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2. Powered By 3. What is their most famous ownership? 4. What is blanked out here? 5. How is this building commonly known? 6. Cathedral of Rum 7. Whom did Google honour with this doodle? 8. Leon Faucault 9. Identify the logo 10. AQIdentify this gentleman. 11. AQLogo of ? 12. _____ _____ were first used in the Indus Valley Civilization. The cities of Harappa and Mohenjo-daro had a _____ _____ in almost every house, a proof of the Hydraulic engineering of the Civilization.Thomas Crapper did much to increase the popularity of it and a related term emerged because of him. Write down the IV ingenuity. 13. Flush Toilet !! 14. LANCO is a large business conglomerate involved in construction, power, real estate, and several other segments. The group of companies was once listed among the fastest growing companies in the world. On 13th February 2014, why was the principal shareholder of this Co. suddenly in news ? 15. Theme song of? 16. SAP HANA (High Performance Analytic Appliance) is an in-memory, column oriented, relational database management system. A few days back in India, HANA was used differently by customising it for a specific purpose. The user group said this tool would aid them in better decision making. What was the purpose? 17. KKR used HANA to pick players during the IPL Auction. The real-time application, named SAP Auction Analytics will enable KKR to evaluate players based on multiple dimensions. 18. Bruces Code, enacted by East India Company in 1821 A.D, were the well-defined rules formulated as a code having 42 provisions to ease the administration of this group of entities on the basis of customs without interfering in its day-to-day affairs. The objective of the British in taking over this group was to generate fixed revenue to the government. Bruce, the then Commissioner of the Chittoor district formulated a Code containing 42 provisions, known as "Bruce's code" for the guidance of what? 19. "Bruce's code" for the guidance of the Tirupati temple administration. 20. Gattu, the mascot was created by cartoonist R.K. Laxman in 1954. Soon Gattu, with his "shock of black hair eternally dangling over his right eye", became popular and remained so for many decades. In 2012, they went for rebranding and said Our new logo conveys those elements with the flowing ribbon formation that creates the design highlighting the easy flow, smoothness, dynamism and possibility that our solution and offerings will provide. Which Co. logo? 21. Whose career profile? Receptionist at the Centaur Lake View hotel in Srinagar Founder of an event management business called Expressions Accounts executive in Bozell Prime Advertising Sales manager in the Dubai-based TECOM Investments. 22. Sunanda Pushkar 23. AQDid Chemical Engineering from Osmania University. IIM- Ahmedabad postgraduate. Worked in an ad agency for 2 years. Brand Ambassador of PETA. Along with his wife, Anita, runs a communication consultancy called Prosearch. Whose profile? 24. Harsha Bhogle 25. AQGive me the news 26. AQCol. John Penny Cuick from UK is worshipped along some parts of the borders of Tamilnadu. It is said he pledged his wifes ornaments to complete the herculean task entrusted on him. After spending a whopping (!!) 43lakhs, he & his team finally managed it. What is it ? 27. Mullaperiyar Dam 28. Gimme the locational speciality of this shot that TW is going to take in a Turkish Open promotional event? 29. Bosphorous Bridge connects Europe and Asia. TW took the shot at Europe and it landed in Asia Bosphorus Bridge 30. Why is he apologizing? 31. Mark Kraplese, CEO of Mt.Gox-the bitcoin exchange which failed 32. Who keeps this inspirational note on his desk? 33. Brian Acton of Whatsapp 34. Connect 35. Fictional Companies Oceanic Airlines Lost Globex Corporation- Simpsons Oscorp Spiderman Gringotts HarryPotter 36. There is a specific reason why Samsung emerges the leader with a huge margin here. What is the reason? 37. the epic selfie with the Samsung Galaxy Note 38. Historical significance of this cheque? 39. Americas purchase of Alaska from Russian EmpireThe US$ 7.2 million check used to pay for Alaska. 40. AQ 41. N 42. FWhich movie? 43. C 44. EMy final question is a tribute to which stream of people? 45. All you, Engineers 46. Researched & Compiled by Aravind & Sooraj for Sahasra Suggestions and feedback Email : quizkerala @ The First Comprehensive website on Kerala Quizzing HAPPY QUIZZING !!


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