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M's path of bloody violence and retribution begins. Available in print at


  • Chapter One

    Written by Anthony Sherratt & Stewart CookArt & cover by Stewart Cook

    Big thanks to Lucas House for all his support with Revenge.

    Thanks to Joel VDK for his amazing cover artwork on the first print run. (for more of his awesome check out

    Thanks to the San Andreas for the genesis of this project, Anthony for getting me pages amidst a sea of nappies, cuddles and midnight feedings and to anyone whos ever offered a word of support for my scribbles.


    Revenge and all characters are copyright Stewart Cook and Anthony Sherratt 2013 - Second Printing

  • Baby your father must have been a thief,


    f l amingoes bar. 2am.

    hey Baby!

    wanna go for a ride in

    my car?

    seriously! When you fell

    from heaven god shed a tear!

    Im here to escort you to a world of

    pure bliss.

  • ugh.. what the




  • the blood washes away so easily.

  • but not the memories...

    never the memories...

  • this is bullcrap!

    Look Martins, the mayor

    has promised voters something will be done to curb the


    You have two weeks to make

    his johnson look bigger. be it Arrests, a plan

    of action...

    ...hell even a safety tips sheet

    for all I care, just get it done!

    the 15th precinct.

    First off Martins, head of

    a special task force isnt bullcrap and Second, this isnt

    a debate.

    Anti-Violence Task Force?

    What the fuck is that?

    Arent we already

    anti-violence or did I miss the


    Seriously? Youre taking me off regular assignment

    for this political handbag crap?

  • Do I at least get a

    budget? staff? SWAT team?

    You've got Taylor

    and half a dozen uniforms.

    Any idea where we start

    this fantastic voyage Taylor?

    I thought we could look for patterns!

    I pulled fi F i les on recent

    assaults, muggings and



    or we could respond to a homicide call at

    the f lamingo?

    yeah, lets do


  • Martins, I got someone

    out here you might wanna talk


    f lamingos

  • uh... totally.

    yeah I guess. I dont really know anything,

    just I was out with the girls and it was all god and this guy, the one who died, he was kinda all over me and it was a bit annoying, but I was dealing with it yeah and then this big guy, real big, like really solid,

    a body builder or something, just turns around from his drink and

    starts beating the shit out of this guy and then he throws him into the bathroom and I just didnt want anything to do with it you know and then Im

    pretty sure I saw the big guy leave and then someone said that creepy guy

    had died in the urinal and I just cant believe it you know?

    Im so upset.

    do you feel up to

    walking me through what you saw


    maam Im detective

    martins and youve met detective



    I think that about covers it. weve got your

    details so you can go.

    taylor, why is it that these

    guys shorten all their written language to a bunch of indecipherable

    letters and yet ask them a question and you

    get an essay?

  • and A good morning to

    you. whos your guest was it him?

    Cmon tommy! its been ages since

    youve heard from, let alone seen him!

    and from the sound of it you didnt waste any time getting re-acquianted

    Annie I dont want

    to talk about it.

    Tommy!! Gossip is the

    least I deserve! I havent even

    seen him!

  • We hardly spoke, it was... hell be

    back tonight. Were going to talk then.

    Hes already gone?

    ...Im not sure if hes really


    Its... look not


    Its, hes... different.

    What? Hes norman bates now?

    Did he tell you why hes been gone so long?

    Wheres he been?

  • its a slow burn.

    a smolder.

    this anger of mine.

    i swore theyd pay.

    theyd burn.

    a slow burn.

    so it hurts longer.

  • i catch him with his pants down. poor girl.

    you never got your head around consent did you asshole?

    thats ok.


    im pretty sure you wont consent to what Im about to do either.

  • fuck you.

    dumb move asshole!

  • dumb move asshole.

  • a picture tells a thousand words so they say.

    well, youre not the mona lisa, asshole.

    but you do say something.

    like a f i fty cent get well card... the sickness of this town.

  • dear assholes,

    love and bullets...


    youre all going to die.

  • First print cover - released in 2011 Art by Joel van der knaap