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  • Resume Writing WorkshopPresenting Your Experience and SkillsUniversity of PennsylvaniaCareer Services

  • What is the purpose of a resume?Send to potential employer to get an interviewFacilitate an interviewShare information with people who offer to help you with your job or college searchSupplement information on a job or scholarship applicationAll of the above

  • The Trouble with Resumes

    From USA Today Snapshots

    Dishonesty and Lies36%Too Long 21%Errors & Misspellings 19%Lack of Specifics 12%Irrelevant Material 11%Failure to List Accomplishments 10%Too Short 2%

  • A Good Resume ShouldInvite you to read it, with a clear layoutStress most important qualities, strengths, accomplishments, and skills in relationship to specific positionUse the vocabulary of the industry, but not jargonStress value delivered, not just dutiesBe free of spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors

  • Before you begin, remember: A good resume takes time and effortCapitalize on ALL experiencesOnly present accurate and true informationTarget your resume know your audienceBe creative within professional guidelines

  • Brainstorming and OrganizationMake lists of everythingClasses, Research Papers, Honors/Awards, Work Experiences, Volunteer Experiences, Elected Positions, Interests, Computer Skills, Lab Skills, Accomplishments, Publications, etc.Consider possible headingsContact Information, Education, Work Experience, Research Experience, Leadership Experience, Interests, Computer Skills, etc.

  • Demonstrate Transferable SkillsShow how the skills you developed in one area can be applied in the job you want

    Class Projects: Teamwork SkillsWaiting Tables: Customer Service SkillsClub Newsletter Editor: Ability to Meet DeadlinesCamp Counselor: Interpersonal Skills

  • Resume WordingUse action words to stress accomplishmentsExamples: Administered, researched, conducted, coordinated, evaluated, supervised, founded, analyzed, managed, coordinated, trained, advised, consultedAvoid phrases like Responsibilities included when possiblePast and present tenses are acceptableAvoid complete sentences, pronouns, articlesMention the impact you made where possible.

  • Formatting GuidelinesNot a list quality of information is more important than quantityInclude sufficient white spaceblank lines between entries.75 inch margins minimumFont size should be 10 -12 points headings slightly largerNot too fancy should be professionalUse easy to read font (ie: Times New Roman)

  • Consider Resume FormatsChronologicalSample 1Easy to read and traditionalStresses more recent experiencesEmphasizes continuity and growthFunctionalSample 2Flexible about presenting informationHighlights skills more than specific jobsMay be viewed suspiciously by some employersMixed Sample 3Combines chronological and functional formatsWorks well for students with both related and unrelated experiences

  • Purpose of Cover LettersIntroduce (or reintroduce) yourselfExpress your interest in and knowledge of the organization and positionClarify and highlight your specific qualifications for the position, paying close attention to job descriptionServe as writing sampleFacilitate next steps

  • Cover Letter FormatFirst Paragraph: Introduce yourself, indicate what position you are applying for, demonstrate knowledge and interest in position and organizationMiddle Paragraphs (2 3): Elaborate on a few specific strengths/experiences that align well with the position. Final Paragraph: Encourage an interview. Discuss next steps.

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