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<p>WELCOME TO OUR PRESENYATION</p> <p>WELCOME TO OUR PRESENYATION</p> <p>Rupali Life Insurance Company Ltd.</p> <p>ABOUT RLICRupali Life Insurance Company (RLIC) is one of the leading Life Insurance Companies in Bangladesh. It has a very dignified management having magnificent professional Identity, illustrious educational background and honesty. The Company transact a wide range of Life Insurance business in Bangladesh and has gradually developed goodwill and expertise in the field with sound and stable financial position.</p> <p>Our vision: We want to be the leader insurance among the life insurance companies in Bangladesh, providing integrated insurance service and prompt settlement.</p> <p>Our mission:To provide quality and innovative product.To create a shareholder value.To emphasis the highest customer satisfaction. </p> <p>Our Products Rupali life insurance company has the following product for its clientsGuaranteed Bonus Endowment InsuranceProgressive Endowment Insurance with profitsPension Insurance Policy without profitsChild Protection Endowment Insurance with profitsSingle Payment Endowment Insurance with profitsTakaful Deposit Pension Endowment InsuranceMudaraba Deposit Pension Scheme with profits.</p> <p>ENDOWMENT INSURANCE WITH PROFITS: This plan is an insurance investment mix designed to provide growth and security. One maturity, and in the event of an insured person's untimely death, sum assured plus occurred are paid to the beneficiaries.</p> <p>GUARANTEED BONUS ENDOWMENT INSURANCE: This plan provides guaranteed bonus at the rate of taka twenty for one thousand of sum assured. On maturity and in the event of abrupt death, sum assured along with above rate of guaranteed bonuses are paid to the nominees.</p> <p>PROGRESSIVE ENDOWMENT INSURANCE WITH PROFITS: It provides comparatively small premium for the first five years against greater sum assured. After five years insured person can decrease or increase the term with his or her own increasing or decreasing income.</p> <p> THANKYOU</p>


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