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  • 1. RestorationEngland is Marked ByNewton, William English imitation of John Locke, Isaacthe French The Great PlagueHarveyof 1665 AND the Deism TheGreat Fire of 1666Watchmaker A turn to the Theoryscientific/rational(Age of Reason)

2. When the monarchy was restores and Charles II returned in 1666 from his exile in France, he established a court in London.The King licensed two theaters which were supported by the nobles and people of fashion. (Dukes company & Kings company)The diary of Samuel Pepys details about the performance was revealed. 3. The French classical drama, called the heroicplay, came to be written. The most prominent writer of this type wasJohn Dryden. His heroic playswere filled with melodramaticsituations. Struggle between love and honorand the speeches were very artificial. 4. Aim to please sophisticated London society. Immoral and cynical in tone. William Congreve wrote the finest of all thecharacterizations in restorationcomedy with Mirabell andMillamant. Revived in New York and London. 5. The audiences had tired of comedies ofintrigue and loose morals. Jeremy Collier published his short viewof the immorality andprofaneness of the EnglishStage, criticizing contemporarycomedy, which invariablyrewarded vice and ridiculedvirtue.