp; Spyfu strengths:- Sincere, hardworking, punctual and committed. Self motivated, flexible, able to take challenges, able to work in 24x7 </p><p>environments. Good inter personal skills, willing to take challenges in software development. Positive attitude towards learning new things and acquiring more </p><p>Knowledge. Personal Skills Capacity For Self-Motivation &amp; Quick Learning Skill.Keen Instinct To Quickly Effect Change &amp; </p><p>Improvement.Ability To Adapt To Any Environment Or Situation. </p><p>Declaration I Hereby Declare That All The Information Given Above Is True To The Best Of My Knowledge. </p><p> Place: Delhi Date: (Satish Kumar) </p></li></ul>