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Volume V 2 Our Sincer e t hanks t o t he f ollowing f or t heir invaluable cont r ibut ions t o t his ebook : For host ing Sr i VishNu Sahasr a Naamam ebooks Oppiliappan KOil Sr i Var adAchAr i SaThakOpan Chief Edit or , Sundar asimham & AhObilavalli eBooks Ser ies Pr oviding t he sour ce f or compiling t he document : Mandayam Sr i K. Kr ishnaswamy (ht t p:/ / kir t chinnamma/ sahasr a/ ) Pr oviding t he Sanskr it t ext s: Mannar gudi Sr i.Sr inivasan Nar ayanan Cover I mage Smt . Somalat ha of Somalat ha & Associat es, Bangalor e (ht t p:/ / Sr i. V. Gangadhar (Raj u) - Ar t ist Sr i. B. Sr inivas f or pr oviding t he cover image f or use in t his e-book Pr oviding t he images Sr i. B. Sent hil (www.t hir uvaikunt avinnagar am.blogspot .com) Sr i Mur ali Bhat t ar ( ir angapankaj Ramanuj a Dasar gaL ( svami) Nedunt her u Sr i Mukund Sr inivasan Exclusive Ar t wor k Sow R. Chit r alekha of sundar asimham-ahobilavalli t eam E-book assembly: Smt . J ayashr ee Mur alidhar an Sr i. Mur alidhar an Desikachar i 3 CONTENTS CONTENTS CONTENTS SlOkam 96 1 SlOkam 97 16 SlOkam 98 37 SlOkam 99 58 SlOkam 100 71 SlOkam 101 94 SlOkam 102 115 SlOkam 103 144 SlOkam 104 161 SlOkam 105 181 SlOkam 106 202 SlOkam 107 221 vanamalee slOkam 253 phala Sr ut i 255 nigamanam 256 4 5 + ~l-+ + ~l-+ + ~l-+ + ~lP6 lPl+ =l4 +P-+ + ~lP6 lPl+ =l4 +P-+ + ~lP6 lPl+ =l4 +P-+ + ~lP6 |+Pl-6 P(l( |HTl4 +P-+ + ~lP6 |+Pl-6 P(l( |HTl4 +P-+ + ~lP6 |+Pl-6 P(l( |HTl4 +P-+ ~lP6 ~l \lPl+ = P(l( |HTl4 +P- ~lP6 ~l \lPl+ = P(l( |HTl4 +P- ~lP6 ~l \lPl+ = P(l( |HTl4 +P- SrI vishNu sahasra nAmam SrI vishNu sahasra nAmam SrI vishNu sahasra nAmam (Volume V) (Volume V) (Volume V) 6 1 Slokam 96 Slokam 96 Slokam 96 B+ltB+l6+6P- T|9- T|9-44- B+ltB+l6+6P- T|9- T|9-44- B+ltB+l6+6P- T|9- T|9-44- F4|F6(- F4|F6T tF4|F6 F4|F6 T F4|F6(- F4|F6T tF4|F6 F4|F6 T F4|F6(- F4|F6T tF4|F6 F4|F6 T F4|F6(|T-+ \+ F4|F6(|T-+ \+ F4|F6(|T-+ \+ sanAt sanAt anat amah kapilah kapir avyayah | svast idah svast ikr ut svast i svast ibhuk svast idakshiNah | | [ PLEASE ADD PRANAVAM BEFORE EACH NAAMA ] nAma 897. nAma 897. nAma 897. B+l6 B+l6 B+l6 sanAt sanAt sanAt a) The Obj ect of enj oyment . b) He Who is in t he f or m of Time. c) He Who is Et er nal, I mmut able, and always of t he same beaut if ul For m. sanAte namaH. Two dist inct der ivat ions have been used t o int er pr et t he nAma. Sr I kRshNa dat t a bhAr advAj uses t he r oot san - dAne - t o give, t o wor ship, and gives t he def init ion - sanot i - dadAt i svadar Sanam bhakt ebhya it i sanAt - He Who gives His dar Sanam t o His devot ees is sanAt . This is t he sense in which Sr i BhaTTar seems t o int er pr et t he nAma. Sr I vAsishTha int er pr et s t he nAma as meaning ' SaSvat , nit ya' - per manent , et er nal. The amar a koSa list s t he wor d ' sanA' as an indeclinable meaning ' per pet ually, ever ' , and gives t he def init ion - ' sanA nit ye' . The wor d ' sanAt ana' is der ived f r om t he wor d sanA. a) Sr I BhaTTar ' s int er pr et at ion is: t eshAm sambhaj anAt sanAt - Because He conf er s per f ect enj oyment on all t he mukt a-s equally, He is called sanAt . b) Sr I Sa' nkar a gives t he meaning ' ancient ' , ' of long dur at ion' , t o t he wor d sanAt - sanAt it i nipAt ah cir Ar t ha vacanaH - An indeclinable indicat ing a gr eat lengt h of t ime. One of t he manif est at ions of bhagavAn is as Time. He quot es vishNu pur ANa in suppor t : par asya br ahmaNo r Upam pur ushaH pr at hamam dvij a | 2 vyakt Avyakt e t at haivAnye r Upe kAlas-t at hApar am | | (VP 1.2.15) "The f ir st f or m of par a br ahman is pur usha. The next t wo ar e vykat a and avyakt a. Anot her is Time". J ust as He is wit hout beginning and wit hout end, Time is also wit hout beginning and wit hout end. c) Sr I vAsishTha gives t he descr ipt ion - sanAt nit yaH avikAr aH ekar asaH it yar t haH - He Who is Et er nal, I mmut able, and always of t he same beaut if ul For m. He gives r ef er ences t o t he Sr ut i in suppor t : sanAt yuvAnamase havAmahe Rg. 2.16.1 sanAdeva sahase j At a ugr aH Rg. 4.20.6 A yo mahaH Sur aH sanAt anI DaH Rg. 10.55.6. d) Sr I baladeva vidyA bhUshaN gives t he int er pr et at ion - sanam t ad- dat t t am r asa gandhAdi at t i it i sanAt - He Who gladly accept s t he of f er ings f r om His devot ees (one of t he meanings given by Sr I Apt e f or t he wor d ' san' is ' t o r eceive gr aciously' ). nAma 898. nAma 898. nAma 898. B+l6+6P- B+l6+6P- B+l6+6P- sanAt ana sanAt ana sanAt ana-- -t amaH t amaH t amaH The Most Ancient . sanAtana-tamAya namaH. SanA is an indeclinable meaning ' nit ya' et c., as not ed in t he pr evious nAma. The wor d ' sanAt ana' is der ived by applicat ion of t he pANini sUt r a 4.3.23 (Sr I vAsishTha), t hat says t hat addit ion of t he pr at yaya her e t o a wor d having t he sense of t ime (sanA), leads t o t he sense of ' belonging t o' . Thus, t he t er m ' sanA-t ana' has t he meaning ' belonging t o t he et er nit y or ancient t imes' . Wit h t he addit ion of t he ' t amap' pr at yaya, t he meaning f or ' sanAt ana-t ama' is "The Most ancient ". He was pr esent bef or e anyt hing else was pr esent , and He is pr esent when ever yt hing else is dest r oyed dur ing t he pr alaya. So He is 3 sanAt ana-t amaH. Sr I BhaTTar comment s t hat even t hough He is ancient (pur ANa), He is always new, and is always mor e enj oyable and f r esh, as t hough He is new and not seen bef or e. I n bhagavAn' s case, He is ' pur A api navaH pur ANaH' . This is what is excit ing (t ama) about His ancient nat ur e - Ageless but new. Sr I BhaTTar uses t he t er m ' t ana' in t he nAma t o r ef er t o r Upam or f or m (t anu - Sar I r am). He r emar ks: sadA-t anat ve' pi t adA-t anat vavat nit ya nUt ana bhogyaH - Even t hough He has always had a body (sadA t anat vam), He looks like One who is j ust new (t adA-t anat t vam - One who has j ust been endowed wit h a new body), and is enj oyed as t hough He is new, and t his is why He is sanA-t ana- t amaH. Sr I baladeva vidyA bhUshaN' s int er pr et at ion suppor t s t hat of Sr I BhaTTar - sanAt anAnAm mukt AnAm ayam at iSayena sanAt ana-t amah | sanAt anve' pi t eshAn t adA-t anat vavat pr at I ya it ayar t haH. Sr I v.v. r AmAnuj an r ef er s us t o nammAzhvAr ' s pASur am, which gr aphically capt ur es t his t hought of bhagavAn being ever new f or our enj oyment , no mat t er how many yuga-s pass. ep-por uLum t AnAi mar agat ak kunRam okkum ap-pozhudait t Amar aip-pUk-kaN pAdam kai kamalam ep-pozhudum nAl t i' ngaL ANDu Uzhi Uzhi t or um ap-pozhudaikkappozhudu en Ar A amudamE. (t ir uvAi. 2.5.4) "I am sor r y I have t o r epeat what I have said bef or e. I t is because t he exper ience I have is r ef r eshingly new ever y moment , even if I enj oy it f or days, year s, ages, and millennia, wit hout my being sat iat ed. The inf init e var iet y, unlike t ir ing unif or m monot ony, makes ever y moment a f r esh bliss; it is an exper ience t hat is new always. Do not t hink t hat my new exper ience is because I am discover ing somet hing new ever y moment because of my gr owing int ellect . The Lor d has given me f lawless int ellect at t he ver y out set . The exper ience of t he Lor d' s company is on an ent ir ely dif f er ent plane. He Who is 4 t he inner soul of all, having all t hings as His aspect s, looks like a gr eenish cool hill of beaut y, wit h eyes, f eet , hands, all like lot us f lower s t hat have f r eshly blossomed at t his ver y moment . He is nect ar t hat is sweet er and sweet er ever y moment , insat iable and unceasingly enj oyable". (t r anslat ion f r om v.n. vedAnt a deSikan). AzhvAr again r ef er s t o t his ever -new exper ience of bhagavAn in pASur am 2.6.1: ...............ennuL manni vaigum vaigal t Or um amudAya vAnERE ..... (t ir uvAi. 2.6.1) "O My Lor d, You who ar e t he Chief of all gods, is like nect ar wit h which one never get s sat iat ed wit h ever y new day t hat we live t hr ough". Sr I Sa' nkar a' s int er pr et at ion is t hat "He is t he Most Ancient ", since He is t he cause of all, and older t han br ahmA and ot her s who ar e ver y ancient - sar va kAr aNat vAt , vir i' ncyAdI nAmapi sanAt anAnAm at iSayena sanAt anat vAt sanAt ana-t amaH. Sr I vAsishTha gives suppor t f r om t he Sr ut i: sanAt anam-enam-Ahur -ut AdyaH syAt -punAr -Navah | aho-r At r e pr aj Ayet e anyo anyasya r UpayoH | | (at har va. 10.8.23) "Being ancient , He appear s new ever y moment , even as t he day and night r eappear f r esh r epeat edly, one assuming t he f or m of t he ot her ". nAma 899. nAma 899. nAma 899. T|9- T|9- T|9- kapilaH kapilaH k