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  • 1. Hello Second Graders! Unfortunately your clay isnt completely ready to paint.So today we are going to prepare for our next project.For our next project, you need to create several simple designs with geometric shapes.What are geometric shapes?

2. Good Afternoon Second Grade Artists! Now that you have finished painting your clay creatures, we can get back to your symmetrical designs.Today you will create your final symmetricaldesign.Who cantell me what thesewords mean? *Symmetrical *Line of Symmetry 3. Samoan Siapo Bark Cloth -Samoa is an island in the Pacific Ocean near Australia -Siapo is a form of art using bark from a mulberry tree which is pounded into very thin sheets and dried in the sun -Samoan artists use dyes from plants to create their designs -This cloth is usually worn during special occasions -These cloths are also found in Ghana and Nigeria 4. Steps: 1) Write name on back2) Fold paper3) Create symmetrical design4) Crumple paper 5. Good Afternoon Second Graders, You have all created such amazing symmetrical designs and now you get to add colors.Remember, you are creating a Samoan Siapo Bark Cloth so the colors you use will also come from this traditional art.What can you remember about Samoan Siapo Bark Cloths? 6.

  • Siapo Inks
  • Lama, theblackdye comes from the soot of the candle nut
  • Ago, theyellowdye is derived from Turmeric. The root is cleaned and the skin scraped off. It is then grated into a cloth through which the liquid is squeezed out
  • Soaa, thepurpledye is made from the sap of the trunk of a banana plant. The trunk is cut at the bottom and the sap runs out producing the dye
  • Loa, thereddye is extracted from the pods of the Lip Stick tree
  • Oa, thebrowndye is squeezed from the bark of the tree.Small amounts of O'a can be squeezed with a coconut fiber strainer.

7. Good Afternoon Second Graders, Last time most of you finishedpainting your Samoan Siapo BarkCloth designs.Today those thatneed to can finish and everyone else needs to make sure they are finished.How do you know when you are completely finished? 8.

  • Jobs for today:
  • Finish painting
  • Do touch-up painting
  • Outline all shapes with black marker
  • Check-in with 2 classmates
  • Put it in the orange finished work bin
  • Free Draw