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  2. 2. Input / Output Diagram USBUSB IEEE1394IEEE1394 INININININININININ DUALDUALDUALDUALDUALDUALDUAL OUTPUTOUTPUTOUTPUTOUTPUTOUTPUTOUTPUT DUAL OUTPUT 394IEEEIEEEIEEEIEEEIEEEIEEEIEEE111113943943943943943943943943943943943943941113941111394113941113941394139411139413941394394394139413941 IEEE1394 (DV/HDV/MPEG-2 TS) Livestream Ustream Stickam USBUSBUSBUSBUSBUSB Livestream Ustream Stickam USB Video/Audio VIDEO AUDIO TIMECODE HDMI 1.3 Component Composite S-Video AES/EBU XLR RCA PIN SMPTE HDV DV MPEG-2 TS *1 *1 *1 *2 *2 *2
  3. 3. VC-30HD RCS Remote Control Software enables greater control of numerous parameters Codec Bit Rate: MPEG-2 TS (HD: 50/35/25/18/12/8 Mbps, SD: 12/9/6/4/3/2 Mbps) Audio Input Delay: Max. 1sec by 1/10 frame Setup Level (NTSC): 0 IRE or 7.5 IRE Component Level: SMPTE or BETACAM Audio, i-LINK, timecode and more Mac and PC
  4. 4. Configuration Example - HD Live Streaming (Redundant with Archiving) Converts and combines video and audio to MPEG-2 for live streaming. Simultaneously outputs to two IEEE1394 and one USB 2.0 port. Shows the ability for redundant streaming paths along with archiving. Streaming Service (Macintosh) Streaming Service (Windows) M-300 VC-30HD V-800HD HDMI Audio 1394 Firewire USB 1394 Firewire Blu-Ray Recorder
  5. 5. Configuration Example - Live Streaming + Backup Recording Output from video and audio equipment can be combined and used for web streaming and recording to video devices for backup. Streaming Service M-300 VC-30HD LVS-800 F-1 S-Video Composite Audio USB 1394 Firewire
  6. 6. Configuration Example - DSLR Video Recording Record from a digital still camera to PC or directly to another video device. Digital Still Camera VC-30HD Video CameraVideo Camera Windows PC USB HDMI 1394 Firewire
  7. 7. Configuration Example - Record to a Blu-ray Record directly to Blu-ray recorder from a Non-linear Editor via VC-30HD. VC-30HD 1394 Firewire HDV/MPEG-2 TS 1394 Firewire Blu-ray Recorder/Player 1394 Firewire PC/Mac
  8. 8. Configuration Example - Live Production - Webcast and Archive to Blu-ray Simultaneously P-10 V-800HD HD/SD Video Sources - HDMI/Component Audio M-300 VC-30HD Video IEEE 1394 JVC Blu-Ray Recorder Audio Analog or Digital USB Streaming Service
  9. 9. Configuration Example - Pre/Post Production - Capture to NLE PC or Mac NLE NLEDV/HDV Digital Still Camera Video Switcher LVS-800 Blu-ray or DVD VC-30HD IEEE 1394 Audio Component USBIEEE 1394 HDMI Composite
  10. 10. Block Diagram
  11. 11. Dimensions 11.8 189.6 7 146 41.8


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