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Roger’s Revenge. a RogerBob production by Roger. Instructions. Don’t use arrow keys. Try to defeat Bob! Every page will have some choices you can do. Got it!. You are Roger. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Rogers Revenge

You are still on your planet, Planet Roger. You get into your mini-ship, the Titan, and get off the planet, but Bob has sent some of his guards to get into ships and destroy your planet! The guards see you and they start firing at you.

FIRE BACKDODGE THE LASERS ABORT MISSION!InstructionsDont use arrow keys.Try to defeat Bob!Every page will have some choices you can do.

Got it!You are Roger.(prologue) One day, while you are talking to Toby, your assistant, you see, out of the corner of your eye, something interesting. You go to investigate.

GO ON, IM GETTING IMPATIENT!!You are Investigating the Strange Object.It is only an oddly shaped twig. You go back to talk to Toby again, but he is not there. Instead, there is a note.

READ NOTEIve played this before, I know what it says.The Note Says:Hello Roger!

This is your enemy, Bob. I have Toby, and I wont give him back unless you give me your ship, the Huckleberry. If you dont respond in 3 days, Toby will die.

~Bob Oh, No!You like your ship too much to let it go! You must do something, though, or Toby will die. You must get past all Bobs guards and defeat Bob. Do you think you can do it?

Start MissionYou Ran Away!What a stupid idea! The spaceships blow up you and your ship.


Try again You Fired Back at the Ships.You fire, but the ships put up their deflector shields and the lasers bounce back to you. You dont have any time to put up your deflector shield, so


Try againYou have Successfully Landed on Planet Bob.A bunch of Bobs guardsGoonies, you decide to call themcomes to kill you. Frantically, you search your Bak-Pak (BP) and find a Weapon Kit (WK) and a Medkip (M).

WK MYou used the Weapon Kit.You took so much time searching your BP that by the time you found a weapon in your WK the Goonies found you and put you in Bobs PRISON.

OKYou use the Flamethrower.Being made of iron, the cell slowly melts away. You are free! But where is Bob on the planet?

Go to

The Control Room The Weapon RoomYou Rush to the Star port and Board Bobs Ship as a Castaway.As it was taking off, you barely jumped onto Bobs ship. Now you must navigate your way through his ship and destroy Bob.

Try to find Bob Try to find a mapYou Trust the Map.You come to a room, and at the front of the room you see Bob.

Kill Bob right then and thereWait and stay hidden for a minuteYou Try to Murder Bob.It is just a doll! Bob sneaks up behind you and kills you.

YOU LOSE! Try againYou use the ? Box.It is something Bob put in your WK when he captured you. A metal hand with electric spikes pops out and smacks you.

YOU LOSE! SO CLOSE!Try again Thanks for Playing Rogers Revenge!The more people who visit my site, the more encouraged I become to make more games. I apologize for only having slide shows so far, but Im slowly upgrading. Thanks again!

Sincerely,The writer of this game,RogerRoger

End show (for real!)