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Special 8 page royal wedding supplement ahead of the big day.


  • WilliamKate&


  • William & KateWITH Kate Middleton aboutto sign up to life as aroyal, what exactly lies instore for her as a member ofBritains most famous family?From the perks and pitfalls to theceremonies and the scandals, theunique experience of marryinginto The Firm can be somethingof a shock, especially to aso-called commoner.Knowing your corgi from yourdorgi and prepping yourself onprotocol should stand MissMiddleton in good stead.Heres a guide to dos anddonts of royal life:

    THE IN-LAWSWhen your husbandsgrandmother is The Queen,the new in-laws are bound totake some getting used to.The Queen apparently likespractical presents for Christmas,keeps her cereal in plastic containersand dislikes spicy food.Kates new father-in-law the Princeof Wales talks to his plants and theDuchess of Cornwall cooks a goodroast chicken.The Duke of Edinburgh is knownfor his abrupt manner andnotable gaffes, but Kate shouldget this influential patriarch onside.She should seek out other alliesamong those who married into theroyals.She has already lunched with Camilla,but the Countess of Wessex - a firmfavourite of the Queens - will also beable to show Kate the ropes.The glamorous but controversialPrincess Michael of Kent is perhapsone relationship that need not becultivated.The Queen apparently once quippedthat Princess Michael was far toogrand for the likes of us.

    THE SCANDALSFrom Charless affair with CamillaParker Bowles to Prince Harrywearing a swastika armband, theroyals have a habit of embroilingthemselves in controversy.Sarah, Duchess of York, paved the wayfor her exit from the Royals in 1992after the paparazzi snapped a toplessFergie having her toes sucked by herfinancial advisor.Some 20 years later, she is still introuble this time over cash-for-accessproblems.Kate should instead follow PrinceWilliams lead by being careful andsensible.

    OFFICIAL ENGAGEMENTSMiss Middleton may have lookedhappy as she helped dedicate a lifeboatin Anglesey on her first officialengagement, but she may not havequite the same enthusiasm as theyears go by.Even though she is in her eighties, theQueen carried out 444 visits, openingceremonies and other engagements in2010. Barring divorce, life means lifefor royals.Endless plaque unveilings, treeplantings, walkabouts and line upsform the basis for many an officialvisit.Royals tend to rely on their ownfavourite stock phrases to get throughthe meet and greets and Kate shouldkeep a few in mind.The Prince of Wales can often be heard

    toremark I do hope Im not disturbingyou, while the Duke of Edinburghasks very direct questions andentertains guests with lighteningquick quips - and sometimes faux pas.There are also annual favourites -Easter Sunday church, the ChelseaFlower Show, Ascot, Trooping theColour and the appearance atSandringham on Christmas Day.At some stage, Kate will also have tomake her first public speech.But one benefit is the holidays. Everysummer the royals retreat to Balmoralin Scotland for a lengthy break.

    THE JEWELLERYKate will be wined and dined atbanquets across the world, showeredwith expensive gifts and have aseemingly endless collection of gownsduring her royal life.

    She will also have access to some of themost incredible and priceless jewelleryin the world.The Queen owns a large collection oftiaras, necklaces and brooches such asQueen Marys tiara and GrandDuchess Vladimirs tiara.She is likely to loan items to Kate forspecial occasions.

    THE PRESSEverything from what she wears towhat she says and how she says it willbe scrutinised by the media.The interest in this future queen islikely to reach heights not seen sincethe days of Diana, Princess of Wales.So far she has excelled herself bykeeping smiling and not putting a footwrong.Kate could look at how Camilla hascoped. The Duchess is well liked by theroyal photographers for her

    PRINCE WILLIAM andKate Middletons marriagewill herald a new era for theroyal family.The couple will exchangetheir wedding vows inWestminster Abbey onFriday as a global audienceof hundreds of millionswatches.The union of the prince andthe commoner follows aseven-year relationship thathad royal watcherswondering whether Williamwould ever pop thequestion.But on November 16 lastyear, the couple posed in theglare of photographersflashguns in St JamessPalace to announce theirengagement following aproposal during a holidayin Africa.Royal historian HugoVickers said the marriageand the changes it heraldsfor the monarchy wouldattractyoungmembers ofsociety.He said:This is anewgenerationrevival. Itshouldappeal to thechildren ofthis country.I think itwill be wonderful thatduring the Queens reignyou may get anotherprospective generation - ourQueen with Charles,William and a little boy orgirl. Continuity is soimportant.On the day of the weddingall eyes will be on MissMiddleton as she is drivento the Abbey in the RollsRoyce Phantom VI (inset)that was attacked bystudent fees rioters whilecarrying her future in-laws,the Prince of Wales andDuchess of Cornwall lastDecember.As she steps from thelimousine the world will getits first glimpse of herwedding dress.Inside the Abbey will bearound 1,900 guests - fromkings and prime ministersto ambassadors andbishops. The Queenand her family willbe seated a few feetfrom theMiddletons.As the west dooropens everyone willstand for the brideand the service

    will begin with theArchbishop of CanterburyDr Rowan Williams(pictured below) conductingthe wedding ceremony.Kate will walk up the aisle acommoner but will emergefrom the abbey an hourlater, arm-in-arm with herprince, with a royal title, asWilliam is likely to made aduke.On her finger will be awedding band made ofWelsh gold - a tradition forroyal brides - but Williamwill not wear a ring,something normal for royalmen.The couple will travel toBuckingham Palace in thesame coach used byWilliams parents on theirwedding day. They will beaccompanied by a captainsescort made up of mountedsoldiers from the HouseholdCavalry.Kates journey as member

    of themonarchywill have justbegun.Williamsfiancee hasalready beenreceivingadvice andguidancefrom royalaides and shewill now begiven her full

    backroom staff, fromhairdressers to a privatesecretary.She will take on thepatronage of variouscharities and be expected togive speeches promotinggood causes or launchingevents.On the big day, thenewly-weds will join apalace reception where 600invited guests will get achance to congratulatethem before they cut twowedding cakes - atraditional fruit one and achocolate treat for William.Later the couple and therest of the royal family willgather on BuckinghamPalaces balcony to watch aflypast of modern andhistoric war planes.But the world will bewaiting to see if the couplereprise Charles and Dianasfamous kiss on their

    wedding day.In the evening a privatepalace dinner anddance for 300 ofWilliam and Katesclose friends and family

    will be hosted byCharles.

    Day will bring newgeneration of fans New

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  • willingness to help them secure adecent shot - turning towards thecamera with a broad smile doeswonders for keeping the press packon-side.Charles is however not so keen onthe press - or bloody people as heonce unfortunately labelled themduring a Klosters photocall.William and Harry - pictured topright clashing with a photographer -too are likely to be forever wary ofthe media after their mother Dianadied while being pursued by thepaparazzi.Kate will no doubt take this on boardbut so far seems entirely at ease infront of the cameras during her firstofficial engagements.

    THE PUBLICMiss Middleton will find thatwherever she goes on official visits,

    members of the public will gather tocatch a glimpse of the new HRH.She will find herself swamped withflowers, gifts and even photographsfrom royal fans during walkabouts.Presents are usually swiftly passedback to a royal aide or lady-in-waitingto avoid the VIP becoming swamped.

    THE CORGISA love of these diminutive dogs is amust.The Queen has owned more than 30corgis, starting with Susan who was apresent for her 18th birthday.She currently has four corgis: Linnet,Monty, Holly and Willow.She also introduced a new breed calleda dorgi by mating one of her corgiswith a dachshund named Pipkinwhich belonged to Princess Margaret.She currently has three dorgis - Cider,Candy and Vulcan.

    The Queen feeds them from the tablewith titbits and even mixes up somegravy, biscuits and meat at tea time,presented in silver bowls.It can be hard to keep track of theseroyal animals as they scurry aboutduring royal receptions, but treadingon one is an absolute no-no.Kate should also ensure that anyfuture pets are kept under control.In 2003, one of the Princess Royalsdogs, Florence, savaged one of theQueens favourite corgis so badly ithad to be put down, leaving themonarch