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  1. 1. The Sales Performance & Productivity Summit IITrack 1 14:00 14:45Sales and marketing alignment 2.0 Results from the 2013 worldwide study and insights to gain more business growth Francois Delvaux, Partner Minds&More Tweet#9octsalessummit SMS 0495/582.221 with your question + name1 1
  2. 2. Sales & Marketing Alignment 2.0 Study done by2
  3. 3. Sales & Marketing Alignment 2.0500 Companies 20 Countries Average revenues each of 200 Million $3
  4. 4. Before we start, common definitions Closure MQL = Marketing Qualified Lead MQL closure = probability of converting a marketing qualified lead deal to a sale SQL = Sales Qualified Lead SQL closure = probability of closing an SQL Proposal closure = how likely a proposal is to be accepted Acceptance MQL acceptance = how likely Sales is to accept leads generated by Marketing (also called sales accepted lead) Outcomes Contribution = how much of the revenue came from Marketings leads Retention = how well you keep customers4
  5. 5. Three Key Numbers56% higher probability that marketing-generated leads will close108% 108% better lead acceptance by sales (MQL to SQL rates)209% 209% stronger contribution to revenue from marketinggenerated leads as a result 5
  6. 6. Counter intuitive stepsTeach your sales people to open and your marketers to close !!6
  7. 7. Planning to get new revenuesWho Drives Planning Process?Impact of each7
  8. 8. Planning new revenues - FinanceWho Drives Planning Process?Impact of each+38% new revenues3 X more Churn 8
  9. 9. Planning new revenues - MarketingWho Drives Planning Process?Impact of each55% lift in acceptance of MQLsDeal sizes drop by 47%56% drop in churnClosure capability drops 16% 9
  10. 10. Planning new revenues - SalesWho Drives Planning Process?Impact of eachGood at keeping customersClosure rates are 31% worse than when Finance is in control 10
  11. 11. Planning new revenues - ProductionWho Drives Planning Process?Impact of eachRetention is at its best Sales closure rates with churn no less than drops by 42% 72% lower than when Finance in charge leads drops by 34% 11
  12. 12. Planning new revenues - OperationsWho Drives Planning Process?Impact of each12
  13. 13. Joint Planning Better ResultsJoint planning delivers: 56% better leads 31% better acceptance 62% more revenue from Marketing13
  14. 14. TimingPlanning needs to be done quickly (less than a month) and reviewed 209% increased contribution from Marketing 13% less churn14
  15. 15. ProcessA single, end to end process delivered: 51% less churn 108% better lead acceptance 126% higher contribution to revenue from Marketing15
  16. 16. TrainingTeach your sales people to open and your marketers to close Training delivers benefits, but not where youd expect16
  17. 17. Training - Marketing Over 3 days of training every year Produce leads with a 24% probability that those leads will close (once marked as a Marketing Qualified Lead or MQL) The probability of marketing leads closing increases markedly with additional marketing training, peaking at between 8 and 10 days of training Those marketers return the training investment by producing MQLs with an impressive 39%probability of closingThats a 56% improvement. 17
  18. 18. Training - Sales On average 4 days of training every year MQL acceptance rates improve steadily, peaking at 50% for businesses who invest 8 days or more each year in their sales people Churn rates also reduce with more training However, increasing how much you train your sales people wont improve their ability to close?!?! 1. Feast and famine quarterly behaviour 2. Teaches sales people to tell lies in your CRM 3. Risk of closing questions / pushiness 18
  19. 19. Training - Both Helps get new business 29% improvement for Sales and 26% for Marketing as the training investment shifts from 2 days to 10Train your Marketers how to create leads with a high closure rate Train your Sales people to accept and act on Marketings leads quickly Train both to generate new business. 19
  20. 20. Automation33%No automationmore confident153%Marketing leadsless revenue !!20
  21. 21. Renaming Funnel StagesMQLs with a 46% higher closure rateSQLs are 16% more likely to close+ further 28% lift on MQL closure rates 21
  22. 22. Recap 1. Negotiate alignment to be a top priority for your leaders from each of Sales and Marketing. Rehire if you have to2. Planning jointly, quickly and often lifts the performance of the engine3. Design a single end to end process for Marketing and Sales and centre it around the Buyers Journey, not the sellers everything from hello to thank you. 4. Identify key measures to track and communicate widely. Include output measures (MQL acceptance, win rates from MQL, SQL and Proposal, time taken between buyer stages, and leakage % of opportunities that dont progress from each stage 22
  23. 23. Recap 4. Sweat your sales people on opening ratios (combination of lead acceptance and their own need-creation) and your marketers on closing ratios. 5. Automate buyer progression, not emails. Great marketing automation requires smart segmentation of buyers, reading buyer signals, and acting on those signals. Doing automatically, at scale, what a smart marketer would do if they had time.6. Train for gaps: find out which measures indicate the greatest potential upside, and direct your training at those gaps. Train marketers to create campaigns that close, and sales people to create opportunities.23
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