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  • 2. Infertility is dened as inability of couples to achievepregnancy following one year of unprotected intercourse. Primary infertility Secondary infertility
  • 3. Male infertility may be due to:1. Decrease in the number of sperms2. Sperm being blocked from being released3. Sperm that do not work properly Other causes of male infertility..?
  • 4. Semen analysis.male pathology. Techniques for andrology for monitoring semenparameters, like sperm concentration, motility andmorphology. Computer assisted semen analysis (CASA)
  • 5. CASA has categorized motility(micrometer/sec), of sperm into three classesas:1. average path velocity (VAP)2. straight line velocity (VSL)3. curvilinear velocity (VCL)
  • 6. Testicular pathology is divided in to subgroups as:1. Teratozoospermia2. Oligozoospermia3. Asthenozoospermia4. Azoospermia5. Polyzoospermia
  • 7. Antisperm antibodies are antibodies directed against thesperm. Research began in 1899 Found systematically and in local secretion. Impair the fertilizing ability of spermatozoa.
  • 8. To compare the data of semen parameters from fertileand infertile subject categories. To see the role of antisperm antibodies on spermmotility analyzed through CASA in fertile and fertilemale subjects. To determine the impact of ASA in our population andhow it varies in different categories of infertile malesubjects. To determine whether seminal plasma ASA can be usedas diagnostic tool in evaluating male fertility potential.
  • 9. (n=10) fertile and (n=72) infertile malesubjects.The infertile patients were subdivided into different categories :(ATZS), (AZS), (OZS), (OAZS), (SA).Semen volume, sperm count, CASA,motility parameters were measuredaccording to WHO criteria.Antisperm antibody enzyme linkedimmunosorbent assay (ELISA) kit.
  • 10. There was non-significant (P>0.05) difference in mean SEMsemen volume among fertile and different categories ofinfertile male subjects (ATZS, OZS, OAZS, SA). However azoospermics (AZS) patients showed significant(P